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Ser Gilmore companion NPC - Fully Voiced!

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Continue your adventure in Awakening!
Ser Gilmore and Dog, companions in Awakening - Fully Voiced!

This mod brings Ser Gilmore back into the game as a companion party member to accompany you throughout the game.

Ser Gilmore is a Knight of Highever that appears in the Human Noble Origin. He was a Grey Warden hopeful but was left behind to guard the gates of the castle when it was attacked by Arl Howe.

You will find Ser Gilmore in LOTHERING, near the entrance to the Chantry.

In this mod you have...

  • More than 1900 dialog lines by Ser Gilmore! Pc initiated and Gilmore initiated talks; distributed throughout the game.
  • THREE different paths!! Friendship, committed romance (this is true love), or open relationship path (you can all have fun with other party members too) for both males and females. The three paths are different and lead to different endings!
  • Fun stories, gifts and interjections.
  • Different endings and epilogues.
  • Full voice over, cutscenes, face animation and what have you.
  • A NICE ending (for a change) :-) and continuity in Awakening.
  • Banters with all your party members! (fully voiced!)
As a player, you can choose...* If you are a human noble:
  • Choose if you were friends or if you had a brief romance in your teenage years (until your parents found you kissing and were forced to separate).
  • Fall in love with him,
  • ...or have an open relationship,
  • ...or be his friend.
  • Relive your childhood memories! Remember how you fell in love!
* If you are anything else except human noble:
  • Get to know him.
  • Fall in love with him,
  • ...or have an open relationship,
  • ...or be his friend.
  • Find out about his family and his life at the castle!
Installation.* DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR INSTALL WITH NMM! Download and install manually, otherwise the mod will not work!


2- Download the rar: Ser Gilmore NPC v3.1.1.

3- Unrar (right click - "extract here"). If for some reason it tells you a file is broken, use the WinRAR option to repair.
If you are a MAC user, download Ez7z and register it (cost $7) then extract both files.

4- The result is a file named Ser_Gilmore_NPC_v3.1.1.dazip, 428 Mb, and also a cc_core_200.dazip (Companion compatibility core v2.0) 564Kb. IMPORTANT! cc_core_200.dazip is OPTIONAL! Do NOT install it unless you really need it. Normally you will be able to play without it.

5- Once you extracted the .dazip files, you can either use daupdater.exe (in your Dragon Agebin_ship directory) or DAModder (which I recommend, and you can download from the Nexus).

6- Install Ser_Gilmore_NPC_v3.1.1.dazip. This is the main mod. Do NOT install cc_core_200.dazip unless needed.

7- The mod should appear as "active" on the in-game mods screen (otherwise, activate manually.)

Compatibilities and important notes.

Please READ THIS POST for more information about compatibilities: Compatibilities and list of compatible and incompatible mods. Read the compatibility list carefully!

READ THIS CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU PLAY THIS MOD: Tips to play this mod (and list of FAQs).

All the known issues and the fixed bugs appear on this list: Known issues and fixed bugs.

Additional content for the mod!

* Ser Gilmore and Dog, companions in Awakening: Continue your adventures in Dragon Age: Awakening! Rory and your mabari will be waiting there for you!

New content and Quests:
* Quests&Legends is a massive mod that also adds a new quest specific for Ser Gilmore! You can know get to know his father and his estate!

New cutscenes:
* Roland's First Night (by DahliaLynn).
* Extra sex scenes for Ser Gilmore NPC (by Luchaire and Der Tunichtgut).
* Sleep until Dawn, works with both Love and Open relationships. (by DahliaLynn).

Optional Patches:
* "Banter Accelerator Patch": To trigger banters at your own will, open the console and write: runscript gbanter. Downloadable from the "Files" tab.
* "Overwrite-Override patch": Only usable if you are having compatibility issues. Downloadable from the "Files" tab.

Fan made stuff:
* Morphs, fanfic, fanart and anything Rory. Fan made!

* If you want to translate this mod into your own language, CONTACT ME FIRST. I'll also appreciate if you send me the translated files to add to this website. :-)


Original idea:

Project lead:

Writing & vo scripts:

Toolset scripting:

Everything else in the toolset:

Lead proofreading:

VO talent:

VO direction and editing:


Initial BETA testing:

Lead BETA tester:

Dedicated BETA testers:

Roland's starter gear by:

Kiss cutscenes and hug cutscenes by:

Roland's First night cutscene by:

"Roland proposes" cutscene by:

Rory banters with party NPCs scripts by:

Improved companion compatibility by:

To the team.
To David Gaider for his insight (and creating such an amazing character).
To the people at the Ser Gilmore joinable NPC project in the Social site for their input.
To Starlight and Catt128 for their initial dialog beta-ing.
To Deiser for his additional proofreading.
To the BETA testers for their hard work!
To Torilund and Jay for the magnificent voice over!
To DahliaLynn for the wonderful cutscenes!
To Ladydesire for updating the char_stage.
To Noob766 and Sunjammer for creating the Companion Compatibility package that this mod now uses.
To idomeneas for his insight in prescinding from several core resources and random bantering.
To ejoslin and TerraEx for their work on compatibility.
To Questorion for giving Rory a place in Dark Times: Confederacy of Malkuth.
To the Bioware social site toolset forum users for answering a million questions (special mention to Lady Olivia.)
To the people at www.clandlan.net for their constant support, of course.
And to YOU, for playing this mod.

Do you still have questions? - Read the FAQs.

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