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Displays in the barracks how many missions officers have completed at their current rank.

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The goal for this mod is:

  • It helps you to keep track of how many missions an officer have been participated in order to get a new medal.
  • You can try to distribute missions evenly among your soldiers, so they all advance at the same rate toward the next rank.
  • It prevents you from buying the new officer rank and then realizing that none or to few of your officers are actually eligible for a promotion :_( (happened to me several times, that's why I created this mod).

IMPORTANT: Remember your soldier also needs certain rank to level up to the next officer rank, not only missions count. So take that in account before buying the next officer upgrade.

This mod is based in the work of SwfDelicious

Hope you enjoy it and please let your feedback if you find it useful.


This mod is only tested with Long War 1.0; it has not been tested with LW 1.1, LWR, or the base Enemy Unknown or Enemy Within.


Install using PatcherGUI (included in UPKUtils) or Long War Mod Manager.


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#SwfDelicious -
it is practically his code, I only adapted it to the barracks UI
#szmind, SwfDelicious -
for helping me to modding with UDK
#wghost81 - her PatchUPK tool is amazing.