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This is my first mod and I wanted to dedicate it to my favourite FO3 mod Mothership Zeta Crew and its creator Nylonathathep.


- So, you have a big spaceship and huge army under your command. But did you ever feel that all that alien technology and knowledge is not used enough or even mentioned in MZC? Well, this mod adds a secret TSC base where various projects,experiments and new companion (make sure you recruit him the first time you talk to him) can be found. Explore it - investigate terminals, talk to people, open containers. Perhaps you will find it to be a slightly darker side of TSC.
It costs 1000 caps and you must talk to Harkin to enable it.
The dialogue doesn't appear until you have 1000 caps in your inventory.
Available after completing MZC mission IV.

- Terran Starship Command, a raising force under your command, has the potential to become the most powerful faction on Earth. But nobody has anything to say about it? This mod adds small dialogues to Three Dog, Sarah and Elder Lyons about TSC, thus making MZC a little more immersive.
They all require the first MZC Rivet City mission to be completed before they are available.Sarah and Elder Lyons also require Broken Still to be completed,and Three Dog requires GNR mission done.


- Adds small TSC outposts to some well known locations in the Capital Wasteland. TSC does already control places like Megaton and Rivet City, but what about smaller settlements? With this mod TSC gains more appearance and influence in the Wasteland.
The outposts are available after completing MZC Moscow quest. You will also need to complete quests related to that locations (Little Lamplight - Picking up the trail,Canterbury Commons - Superhuman Gambit,Big Town - Big Trouble in Big Town,Arefu - Blood Ties,The Washington Monument - Broken Steel and Galaxy News Radio,Republic Of Dave - none).
Talk to Brigadier Karpov to enable them,each costs 50 caps.

- Tired of traveling to your awesome Poseidonis apartment every time? This mod adds a teleporter matrix that links that apartment with Commanding Officer quarters on Olympus.
It also replaces Commander terminal with cooler version.

CAUTION: Keep this mod unchecked until you go to Poseidonis to avoid weird bugs.

- Keep your friends close, your enemies even closer. This mod adds a terminal in Superior Officer Quarters with reports on some of the major factions. This kind of intel could be very useful to TSC.
It's located near the teleporter and it's available after Broken Steel and Moscow mission.
Credit goes to athense, writer of the reports.


- This mod turns Lincoln Memorial into a TSC embassy. Rivet City has served well as main TSC Wasteland center, but is it enough? With this mod, TSC has its own safezone where people can come to join the army, trade, seek protection, and a lot more. The embassy is filled with various small characters you can talk to, and serves as central TSC Wasteland hub.
Available after building Poseidonis and completing Head Of State quest.
Talk to Councilor Tanaka to enable it.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you do keep this mod unchecked until you complete Head Of State.

- Every big leader should have an elite personal protection, right? Especially if s/he intends to roam around Capital Wasteland. Well, now s/he has two Black Guards waiting outside his/her Olympus office, ready to serve.
Available after mission IV.
Talk to Karpov to hire them.

- If you find your Olympus quarters to be cold and empty, this just might be perfect for you. It changes the quarters into a warmer, pre-war version. It is not compatible with the quarters from other modders.

- TSC has gained a lot of influence in the Capital Wasteland, now it's time to expand to new areas. This mod gives TSC control over the Point Lookout's lighthouse lab and its secrets, but it comes with a price.
Available after the first MZC Rivet City mission.
Talk to Dr. Nadia to start it.

- Recruit Toshiro Kago, the samurai who helped you conquer Mothership Zeta, and have the oldest human being alive fight by your side again.
Available after the first MZC quest.
Talk to Dr. Nadia to recruit him.

- The TSC's military force is growing fast. The settlements, Olympus and Poseidonis can't station all the troops anymore, they need an actual base. Get to know the troops and their way of life in this voiced mod that turns the Satellite Relay Station into an important military base, and also features a small quest.
Available after completing the quests Death From Above and In Soviet Russia...
Talk to Wing Commander Mallore to enable it. Costs 1000 caps.

- A very simple mod that adds powerful new grenades to the Olympus armory. There is also an optional version for Expansion that allows you to buy the grenades in the Embassy and Fort Titan.

- Combined file of most of my MZC add-ons. It does not include Rooms Linked, New Quarters and TSC Grenades.

CAUTION: Although I haven't experienced any problems myself,merged files are known to be problematic so save your game before enabling this mod for just in case.


- new areas
- new NPCs
- new weapons
- new armor and clothing
- new dialogues
- new companions
- new textures
- new voiced quests


- Nylonathathep for his awesome MZC mod

- flamenx01 for some of the new TSC retextures and for MZC Textures Resource

- StrykZ for letting me use his awesome holograms, and for testing PL addon for me

- tumbajamba for Cyber Arm Vault Suit and Armors modder ressource mods

- Moraelin for Cool Lasers HD 1_07 and Lightsaber 0_9 Beta mods

- tnu, for always helping me find and fix bugs

- athense, for letting me use his amazing faction reports

- panzersharkcat, for correcting my grammar

- DB5, MicMac13 and ajax109 for testing Point Lookout addon for me

- SedPL for Polish Army Beret

- Bolwing for Mothership Zeta Crew Rocket Cola Retexture


- FoobWhisperer (Anderson and Williams)

- sterlingkins (Emma Clarke)

- Mads Bichel Poulsen (Darius)

- Alexander Wojno (Douglas Moore)

- Joseph Fala (John Hartman)

- Nicholas Fritsch (John Miller)

- Donovan "Mr. Psycho" Foster (James Ryan)

- Annie Kim Gee (Jenkins/quartermaster)

- Slade Young (Lawrence/Jameson)

Everyone is welcome to improve and expand on my mods, as long as you credit me as the original creator.

If you want to know more about MZC and its add-ons, visit the Terran Starship Command Wiki. You can also find us on Facebook.