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Name: Mothership Zeta Crew Addons and Utilities
Author: Slicer51b
Date: 21-11-2010
Category: Miscellaneous
Requirements: Mothership Zeta Crew
link: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=8747
Homepage: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/members/editfile.php?id=15369


This is the official addon webpage for Fallout 3 Nexus mod Mothership Zeta Crew. Mothership Zeta Crew - Addons and Utilities serves as a centralized and easy to get at location for user related addons for Mothership Zeta Crew.

For modders wishing to contribute addons and patches, please download the "Creating MZC Addons" file, then please either leave a comment in the "MZC Addons and Utilities - Addon Beta Testing Forum" under the discussion tab, or PM [slicer51b] to have the addon tested/uploaded/updated.


Addons are divided into several different categories. Each individual package has a naming convention that corresponds with the category it is in. If the files within the addon download package are fomod supported, following the addon name will read "(fomod supported)." This means the file(s) within the download package are in fomod packaging.

(depends on whether addon
is a package or individual file)
Naming Convention MZC-{category]-[type of modification]-[specific details]

Example: MZC-NPC-DCMall-Bolshelviks by Slicer51b (fomod supported)
This addon adds an amazing and bloody battle going on in the, or adds to the bloody battle a bunch of Bolshelvik rebels from Mission IV bent on killing everything.


NPC (modification of NPCs within mod/game)

Gear (armor, consumables, and weapons)

Patch (either fixes or links TSC - Vegas with a separate 3rd person mod)

Miscellaneous (addons that don't fit into any of the above categories)

Old (Not yet updated to new naming convention and standards)


MZC-NPC-Tyranid-Xenomorph by Slicer51b. (fomod supported)
This is a replacer for the Tyranids in Mothership Zeta Crew. It changes them from six-legged red/brown monsters to two-legged green/black Xenomorph Aliens from the "Aliens" trilogy. Even if you haven't watched the movies, you will find this an awesome addon.


MZC-Gear-MarineArmor-BlackRetex by Zezia333 (fomod supported)
This addon retexes the TSC Marine Armor from an olive green to a solid black. Doesn't remove the TSC logo on the back however, you still a TSC Marine.


MZC-Patch-UndergroundHideout-Teleporter by Libreta(fomod supported)
This addon adds compatibility between the Underground Hideout and Mothership Zeta Crew in terms of style. Underground Hideout is awesome, but now you give it that Terran Starship Command feel.

MZC-Patch-Fook2-Stats by Slicer51b
This addon brings Mothership Zeta Crew weapon/armor stats in line with Fook2 standards. I compared each MZC armor/weapon with its closest fook2 cousin. All of the playable equipment I have replaced their repair list with an appropriate fook2 repair list. I also have included optional versions of the .ESP file that have added Fook2 nightvision to the appropriate MZC headwear.


MZC Addon - Easier TSC Support by Slicer51b
Simple addon that adds a box with the 3 TSC support radios and the manual to Silver�s house in Springvale. Don't ask for a more realistic location as this is essentially a cheat. This does not de-activate or replace the TSC radios given to you by Harkins after Mission III.

MZC Utility - MZC Walkthrough by Dragon_Knight X
Dragon_Knight X has made a very thorough walkthrough and guide for Mothership Zeta Crew. Included is everything from a tactics guide to item stats to quest information. The included guide comes in three different formats, txt document, standard Word document, and a Rich Text Word document.

MZC Addon - Advanced Recon Patch by Dragon_Knight X
Requires Gophers Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision mod. http://fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=15653
This addon adds the functionality of Gopher's Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision to the Thunderfist Helmets. Included in this package are two ESPs, one that adds this functionality to the standard helmets and one that adds the functionality in combination with the improvements made with MZC Addon - Gear Improvements by Slicer51b.

Currently down for overhauling
MZC Addon - Gear Improvement.esp(s) (All in One version, then individual categories) by Slicer51b
Included in this particular download are a set of ESPs, enhancing the stats of TSC armor(s), and weapon(s). Good for users of mods such as FOOK2 or Apocalypse Armory that add lots of over-powered weapons. This is a simple fix for users of those kind of mods or users that want better gear. Stats are included in the file readme.

MZC Addon - Olympus Armory.esp (plus forcefield version) by tacozmeister
How come, even though you're the supreme commander of an entire infinite army, infinite amount of space ships, a space station, and eventually Rivet City, that you can't access your own damn armory? This mod improves the armory's ammo, armor, weapon selection and removes the forcefield door (a 2nd ESP has been provided for those that like the forcefield).

MZC Addon - Shorter Zeta DLC.esp (plus turrets version) by SLicer51b
This esp removes a fair amount of aliens, abominations, robots, and turrets from Mothership Zeta and adds several god weapons (scroll down to find locations). I only removed aliens that WERE NOT attached to scripts such as the very important generator destruction script. Without those particular aliens the generators just refuse to blow up. But I did remove pretty much all of the alien turrets. These were attached to the alien controller script, in theory there couldn't be any issues. Also included are several easy to get at 'god' weapons in both of these esps. These are intended to speed up the process and have proved effective at that in testing.


MZC Addon - MZC-IMCN Patch.esp by ModelV
This is a beta patch for Imps Complex Needs/Mothership Zeta Crew. Now the alien food + all the MZC added foods/drinks now have the effects from IMCN. So in short, you don't die from dehydration or hunger even though there are food dispensers all over the place in the Olympus. . Bear in mind there are still some weight balancing issues. I have also modified the Xenotech perk so it now gives boosts to alien food items added by MZC!

Mothership Zeta Crew Addons and Utilities FAQ

Question: Is a Fook/Fallout Overhaul Kit patch needed to effectively run Mothership Zeta Crew?

Answer: For any version before 1.6. a patch is required. So get the latest version at the main MZC mod page.

Question: Is there a FWE/Fallout Wanderer's Edition patch needed to effectively run Mothership Zeta Crew?

Answer: Not as far as I am aware of. No bugs have been reported.

Question: Can you make a Main Quest overhaul interweaving the Terran Starship Command in?

Answer: Probably not, it takes more GECK skill to tinker with something that complex and it would be a nightmare even if I did know how to. So for the time being it is out of the question.

Question: Oh my gosh! The Tyranid Replacer is way too scary for me! I get so scared when I combat the creepy Xenomorph things. What should I do?

Answer: Simple, I recommend downloading a weapons pack. Such as Frederyck Tactical Weapons. Then I recommend an extra companion or two, ones with teleporters (flip a pipboy switch, and WHOOSH they are next to you). Jessi the Teen Companion by Loxy38, Kelsey Companion also by Loxy38, and Charon Improved by llamaRCA, which also has a pack for improving all of the other default companions, mainly they have teleporters. Or just turn off the Tyranid to Xenomorph Replacer addon.....


* Fallout 3 patched 1.7 or GOTY edition
* Mothership Zeta DLC
* "Mothership Zeta Crew" mod (optional depending on the esp or esm).


* Extract zip file contents to temporary location.
* Copy or paste files to (install folder)\Fallout 3\Data\
* Start Fallout 3 Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a check mark beside the .esp file.


* Start Fallout 3 Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file.
* Delete the files/folders associated with the mod


No reported issues as of this time


None reported nor am I aware of any. Please contact me via a pm or leave a comment in the comment section.


Refer to the "action log" tab. I have enough things to keep track of already.


You can find me on the Nexus as Slicer51b. Shoot me a pm if you have any questions or leave a comment in the mod thread.

Recommended Mods

Obviously Mothership Zeta Crew

Cipscis' Automatic Save Manager or CASM


Involved Modders

Nylonathehep - Mothership Zeta Crew.
Slicer51b - Mastermind behind the Addons/Utilities project.
ModelV - Patch for Imps More Complex Needs mod.
tacozmeister - Better Olympus Armory addon.
Dragon_Knight X - Adv Thermal Nightvision addon - MZC walkthrough utility
Zezia333 - MZC-Gear-MarineArmor-BlackRetex addon
Libreta - MZC-Patch-UH-Teleporter

Tools Used

Garden of Eden Creation Kit or GECK


This file is provided as is and the author holds no responsibility for anything that may come to happen from using this file.