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Quick PatcherGUI mods that allow you to change some Perks in order to balance/cheat.

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This is a collection of PatcherGUI mods for Long War. They require, of course, WGhost's PatcherGUI to install, and are compatible with Long War 1.0. These mods will not work for Vanilla EW. They may work with earlier versions of Long War, but I can't guarantee anything and will not be providing support.

The mods currently available allow you to alter the following:

Buff Light'Em Up: Changes Light 'Em Up perk (126) to not consume a blue move if your first action is a shot.

Buff Automated Threat Assessment: Modify static bonus DR for Automated Threat Assessment Perk.

Buff Reactive Targeting Sensors: Add bonus aim to shots from Reactive Targeting Sensors.

Credit to the fellas in the XCOM Discord for their ideas and suggestions.


Better Surgeons
Show Officer Missions

Assorted Long War Perks Modifications


#SwfDelicious -
it is practically his code, I only adapted it to the barracks UI
#szmind, SwfDelicious -
for helping me to modding with UDK
#wghost81 - her PatchUPK tool is amazing.