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Improved Atmosphere


December 1st, 2012: More Bug Fixes

Here's what's been fixed or added since the last version:

- Removed more Apostate clothes from female mages in one of the Fade levels (Mage Asunder) that would cause the game to crash. Hopefully this is the last we see of this bug.

- Fixed the invisible Knight Commander's longsword when using "7.1. Modified Items".

- Kardol was missing a weapon. This has been fixed.

- Fixed inappropriate PC response in Desire demon's dialog (vanilla bug), as well as made it possible for all party members to comment on the situation.

- If PC decides to kiss Bella after the siege, Lloyd will no longer be present if dead and a patron will no longer look like he's holding an invisible mug.

- Templar's boots should no longer be invisible when not worn together with the Templar's armor.

- You now gain two Pirate daggers as a reward for completing the first Trial of the Crows. Before you gained no reward at all.

The bug fixes are available on OneDrive and here on the Nexus. Just download the zip file, extract the folder inside and then move the folder's contents into your "Improved Atmosphere" folder. Please note that if you're not using Flash Creatures Rescale, its folder should be deleted from "8. Compatibility". If you are using it, you have to move the "1. Ranks Updated" folder to "zFCR" folder.

November 14th, 2012: Bug Fixes

Fixed bugs:

- Fixed the invisible Duncan's sword and icon when one was using the optional "7.1. Modified Items".

- In Ortan Thaig party members would comment on Haven's chantry instead of the area they're actually in. This has been fixed.

- When using this mod without installing the optional "2.2. Characters" folder, certain NPC's were duplicated, which resulted in several oddities if one clicked on such an NPC. This has been fixed.

- Fixed a tiny problem with a camera angle if you decide to intimidate the farmer standing right next to Lothering's entrance.

- Fixed a bug in Kolgirm's dialog. The problem was that if Alistair was in your party without Oghren, the game wouldn't let you to accept Kolgrim's offer.

- A temporary fix for the crash people are experiencing in Denerim and the Mage Tower during the Mage Origin section is available. All it does is unequip one of the new mage robes (found in the Apostate Clothes folder) from female mages. The game may still crash if either Morrigan or Wynne have one of the three new robes (Mage Tutor Robe, Dark Robe, or Apostate Clothes) equipped and are not being controlled by the player. Indeed, it seems the models for the new robes are incompatible with one or several of the female gesture animations, thus the game crashes when a character attempts to use the conflicting animation.

UPDATE: Look above for download link and more!

November 3rd, 2012: Head Morphs

"New Head Morphs" file is no longer a part of this mod. It is now available on a separate mod page, right here. I did this because some people were confused about whether using this mod will cause a conflict with their existent face replacer mods or not. Not to mention it didn't exactly fit in here anyway.

Also, people seem to be wondering if this mod's compatible with texture replacer mods, such as JB3Textures. Well, it is, since this mod doesn't actually replace any of the default textures or models, apart from textures for Tevinter style robes (found on the screenshot) and a heavy helmet. For the models, there is a bug fix for apprentice robes (proper texture never appeared), and a massive helmet (Awakening completely replaced one of Origins' helmets with a different one that should appear only in Awakening). All of these can be found in "Improved Atmosphere\1. Global\1.4. Items\Materials\Fixes".

November 2nd, 2012: Screenshots, Videos, and more

Just a heads up. I've uploaded several new screenshots for you to view (if they are too small, open them in a new tab). Of special note are new tints, which took me a while to get right. Hopefully you'll like the result (on the screenshots, old tints are shown on top and new at bottom).

I also uploaded three new videos. They've been sitting on my drive for a while, so I thought I might as well show them. Note that the restored scenes have been further tweaked since the creation of the video, so they don't play out exactly the same.

Lastly, I've uploaded version 2.0 ReadMe here for those who don't want to download the mod yet, but would like to see what's new or different.

October 31st, 2012: Version 2.0 Beta now available

I have decided to release IA 2.0 Beta version because I'm not sure when I'll be able to completely finish the mod. This is a big update that changes many things (too many to list here), so consult the ReadMe (available in both DOC and PDF format for those who don't have M$ Office) before doing anything.

You will notice that the "5. Awakening Expansion" folder is missing. That is because it is still a work in progress. The mod is still compatible with Awakening, however.

Until the final version is ready, version 1.3 will continue to serve as the latest stable version. This page will also not contain any information about version 2.0 until it hits final.

Also note that the final version will not differ much from beta. Apart from adding Awakening modifications and fixing any potential bugs, there won't be any changes.

Proper way to update the previous versions: I recommend a thorough uninstallation of the previous version before installing the new one. Starting a new game is also recommended (in order to experience everything this update has to offer), but not required.

Mod Description (applies to version 1.3):

1. Description:

When you played Dragon Age, were you disappointed by the lack of life in towns? Were you bothered by the fact that most ambient NPC's after Ostagar refused to move a muscle, and were instead just hopelessly standing in one place? Did you want more party banter triggers? How about more variety when it comes to your own equipment and also to that of the NPC's? Wanted the bodies of your victims to remain after you slew them?

This mod attempts to take care of all these shortcomings, and more.

2. Requirements:

You are advised to start a new game or load a save created before Ostagar to experience everything the mod has to offer. You could also run into unexpected bugs (like NPC's being in places they shouldn't be in) if you happen to load a save with vanilla module information.

Also, a fair warning: deleting folders like "Global" and/or "Modules" from your override after you've played through a portion of the game with this mod could make your saves corrupted. The game will still load but NPC's in already visited modules could be missing clothes or be in the wrong place, some items could disappear from your inventory, and probably some other things. This happens because when you save the game, you not only save data related to your PC and party members, but also a portion of module and NPC data. That's also one of the reasons that saves get progressively bigger (as in megabytes) the longer you play.

3. Installation & Uninstallation:

Installation: All folders/files go to "...My Documents\Dragon Age\packages\core\override". The easiest way to install is to simply copy the whole "Improved Atmosphere" folder into your override, and then delete the subfolders you don't need (don't worry about the game refusing to load the files if you leave them inside the folders; it checks into folders as well). To find out which folders are safe to delete and which are not, read the description of each folder below.

Note: Files in "6. Special" folder require a "special" install. Refer to the corresponding section to learn how to properly use them.

Uninstallation: remove the folders/files you installed from your override.

4. Contents & What is Changed:

Here we'll look at what's inside each folder, and also what the files inside those folders do. Pay special attention to the "Requirements" part if you only want to use certain bits of the mod.

1. Global:

Sub-folders & files in here are the core files of the mod. Most stuff in other master folders depends on the files in this master folder. Read the description of each sub-folder to learn which parts require what. Or, if you're planning on using most stuff, just install this whole folder and be done with it.

Requirements: All folders except for "Items" can be used independently (though are of little use by themselves).

1.1. Animations: Replaces one previously unused animation with a new one that makes using the blacksmith series of animations (working on a weapon) usable. The animations are not perfect (some clipping and banging the air with the hammer is involved), but they do a good enough job at making things feel more immersive. Just don't pay too much attention to what the smith is banging at with his hammer, and you'll be fine. It's still far better than looking at them doing nothing at all.

In addition to the above, it also creates a few more animation sequences to bring in a little more variety.

1.2. Gold Material: This adds a new gold material (Hardened Gold) to the game. Although this material was already available in the vanilla game, it had no description and its stats were the same as those of iron material. I "fixed" this and made gold a little better than Silverite but worse than Dragonbone.

1.3. Tints: Makes certain tints available as overrides. This allows us to paint any tintable item however we want, no matter the material used. For example, you can make dragonbone look like veridium.

1.4. Items: Adds new unique and generic (used by multiple NPC's) unscaled items. This was done to make the game look a bit more realistic by dressing some NPC's early in the game into high tier equipment, and certain NPC's later in the game into lower tier equipment. Some of these items are also available in stores and others are scattered around the game world, but only if you choose to install the necessary components (Merchants and/or Placeables).

In addition to the new ones, a large number of already existing items were given a new appearance. A small number also had their stats marginally changed (not increased) because I felt it was needed. If you happen to have a mod (like Tired Uniques) that also changes these items, you can just copy files from that mod to the appropriate sub-folder here, replacing the already existing ones. Do note that this will affect the item's appearance.

Note: Folders inside "...\Armors, Weapons\" contain modified DLC items. Refer to the folder name to learn which DLC they are for.

Requirements: Gold Material, Tints.

2. Modules:

Files related to NPC's and single player modules in general (placeables, plot rewards, etc.) lie in here.

2.1. Areas: Here lie the modified modules. If you want more ambient behavior (NPC's moving around, resting, sitting, etc.), more party banter triggers, and party picker enabled in more areas, you'll want to install this.

Notable Changes:

  • City Elf Origin:

- Fixed a few oddities in the Arl's Estate and gave servants new ambient animations. (Added in v1.1.)

  • Dalish Elf Origin:

- Added a few non-hostile animals into the forest. (Added in v1.1.)
- Gave certain NPC's in the Dalish Camp new ambient animations and/or moved them to a different location. (Added in v1.1.)

  • Dwarf Noble Origin:

- Gave certain NPC's in Orzammar (palace, quarter, and proving) new ambient animations and/or moved them to a different location. (Added in v1.2.)
- Made the Proving harder to win, since it was way too easy with the high tier equipment you receive at the beginning. (Added in v1.1.)

  • Dwarf Commoner Origin:

- Gave certain NPC's in Orzammar (slums, commons, tavern, and proving) new ambient animations and/or moved them to a different location. (Added in v1.2.)
- Placed some mugs around the tavern. (Added in v1.2.)

  • Party Camp(s):

- Some party members (Sten, Zevran, Leliana, Wynne) were moved to new, more intimate place. Others were just given a better orientation (Oghren, Alistair). (Revised in v1.2.)
- Added two oxes to the party camp (I guess Sandal could be Bothan's ox, but I personally prefer to think he had real ones). (Revised in v1.3.)

  • Ostagar:

- New ambient behavior on some NPC's. (Revised in v1.3.)
- Moved certain generic NPC's to a different location. (Added in v1.3.)
- Added a small number of NPC's (Highever Forces). (Added in v1.3.)

  • Lothering:

- More NPC's will be moving around. Those who will not will be doing other things not related to just standing still like robots waiting to be activated (Revised in v1.3.)
- Added several animals (pigs, goats, oxes). Also added one ox next to Bothan's cart. (Added in v1.1.)

  • Redcliffe:

- A lot more is going on in Redcliffe now. Before the battle, you will see more desperate folk in the chantry (was practically empty before) who will be sleeping, praying, resting, or doing something else. After the battle, you will see children playing, villagers cleaning the town or/and moving around, and militia in the tavern or chantry. (Revised in v1.3.)
- Placed mugs next to sitting militia (they appear after the battle is complete). (Added in v1.2.)
- Added some animals. When the refugees arrive to Redcliffe after you save the castle, they will bring their oxes with them (they didn't move those carts by themselves, did they?). (Added in v1.1.)
- Moved and added one additional party banter trigger. (Added in v1.0.)

  • Denerim:

- Like in Redcliffe, a lot more is going on in Denerim. More people were added to the town, and they all look like they're doing something. Those shopping in the market will actually look like they're doing shopping now. They'll be moving around the market and stop at each merchant for a certain amount of time and then move on to the next. (Revised in v1.2.)
- Habren and her servants will now move around the market instead of just stand in one place. (Revised in v 1.2.)
- Gorim will no longer annoy you with his "Fine Dwarven crafts..." line every time you get near him. He will say that line once and only once. Additionally, the trigger which activates the priests outside the chantry has been extended, so that it activates before you can actually hear them. This makes it easier to avoid being forced to listen to their drivel. (Added in v1.0.)
- Added more party banter triggers (Market District, The Wonders of Thedas). (Revised in v1.1.)
- Enabled party picker in the Market District (Don't use if either Alistair or Leliana initiated a conversation related to their personal quests. If you do, you might break the quests, or at least the conversations. After their quests are done, you can use it whenever you please), and in every "Dark Alley" module. (Added in v1.0.)
- Added some guards and made servants do more stuff at Arl Eamon's estate. (Revised in v1.2.)

  • Lake Calenhad and the Mages Tower:

- People in the tavern will be sitting instead of standing, and certain NPC's near the lake will look a bit busier. (Revised in v1.3.)
- Added a party banter trigger. (Added in v1.0.)
- After the situation is dealt with in the tower, some NPC's will be in more appropriate places (not in the middle of the hall, for example). (Added in v1.1)

  • Dalish Camp (Brecilian Forest):

- Added several hunters and made them move around. Also gave new ambient animations to every NPC in the camp. You will see children seemingly bringing messages and stuff from the crates to the elders. Hunters will either be patrolling or conversing (though they won't stay in one place for the whole game), and Varathorn's apprentice will be making a blade with a hammer (only after you've spoken to Varathorn of course). (Revised in v1.2.)
- Moved a party banter trigger in the Dalish camp to a more accessible location. Also added two additional triggers into the forest. (Added in v1.0.)
- Enabled party picker in the outside areas of the Brecilian Forest. (Added in v1.0.)
- Put several non-hostile animals to the outer reaches of the forest. (Added in v1.1.)

  • Orzammar:

- Moved some NPC's in the area outside of Orzammar to different places. Everyone is now doing something (packing crates, cooking, playing merchants...). The deserters have been moved to the middle square and gossipers to the tents. (Revised in v1.3.)
- Inside of Orzammar, most NPC's were given new ambient animations (many more are now in the sitting position) and you will see more of them moving around. (Revised in v1.3.)
- Placed several more mugs around the tavern (all those drunks have to drink out of something). (Added in v1.2.)
- Restored Weapon's Merchant (fully voiced) to Orzammar Commons. You will find two unique weapons in his store that were previously sold by Garin. (Added in v1.1.)
- Turned the Royal Palace Guardian (a dragon) into an elite boss (was boss before). (Added in v1.2.)
- Added several party banter triggers (Diamond Quarter, Royal Palace, Harrowmont's Estate). (Added in v1.0.)
- Enabled party picker in most of Orzammar's modules, but not where it's not appropriate (like when Branka blocks your way out). (Added in v1.0.)

  • Urn of Sacred Ashes:

- Enabled ambient movement on the few NPC's that are in the village (before and after obtaining the ashes). (Revised in v1.1.)
- Put a few animals in the village. (Added in v1.1.)
- Added several new types of enemies for greater variety. You won't be battling just Reaver clones anymore. (Revised in v1.1.)
- Turned Eirik into a boss (was lieutenant before). Also added two Dragonlings and a Dragonling Trainer into the chantry. (Revised in v1.3.)
- Added more party banter triggers (The Village of Haven, Dragon Lair). (Revised in v1.1.)
- Enabled party picker where it's appropriate. (Added in v1.0.)

Note: there are more changes, but it would be too much to type all of it down, so you'll just have to discover them by yourself.

Requirements: Animations, Scripts, Dialogs & Stages & Cutscenes.

2.2. Characters: The .utc files in this folder mostly dictate what NPC's wear. Almost all NPC's in the game were given a different outfit... one that better suits their personalities and professions. Many NPC's now also wear equipment that is no longer scaled, which means that not everyone will wear iron at the beginning or dragonbone near the end. Hopefully, this will make the game slightly more atmospheric.

Notable Changes:

  • Global:

- All human guards employed by the Arl of Denerim and Redcliffe are now dressed in Steel. All recruits or newly recruited guards are wearing Grey Iron. All commanders are equipped in Silverite. (Added in v1.0.)
- Howe's guards are dressed in True Leather or Grey Iron in the Human Noble origin. Later they will be wearing Red Steel. This sudden change to the better makes sense, since Howe gets "promoted". (Added in v1.0.)
- Loghain Guardsmen are, for the most part, equipped in Veridium. (Revised in 1.3.)
- Royal Soldiers = Gold or Silverite, Loghain's Soldiers = Veridium, Eamon's Soldiers = Steel, Highever's Soldiers = Red Steel (with custom tint), Ferelden Army Soldiers = Iron. (Revised in v1.3.)
- Orzammar guardsmen are wearing Iron, just like they did before. Guard commanders and personal guardsmen (Harrowmont's for example) are equipped in Veridium. Bhelen's Guardsmen are dressed in Gold. (Revised in v1.3.)
- All cultists are wearing unique equipment not worn by anyone else. The villagers also get uniquely colored clothes to make them stand out more. (Revised in v1.3.)
- The forces of Ostagar are divided into several groups: "Ferelden Army Soldiers", "Denerim Soldiers", "Highever Soldiers", "Loghain's Heavy Infantry", and "King's Royal Guards". This was done because several characters mention that soldiers have come to Ostagar from all over Ferelden to battle the Darkspawn. (Added in v1.3.)
- Templars receive a special Templar's Longsword and Greatsword. (Added in v1.0.)
- Mages now actually wear robes that match their rank. (Added in v1.0.)
- Elven mages get their own version (green) of Mage's robes (I sure wish there were more models, though). (Added in v1.0.)

  • Important NPC changes:

- Arl Eamon will wear Ceremonial Armor (Gold) at the Landsmeet and Commander's Armor (Silverite) during the climax. (Added in v1.0.)
- Bann Teagan will be wearing Royal Commander's Armor (Silverite). Lord Teagan will appear in Heavy Chainmail (Dragonbone). (Revised in v1.3.)
- Kolgrim should wear a unique version of massive armor. You can take it off his corpse if you kill him. (Revised in v1.1.)
- All Dwarven Royal members (Trian, Bhelen, Endrin...) were given a new unique set of armors or clothes. (Revised in v1.3.)

  • Vanilla Game Bug Fixes:

- Made stealing Nugbone (crossbow) from the Mines Commander possible. (Added in v1.1.)
- Made stealing Dwarven Defender (crossbow) from Captain of the Guard possible. (Added in v1.2.)
- The Gangue Shade from the Dead Trenches should now drop Dead Metal Bucket (medium helmet) when killed. (Added in v1.2.)

Note: This is just a small number of changes that I felt needed to be pointed out. The rest are up to you to discover.

Requirements: Gold Material, Tints, Items.

2.3. Placeables: Adds a few new items into certain placeables.

Notable Changes:

- Added a pair of Ancient Elven Boots (vanilla bug fix) and special Qunari Heavy Boots into Lothering chantry's cabinet. (Revised in v1.3.)
- You can find a full set of Templar's gear (chest, boots, gloves, helmet, sword, and shield) in the Circle Tower. (Revised in v1.2.)
- Put Chevalier Armor set (chest, gloves, boots, and helmet) into a chest in Marjolaine's house. (Added in v1.2.)
- Added Enchanter's Robe into Wizard's Chest at Ostagar. (Added in v1.1.)
- You can loot a number of Cultist items from various chests. (Revised in v1.2.)

Requirements: Gold Material, Tints, Items.

2.4. Dialogs & Stages & Cutscenes: Mostly fixes a few errors in dialogs and tweaks s small number of cutscenes to be more in tune with new ambient behaviors.

Notable Changes:

  • Lothering:

- The chanter responsible for "feeding" the holy brazier should now turn around to face the actual brazier when you two are done speaking. (Added in v1.3.)

  • Redcliffe:

- Fixed a few bugs in Bella's dialog where she would fail to recognize that Owen has been killed and that she's the new owner. (Added in v1.1.)
- Revered Mother Hannah should now actually show her back to the player (as the cutscene seems to suggest) after you're done speaking to her. (Added in v1.3.)

  • Denerim:

- Gorim will recognize Oghren even if you've already spoken to the former (before he only acknowledged him if you two have never made contact). (Added in v1.0.)
- Fixed a small bug in Soris' dialog where he would fail to acknowledge that the "Unrest in the Alienage" quest has been completed if you spared Caladrious. (Added in v1.3.)

  • Urn of Sacred Ashes:

- Fixed Kolgrim's cutscene camera angles if your PC is wearing massive armor. (Added in v1.0.)

Note: the rest of the changes are all related to making dialogs work with the new NPC positions and ambient animations.

Requirements: Areas, Scripts.

2.5. Scripts: Responsible for fixing a few bugs, equipping appropriate items on NPC's when the time is right, adding & removing NPC's from the game world, and some other stuff.

Notable Changes:

  • Dwarf Noble Origin:

- Put new armor on King Endrin when the time is right. (Added in v1.1.)
- Made the player lose not only items (apart from DLC ones), but also money when thrown into prison. (Added in v1.1.)

  • Party Camp(s):

- Made party members switch to a unique series of animations. (Added in v1.1.)

  • Lothering:

- Removed weapon from Leliana's back for the duration of the conversation. It gets reequipped once the battle starts. (Added in v1.0.)
- Fixed vanilla game bug where NPC's could get stuck in an infinitely repeating animation upon the player's re-visit of the module. (Added in v1.3.)

  • Redcliffe:

- Made sure Doomsayer doesn't reappear if you intimidate him to get lost. (Added in v1.1.)
- Equipped Owen with Smith's Hammer and Longsword and made him switch to "blacksmith" series of animations if he is making equipment for the militia. (Added in v1.1.)
- If you failed to convince Bevin to give you the key to his father's chest, you can now pickpocket him and take the sword anyway. (Added in v1.0.)
- Removed Jetta from the Chantry after completing her quest. (Added in v1.1.)

  • Denerim:

- Habren (the spoiled brat) & her servants and the guards outside of Arl Eamon's estate will not appear until you gain access to the said estate. (Added in v1.1.)
- Fixed vanilla game bug where NPC's could get stuck in an infinitely repeating animation upon the player's re-visit of the module. (Added in v1.2.)
- Removed Sophie's guard from the tavern if you successfully completed the corresponding quest. (Added in v1.1.)
- Companions will no longer use the same animations in the Arl's estate as they did in the party camp. (Revised in v1.2.)
- Equipped new circus outfits on Zevran and Sten/Oghren if you choose them to rescue the player from prison. (Added in v1.3.)

  • Lake Calenhad Docks:

- Made the scavenger go away after telling you where to find Sten's sword. (Added in v1.1.)

  • Dalish Camp (Brecilian Forest):

- Fixed vanilla game bug where NPC's could get stuck in an infinitely repeating animation upon the player's re-visit of the module. (Added in v1.1.)

Requirements: Areas, Dialogs & Stages & Cutscenes.

2.6. Merchants: Modified the stock of certain stores. Also made merchants sell some items found in "Items".

You need to choose only one version:

- In the "Default Buy from Player Values" you will find stores that only have modified stock. Price ranges remain the same as in vanilla. (Revised in v1.3.)
- In the "Modified Buy from Player Values" the stores have modified stock and price ranges: 35-65% (merchants with fewer funds [e.g. taverns] will offer less for your goods). Only "buy from player" stats have been changed. (Revised in v1.3.)

Requirements: Gold Material, Tints, Items.

2.7. Rewards: Modifies a small number of plot rewards.

Notable Changes:

- Fixed vanilla game bug where the player would receive no reward for completing the "Shaper's Life" and "The Golem Registry" mini-quests. (Revised in v1.3.)
- Defeating Sloth demon in the Fade will earn you a special Fade Armor set (chest, gloves, boots, and helmet). (Added in v1.2.)
- After either Bhelen or Harrowmont is made King, the player is rewarded with Paragon Armor and Weapons. (Added in v1.3.)
- If either Alistair or Human Noble is made king, you get rewarded with King's Armor and Weapons. (Revised in v1.3.)

Requirements: Gold Material, Tints, Items.

3. PC Origins:

This tweaks each origin in a number of ways. I was not concerned about balance as much as I was about realism. So, yes, playing as a human or dwarf noble will make the beginning of the game easier (installing a difficulty mod is recommended), while playing as a commoner or a mage will make it harder (due to NPC's wearing better unscaled equipment).

Requirements: stuff in here requires everything from the "Global" folder, except animations.

  • Human Noble:

- After the attack, you can find Cousland's Royal Armor (Silverite) and weapons (Steel) in the PC's chest. You start the game dressed in Noble's clothes. (Revised in v1.3.)
- Made Shield of Highever and Family Sword more powerful and gave them a new appearance. (Revised in v1.3.)
- Player starts with around 50 silver. He/she can later pick up an additional 20 sovereigns in the treasury. (Revised in v1.1.)
- Mother Cousland will also wear Royal Armor when Howe's men attack. (Added in v1.0.)

  • Dwarf Noble:

- Dwarven Noble Armor was given a new appearance and material. (Revised in v1.2.)
- Made player's equipment better (everything is made of Gold). (Revised in v1.2.)
- Made Gorim's equipment better (both armor and weapons are made of Veridium). (Revised in v1.3.)
- Player starts with around 30 gold. You later lose all of it (you know why if you've ever played through the origin), so make it count. (Revised in v1.1.)
- All temporary companions were given better equipment and different stats. (Revised in v1.2.)

  • Dwarf Commoner:

- Player starts with around 10 silver. (Revised in v1.1.)
- Made Aeducan Mace a bit better (Veridium). (Revised in v1.3.)
- Revised Leske's skills and talents. (Revised in v1.2.)
- Made Everd's equipment better (Grey Iron instead of Iron). (Revised in v1.2.)
- Made it possible to loot a full Dwarven Medium Armor (Iron) in Beraht's Hideout. (Added in v1.2.)

  • City Elf:

- Player starts with around 50 coppers. (Revised in v1.1.)
- Made your mother's boots (Cured Leather) a bit better. (Revised in v1.3.)
- Made Soris a rogue (if you don't want this, remove "bec100cr_soris.utc" from the folder). (Added in v1.0.)

  • Dalish Elf:

- Player starts in a unique Dalish Armor (Cured Leather). (Revised in v1.3.)
- Added a special dagger (Veridium) into your mother's chest (you need at least 1 point in coercion to persuade Ashalle to give you the key). (Added in v1.0.)
- All temporary companions were given talents which suit them better. (Added in v1.0.)

  • Mage:

- Lilly and Jowan were given different talents. (Added in v1.0.)
- A new robe can be found in the spider infested cave. (Added in v1.1.)

4. Companions:

Contains new equipment and some dialog changes for party members.

4.1. Dialog Changes: Modifies companion approval gain and companion's comments on places or things they see. The modified dialogs also contain some other general fixes (not related to companions), but they're not mandatory. Still, I thought I should mention it.

Notable Changes:

  • Approval Changes:

- You should now gain approval with Wynne if you successfully complete her quest (before you gained none at all). (Revised in v1.3.)
- If you're successful in convincing Felsi to take Oghren back, you will gain his approval (in vanilla, you gained none). (Revised in v1.3.)
- When solving certain quests in Lothering, companion approval should hopefully shift more realistically. (Added in v1.3.)
- Some companions will reach more harshly or be more grateful (Alistair, Leliana) if you accept or deny to help defend Redcliffe. (Added in v1.3.)
- When accepting Owen's quest, you will no longer lose approval with Morrigan if you tell him that you have no concise prior to accepting the quest. (Added in v1.1.)
- No longer will you lose approval with Alistair if you tell Kaitlyn that her sword will be useful (What the hell was that anyway?). You will instead gain approval with him if you pay her a bit of money for the sword, and lose it if you don't pay anything. (Added in v1.0.)

  • Miscellaneous Changes:

- Every member of your current party should now comment on places or things they see instead of just one of them, provided that each member's comment is unique (after all, we don't want two or more people saying basically the same thing). Delete "party_barks.dlg" if you don't like this change. (Added in v1.3.)
- If you decided to destroy the Urn and neither Wynne nor Leliana were in your party when you did it, you will be confronted by Leliana (if she's in your party) when returning to your party camp instead of Wynne, which makes not loosing Wynne a possibility. Delete " party_camp.dlg" if you don't like this change. (Added in v1.0.)

Requirements: is independent.

4.2. Gear Changes: Mostly just gives more appropriate starting equipment (rings on Wynne, Crow leather armor on Zevran, rings and darkspawn staff on Morrigan, unique massive armor on Oghren, silverite weapon and rings on Loghain, Warden's amulet on Alistair) to companions.

Requirements: stuff in here requires everything from the "Global" folder, except animations.

5. Miscellaneous:

Includes small additions that can be used together with the main files.

Requirements: everything in here is completely standalone.

5.1. Bodies Stay: The bodies of your victims will no longer fade away. Now you can loot the Ogre without having to fear that its body will disappear in front of your eyes (how annoying that was).

There are two sub-folders inside this folder whose names are pretty self-explanatory:

- File inside the "Combat Tweaks Compatibility" makes the mod compatible with Combat Tweaks. if you don't have the said mod installed, delete this folder. Otherwise, delete "talent_devour.ncs" from the root folder.
- Files in the "No Bones" folder will overwrite vanilla bone models with invisible placeables, which basically means fresh bodies won't turn into bones anymore, but will instead disappear completely. I made this for a very specific reason (read the "Note" part below, and you'll figure it out), but there's nothing stopping you from using this as an independent mod. Be warned, thought, that doing so will make looting decayed corpses harder (they can still be looted, though), since they're invisible.

Fair Warning: This mod is not perfect; the bodies never disappear. This is generally not a problem, since you visit the majority of modules in which combat takes place only once. The problem are those that you do revisit (Orzammar, Redcliffe Castle), and I bet you can guess why. To make things perfect, I would have to find a way to remove the bodies after a while, but so far I had little luck. So, until I find a solution to this problem, you can work around the issue by temporarily deleting or moving APR_...GDA's to a different folder, loading up the module in which there are bodies you want gone, let them disappear, save the game, and move the files back (don't worry; the bodies won't come back). It's not a perfect solution, but it's a solution nonetheless.

Note: This mod was released by me earlier, and is the same one. If you already have it, delete it prior to installing this one.

5.2. Difficulty: "difficulty.GDA" increases Hard and Nightmare difficulties. Enemies will do more damage and use talents more often, but they won't have more health than before. "autoscale.GDA" gives Lieutenants, Bosses, and Elite Bosses more health.

This part is recommended if you also decided to use the "Modified Items" part, as certain items are powerful from the beginning, which makes the game a bit easier.

Note: Obviously, this is not compatible with Combat Tweaks. Don't use it if you're also using that mod.

5.3. Weapon VFX Remover: This tiny file will remove those annoying visual effects (cold, fire, electricity, spirit) from weapons and staffs. Weapons enchanted with spells or oils are not affected.

6. Special:

Contains completely optional files that can be used as an alternative to some files from the core mod. They require a special install, and should not be used as they are.

6.1. Modified Items: This makes unique items more useful by tweaking their stats and changing their appearance to give them a truly unique look.

Some will probably say that some items are overpowered, but the truth is that I was just trying to make them all useful. In the unmodified game, once you get the best item(s), you have absolutely no reason to switch to any other item ever again. That's why I have, in hopes to make every item useful in some way, changed the stats of every one of them. Feedback is welcome.

Additionally, the price of many ingredients and explosives has been reduced because I felt it was too high. If you don't like this change, don't touch the "Quick Items", "Miscellaneous", and "Crafting" folders.

Note: Folders inside "...\Armors, Weapons\" contain modified DLC items. Refer to the folder name to learn which DLC they are for.

Installation: Copy or move the "UTI" sub-folder to "1.4. Items" folder. When asked to replace files & folders, tick "yes to all". Do not simply delete the "UTI" sub-folder from "1.4. Items" folder and move in the new one. You must do it exactly as described above or risk an encounter with a legion of naked NPC's.

Requirements: Gold Material, Tints, Items.

6.2. Gold Material with a Proper Name: As the name suggests, it gives gold material a proper name. It will no longer be referred to as "Party Gold". It will instead be called "Hardened Gold" (gold hardened with lyrium).

Installation: There are two versions. Install both if you have Awakening installed. If not, leave "gold_material_aw.dazip" alone. After you're done installing (use "DAUpdater.exe" or one of the DA Mod Managers), delete "materialrules_gold.GDA" (very important step) from "...\Global\ 1.2. Gold Material\".

Requirements: Gold Material.

5. Conclusion:

Well, I guess this brings this short "essay" to a close. If you have any questions related to this mod, don't hesitate to ask them on the forums or send them to me via PM. Any feedback (positive or negative) is also welcome.

All right, with the obvious out of the way, let me wish you a happy and bugless experience with this mod.