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**Alistair's Kiss** Ver 2.0 (WIP)-will try to improve scenes in time )

-Added Dwarf version (WIP)
-Improved Elf Version
-Included the Fort Drakon Last kiss improvement. (Human Female only)


Provides the Female Warden with a *fully visible* *full-contact*
repeatable kiss with Alistair throughout your adventures in Thedas

- It replaces the original kiss scene when you click on "Kiss him"
- Scenes For Human Elf and Dwarf Females
- Kisses initiated by Alistair will remain the original scenes.

* Will not work with any kiss altering mod that alters "Alistair_kiss_human", "Alistair_kiss_elf"and "Alistair_kiss_dwarf"
* Massive Armor will cause clipping, and may obstruct view. (sorry)
* Mild Romance scene and Improved Romance Scene (IRS) users up to version 2.14, will need to delete:


from the "Mild Romance" folder.

Delete previous version, extract file and drop into:
C:/...My Documents / BioWare / Dragon Age / packages / core / override

Remove the Alistairs_Kiss_Dahlia_2_0 /Fort Drakon Folder(s)

Steam version users:
See how to install mods using Steam here

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***Alistair's Last Kiss -Fort Drakon****

This short scene will replace the default kiss scene with Alistair when he
makes the ****Gulp**** sacrifice for the Human Female PC.
Unfortunately due to the high probability that your PC will be dressed
in Massive Armor at this stage of the game, I could not show a fully visible dramatic kiss.

-IRS Alistair users please note:

In order for this to work you need to delete My "New Fort Drakon Kiss"
Folder and replace with this one.
Otherwise, compatible with everything.
- Some clipping will occur with Massive Armor
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