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The intent of this mod isn't just to allow women to romance Morrigan and men to romance Alistair, it's to add everything missing in these romances to make them as immersive as possible. Whenever there's an opportunity to flirt with an npc that was gender restricted, I made it open for gay/bi wardens as well (cause let's be real, the only gender restrictions were in favour of straight flirting). This involved a ton of dialogue and audio editing, along with constructing brand new dialogue.

What this mod includes:
  • Characters won't misgender the Warden. This applies to every time the Warden's relationship with Alistair or Morrigan is acknowledged.
  • Any gendered dialogue has been edited.
  • Added new banter for characters so that they'll acknowledge the gay relationships.
  • Added jealousy dialogues for Alistair and Morrigan if the Warden is cheating on either of them with the other.
  • Women can do the dark ritual with Morrigan.
  • Women can marry Anora.
  • Men can marry Alistair.
  • Previously dude exlusive flirting options for Leliana are now open to women.
  • Removed unnecessary gender restrictions on the Warden's dialogue options.
  • Any bugs that I encountered have been fixed.

Installation and Packages

Core package
Download the main package and drop it into "Dragon Age/packages/core/override/".

Flirt With Me You Coward Package

These files are for Gorim, Cullen, Daveth, and the prisoner in Ostegar. Unlike most other characters, they will always have a crush/flirt with a lady character, regardless of whether you want them to. So download this package if you want these characters to hit on your dude wardens as well.

Cool Your Jets My Dude Package

Download this package if you don't want Gorim, Cullen, Daveth, and the prisoner in Ostegar to hit on you at all. Not picking either package will just mean these characters will continue to hit on solely lady wardens.

All Origins Marriage Package
*added 4/15/2017
Download this package if you want your wardens to marry either Alistair or Anora regardless of their race and origin.
To install, replace the following files in
the core package with the versions in this package:
Main Characters and Story/Individual Characters/Anora/den510_anora.dlg

Main Characters and Story/Individual Characters/Anora/den510_anora.dlb

Main Characters and Story/Events That Effect Multiple Characters/Marriages & Related Events/Landsmeet/den600_landsmeet.dlg

Main Characters and Story/Events That Effect Multiple Characters/Marriages & Related Events/Landsmeet/den600_landsmeet.dlb

Main Characters and Story/Events That Effect Multiple Characters/Marriages & Related Events/Scripts/denpt_main.ncs

Main Characters and Story/Events That Effect Multiple Characters/Marriages & Related Events/Scripts/plt_denpt_main.plo

For all packages, you can edit which characters this mod affects by removing their appropriate folders.

Unfortunately this mod changes many files so it will be incomp
atible with most mods. I am hoping to rectify that by including patches for popular mods so they can work alongside this one (the first on the list is the Morrigan Restoration Patch). This will take time, but if/when you find a conflict please make a comment and tell me which mod it conflicts with and what change that mod makes that mine is overriding.
I am also including the Builder-to-Builder files so mod makers can make their own changes. Those familiar with DAO mod making probably know that Builder-to-Builder is a crap-shoot, however I found that if you load the changed files in one by one, the Toolset has a much easier time loading the changes in instead of trying to load in the whole module at once.

Below is the list of every single file I changed:
  • arl100cr_alistair_origin.dlb
  • arl100cr_alistair_origin.dlg
  • arl110cr_kaitlyn.dlb
  • arl110cr_kaitlyn.dlg
  • arl110cr_teagan.dlb
  • arl110cr_teagan.dlg
  • arl130cr_dwyn.dlb
  • arl130cr_dwyn.dlg
  • arl150cr_bella.dlb
  • arl150cr_bella.dlg
  • arl150cr_berwick.dlb
  • arl150cr_berwick.dlg
  • arl230cr_eamon.dlb
  • arl230cr_eamon.dlg
  • alistair_main.dlb
  • alistair_main.dlg
  • bdc200_leske.dlb
  • bdc200_leske.dlg
  • bdc100_unna.dlb
  • bdc100_unna.dlg
  • bdn120_gorim.dlb
  • bdn120_gorim.dlg
  • bed100cr_tamlen.dlb
  • bed100cr_tamlen.dlg
  • bhm100_jowan.dlb
  • bhm100_jowan.dlg
  • bhm300_cullen.dlb
  • bhm300_cullen.dlg
  • bhn100cr_duncan.dlb
  • bhn100cr_duncan.dlg
  • cir230_cullen.dlb
  • cir230_cullen.dlg
  • cutscene_funeral.dlb
  • cutscene_funeral.dlg
  • cutscene_postcoronation.dlb
  • cutscene_postcoronation.dlg
  • cutscene_slideshow.dlg
  • den200_isabela.dlb
  • den200_isabela.dlg
  • den200_gorim.dlb
  • den200_gorim.dlg
  • den300_shianni.dlb
  • den300_shianni.dlg
  • den510_anora.dlb
  • den510_anora.dlg
  • den511_vaughan.db
  • den511_vaughan.dlg
  • den600_landsmeet.dlb
  • den600_landsmeet.dlg
  • denpt_alistair.ncs
  • denpt_anora.ncs
  • denpt_main.ncs
  • epi_alistair.dlb
  • epi_alistair.dlg
  • epi_fergus.dlb
  • epi_fergus.dlg
  • epi_leliana.dlb
  • epi_leliana.dlg
  • epi_loghain.dlb
  • epi_loghain.dlg
  • genpt_alistair_defined.ncs
  • genpt_leliana_defined.ncs
  • genpt_leliana_main.ncs
  • genpt_morrigan_defined.ncs
  • genpt_romance_triangles.ncs
  • ntb100cr_cammen.dlb
  • ntb100cr_cammen.dlg
  • ntb100cr_gheyna.dlb
  • ntb100cr_gheyna.dlg
  • orz530_ruck.dlb
  • orz530_ruck.dlg
  • party_camp.dlb
  • party_camp.dlg
  • party_events.dlb
  • party_events.dlg
  • party_ran_banter.dlg
  • plt_arl150pt_tavern_drinks.plo
  • plt_den200pt_duelist.plo
  • plt_denpt_alistair.plo
  • plt_denpt_anora.plo
  • plt_denpt_main.plo
  • plt_genpt_alistair_defined.plo
  • plt_genpt_leliana_defined.plo
  • plt_genpt_morrigan_defined.plo
  • plt_genpt_romance_triangles.plo
  • pre100_daveth.dlb
  • pre100_daveth.dlg
  • pre100_duncan.dlb
  • pre100_duncan.dlg
  • pre100_prisoner.dlb
  • pre100_prisoner.dlg
  • leliana.dlb
  • leliana.dlg
  • morrigan_main.dlb
  • morrigan_main.dlg
  • shale_new.dlb
  • shale_new.dlg
  • zevran_main.dlb
  • zevran_main.dlg

Below are some video examples of the changes in the dialouge for the characters. If you want a far more in depth look at every single change (and I do mean every single one) look at the Readme (which is currently a slightly edited version of my notes).


Morrigan had the most changes out of all the characters. Mostly because she calls you a dude so many times and those were fun to edit. I decided to allow lady wardens to do the dark ritual with her because:
  1. Trans women exist
  2. It's magic you will deal

Below is her friendship talk with the Warden and she will now ask a lady warden if they would like to be together, which was something that she would ask guy wardens.* There's also her jealousy dialogue involving Alistair, which was a bear and a half to do let me tell you.
* Fun fact: this is my favourite scene that I made


Below is Alistair's rose gift scene and his jealousy dialogue involving Morrigan, which was a lot easier to do then Morrigan's might I just say.

Yes, Leliana is already bi, so what could I possibly need to change? A. Lot. It's frankly unbelievable how much the game favours the dude romance; there's more banter that acknowledges it along with the fact that dudes are the only ones that are allowed to hit on her in any capacity. So I made sure to take care of that mess.
Below is the Warden asking her about the seductive wiles of bards along with a flirt option.


Zev thankfully only required a small number of changes, the biggest ones acknowledging a guy Warden marrying Alistair and a lady Warden marrying Anora, which are shown below.


At last, your lady Warden can marry Anora and be the most badass ruling couple. Below is the Warden proposing the idea to her.


Shale had a couple of gender restricted dialogue that I hated so I removed those. Now dudes can comment on how pretty their crystals are and one-sidedly gush over guys with them. And ladies can call them cute. Shale will respond pretty much how you would expect.

You look me dead in the eye and tell me that Zev would turn down a foursome with Isabela just because Alistair is part of it. Didn't think so. This involved making a completely new cutscene shown below.


Ladies can now kiss Bella.


Dudes can now ask Teagan about his marital status and flirt with him accordingly.

Ladies can now kiss Kaitlyn.


Now dudes can also make Jowan uncomfortable by asking him if they ever had a chance with him while his love is standing right there.


Guy wardens can now teach this poor elf about the birds and the bees.


Now Gheyna can regret sleeping with lady Wardens too. Why does Bioware like to add scenes like this, the world may never know.


Gorim is now the try too hard bi he was always meant to be.


This is one of me favourite edits because I was able to completely skip over Leske asking dudes if they fantasize about their sister. Because apparently Bioware would rather have incest then gay.


Now dudes can have Cullen pine after them and hear him voice these regrets in front of their entire party. You're embarrassing me indeed.

Characters that I didn't record include Tamlen, Berwick, Duncan, Dywn, Ruck, and Unna. I went through every single dialogue file in the game, trust me when I say that I covered everyone outside of two character for reasons that are explained in the Readme (they are extremely minor characters I promise that you won't miss them).

In the Works
Please check for updates frequently
These are all the things that I'm currently working on:
  • Compatibility with the Morrigan Restoration Patch.
  • A polyamorous version of this mod.
  • Compatibility with Improved Romance Scenes. 
  • Making sure that whatever can be transferred to dlc is transferred.