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=====================Important warnings go here=================================

Hello again! Well… this is going to be intense. It's a rather important message, so I'll temporarily place it in here and then move it somewhere else.

It’s been along silence, but I’ve had my reasons. These have been some... interesting

You might remember I was doing a master’s degree on game design. That was the first thing
that kept me away from the modding world. I thought that after finishing it, I
could get a job, and maybe continue modding in my free time. What a great plan,
eh? That’s more or less when my father got diagnosed with cancer.

The nextyear was a mix of me trying to permeate the oversaturated videogame industry
with very little luck, our family business going downhill because of the crisis,
which was especially strong in Spain, and my father’s health deteriorating
every passing day. Things were looking pretty grim.

In my naivety, I even tried my luck with Bethesda. I didn’t even get a “no” as a
response. Frankly, I doubt they even got the mail, since the automated
filtering system must have ruled me out before a single human being set eyes on
it. I don’t blame them! They’re a gigantic company, and I cannot even begin to
imagine the amount of requests they must get, since everyone wants to work at
Bethesda. But surely you can imagine that finding the heart to continue modding
MZC was a bit hard in those circumstances. If I didn’t even deserve the most
basic acknowledgement, not even an automated “We are sorry, but…” from the
company this whole mod was about… what on earth was I supposed to do? What was
left for me? Was all this work for naught? Fortunately, things would change.

About twoyears ago, I met with a friend of mine. He’s been in the industry for a while,
and we decided to start working on a game of our own. I moved to Newcastle with
him and we started working on the project like there was no tomorrow. The kind
of intense, dedicated work where you skip meals simply because you forget about
“trivial things”, you know, such nuisances like eating to stay alive and all
that. After a few intense months of isolation, practically living on a sofa, we
had a solid prototype. I returned home for Christmas, happy to announce that we
were ready to create our own company, since we had obtained some modest
funding. That’s when my father passed away.

 At least he left with the impression thatthings might even turn out fine for me. That, even if I have always been very
different from him, and he never understood all of the nonsense I’m into with
all this gaming stuff, I now was starting a business of my own, like he did so
long ago, so maybe all the trust and support he had placed in me during my
whole life was not such a bad idea. I believe he left in peace in this regard,
feeling that I’d do okay. Only for this, all the hard work was worth the

The nextmonths were obviously painful. My mother was quite bad, since my grandmother,
her mother, died about one week before my father did. Fun times, I tell you.
Continuing the project was hard, but we persevered, and soon our company was
officially constituted. Infinigon was born. And we could even afford to recruit
a few people.

I left forHamburg, Germany, and there we have been working nonstop on the project during
the last year and a half. These have been quite intense months. Depression,
euphoria, desperation, hope, pride… I’ve come to know the meaning of these words
a bit more, as well as what a powerful thing teamwork can be when you’re in
harmony. And how fast time can fly.

Before you know it, another week has passed,and another, and another… and you never seem to have done enough work, even if
you’ve been doing 12-hour work sessions. But one day, you look back… and you
realize how much work you’ve done.

We officially presented the game last week. It’s a humor based RPG named Zenith.
And I’m very proud of the damn thing. You can take a look at the facebook group
if you want, and the game site too. I won’t be talking about the game itself much more in this message, since
this is the Mothership Zeta Crew site, not the Zenith site.

Then why doI tell you all of this? A simple marketing stunt? Hell, I’d be lying if I said
I don’t want your support, since pretty much my whole future is at stake here
haha I’d be lying too if I said I don’t feel a certain pride when showing you
this game, and that I’ve been dying to do it for months. But the main reason
for this message is that I want you to understand a few things.

I want youto understand my silence, and what this mod and this community really means to
me. During all these months, there’s nothing I would have liked than to publish
something for MZC, make a big update, with fireworks, and tell you about my
company and how cool Zenith was. But I had nothing. And I felt like coming here
with nothing in my hands was dishonest, and only fed hype and frustration in my

MZC is not “a nuisance”. It’s not “something I did that’s now in the past”. No, it’s a part
of my life, and something I’m proud and fond of. Sure, I would have done a few
things differently now, but that’s what learning is all about.

That’s whyI’ve been trying to keep working on it. To spend all the free time I could on
the project. Even during those months in Newcastle, when I was creating a new world
and my head was busy creating a whole universe and settings and characters, and
trying to fight the game engine to make it do what I wanted it to do. Even
during the sad times after death touched our family. Even during the most
intense time of my life, where every day was a cocktail of good news, bad news,
new ideas and so on, I’ve managed to keep the embers of the mod alive.

I’vemanaged to piece something together… an overhaul of the Vegas mod. Yes, I know
this is not what you were expecting, and I apologize. In my defence I will say
that I really, really enjoy it, and it quite dramatically expands the TSC lore
with lots of new characters and items. It is almost ready. I only want to
implement a special TSC resolution to the Mojave conflict and that should do
it. I hope to be able to release it soon, so you can kill the time waiting for
Fallout 4 with the TSC.

Fallout 4 has changed my plans for the main mod. I’ll be changing a few things and the
next mission will close the FO3 arc. But to complete it, I need to finish the
Zenith project first, since this kind of main missions require full dedication
and cannot be done in a part-time way. And I really need to close the Fallout 3
arc if the TSC is going to land in Boston.

Yeah, I’m still the same old idiot who makes impossible plans. I’m still chocking on
unfinished work and I’m already dreaming about making a mod for Fallout 4. We’ll
need to see the game first, though, and play it and replay it to see what potential
it offers.

I cannot end this message without thanking all of you for your continued support. You
guys rock, and I wish I could find a magic trick to deliver you the mods you
deserve and not losing my mind in the process. My silence might have led you to believe I
don't take you seriously, but it's actually quite the opposite. Otherwise I wouldn't have 
told you all of this. I would have simply posted "Hey look at my new game lololol" and left it at that.

Thank you again and I’ll see you soon.

-Marc López Valls- 


Here's the external contact e-mail:


This mail is for "top priority" matters: it is not thought for bug reports, suggestions or other elements that can be sent through the usual paths (comments/nexus PM messages, etc... ) So use it with caution. If it gets flooded iti will become useless!

And remember, some things take a long time, so me being silent generally means I'm working hard on the mod!

Don't forget there's also the New Vegas Expansion of Mothership Zeta Crew!





(Mothership Zeta Spoilers ahead)



(No, the song used in the trailer does NOT appear on the mod.)

So, you've finished playing Mothership Zeta and have conquered your own starship. You are the commander, but your crew consists on a know-it-all brat and an agoraphobic field medic. Not exactly the mightiest army ever, is it? Well, we are going to change that.

Mothership Zeta Crew adds a new faction under your command. It will develop a whole history arc involving the recruitment and commandment of a force comparable with the enclave or the Brotherhood of Steel itself. Can't say much more without spoiling the story! Once the mod is active and you've finished the Zeta addon, a button will appear in the command bridge, on the console at the right of your command chair. Press it and let the story begin!

Here is a list of features:

*New areas on the ship and outside

*Hordes of new NPC

*New unique missions (5 for now)

*Enclave commander-esque features

*New Armor

*New Weapons

*Special features

*An epic story arc

*And many more

NOTE: Even though the mod story arc will develop in several releases, the mission given on each release will be autoconclusive. No “coitus interruptus” feeling there.


To install the mod, check the readme file attached with the mod files, but KNOW that you'll need:



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FOMM (Recommended for using mods in general)



CHECK THE "UNOFFICIAL" FAQ DOCUMENT AT THE "DISCUSSION" FOLDER BEFORE POSTING BUGS (Thanks a lot for making it! A version has been included in every mod file)



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