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This small add-on allows you to acquire implants to augment your body.

Permissions and credits
The TSC Medical Division's researchers have made great progress: now you can benefit from the result of their work.
The implants are not free: Harkin required the doctors to ask for caps donations to whoever wants to have an implant, including the Supreme Commander.

1.0: Original Version
1.1: bug fixes, added 2 extra implants and 3 special Cyborg perks
1.2: fixed typo, added 1 extra implant


SP Series

A semi-direct port of doctor Usanagi's implants from Fallout: New Vegas.
Each implant of the SP Series allow you to increase each SPECIAL Attribute by 1. Each one costs 5000 caps.
If the SPECIAL attribute corresponding to the implant you want is already at 10, you won't be allowed to install it. The nurse will comment on it.

Implant SP-1: +1 Strength
Implant SP-2: +1 Perception
Implant SP-3: +1 Endurance
Implant SP-4: +1 Charisma
Implant SP-5: +1 Intelligence (was bugged in the version 1.0)
Implant SP-6: +1 Agility
Implant SP-7: +1 Luck

A special dialogue will occur if you have all the 7 SP Implants installed and ask the nurse for the SP implants again.

NOTE: unlike in F:NV, you can install all the implants you want on your body, as long as you have the caps to buy them.

Extra Implants

6 more implants can be acquired. Each one costs 10000 caps.

Implant PH-1:
Regenerate 1 HP every 5 seconds (improved version of the PHOENIX implant in F:NV: 1 HP every 5 seconds instead of 10)

Implant M-1:
+50% Addiction Resistance and double Health bonus from Snack Foods. Alcoholic drinks also give you Health in addition to their normal effects.
(+1 HP every 10 sec. for beer, +2 HP every 10 sec. for strong alcohol, +3 every 10 seconds for Dom Perignon and Moonshine)
This perk has effect on TSC snack food and alcohol.
(improved and modified version of the "Old World Gourmet" perk from Dead Money, with all its effects doubled.)

Implant M-2:
You gain no Intelligence penalties from drinking alcohol.
(direct port of the "Whiskey Rose" perk from F:NV, no difference from the original)

Implant R-1:
Regenerate health while having radiation sickness:

Minor (200 to 399 rads): +2 health per second
Advanced (400 to 599 rads): +4 health per second
Critical (600 to 799 rads): +6 health per second
Deadly (800 to 999 rads): +8 health per second

(direct port of the "Rad Child" perk from F:NV, no difference from the original)

Implant R-2
You gain a +1 bonus for all S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats whenever you are in an irradiated area. The implant itself will warn you when you are in one.
(simplified version of the "Atomic" perk from Old World Blues - I replaced the original effects with the Attribute bonus due to script limitations)

Implant SX-1
You gain a +2 Perception bonus when in sneak mode and not moving. Stealth boys last twice as long.
(combination of the "Alertness" perk from Honest Hearts and part of the "Stealth Girl" from vanilla F:NV)

Cyborg parts

If you have the Cyborg perk, you can add even more mechanical parts to your body and turn your brain, heart and spine into semi-artificial organs.
They will all be free (no cap donation required), but you have to do a very small task to unlock them.

-Ask the Infirmary nurse for new (the prompt appears only when you have the Cyborg perk) cybernetic parts.
-when the dialogue is over, search for Dr. Nadia (she is usually in her room in the Superior Officer Quarters)
-After her dialogue is over, return to the Infirmary nurse.
-You can now choose between 3 augmentations for your organs.
-The nurse will have a special dialogue option for you when all your 3 organs will be cybernetic.

Cybernetic Brain C-1:
+15% addiction resistance, +1 Intelligence

Cybernetic Heart C-2:
+50% poison resistance, 50% less chance for robots to score critical hits on you, healing effects from Stimpaks, TSC Serum and Refined Alien Biogel.

Cybernetic Spine C-3:
+2 Strength, you can carry 50 additional lbs. of equipment.

These perks are Inspired from the "Big Brained", "Cardiac Arrest" and "Reinforced Spine" perks in Old World Blues.

Speak with the nurse in the Olympus Infirmary. You can buy the implants from her.

-I will add more implants in the next version.
-Endorse if you like it
-PM me if there are any problems

-Mothership Zeta Crew by Nylonathathep <>

-Put the Textures folder.esp in your Fallout 3 Data folder
-activate the .esp in the mod manager.

Thanks to Panzersharkcat for helping me fixing the bugs.
Thanks to Nylonathathep for the brilliant Mothership Zeta Crew mod.
Thanks to Fallout Nexus for hosting the files.
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Fallout 3.