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Changes Field Surgeon perk to progressively improve injury time reduction with medic's rank.

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Currently the Field Surgeon perk in Long War is borderline awful, even in the wiki they don't recommend taking it.

This mod attempts to fix that, and maybe make dedicated healer medics more viable in the campaign.

The perk description says:

 Field Surgeon
Reduces (or, for 1 HP flesh wounds, eliminates) Wounded timer on soldiers who sustained HP damage but were not Critically Wounded. Does not affect wound sustained by sending fatigued soldier on a mission.

The recommendation in the wiki says:

If you are debating whether to take Field Surgeon, don't. The perk has no effect whatsoever in an actual battle, and its effect on the
strategic layer of the game is minimal at best and equally nonexistent at worst

A detailed description (also from the wiki ):

Field Surgeon removes 1 HP worth of damage taken in combat at the end of the mission for every wounded soldier before the fatigue/hospital calculation takes place. Wound times are calculated according to the soldier's lowest HP at any point in the mission; deeper wounds lead (linearly) to larger Wounded timers (before Fatigue time is added on). Thus, with Field Surgeon, a soldier who only sustained 1 HP of health (not armor) damage will not require any hospital time. For soldiers with "deeper wounds" (more than 1 HP lost), Field Surgeon will calculate Wounded timers as if the maximum damage sustained on the mission were 1 less.

This mod replaces the 1HP worth of reduction for the following formula:

HPreduction = (medic's rank * 4 + 2)/10
So the HP reduced will be according to this table:

Rank   HP 

Taking the Revive Perk (56), speed ups the progression:

Rank   HP 

You can see for yourself the impact of the perk at the end of a mission in the gallery. That was a mission where 3 soldiers were wounded and they ended the mission with 1, 2 and 3 HP less than their maximum health. So depending of the rank of the medic with the `Field Surgeon` perk, the benefit will be different.

Some say that even with this buff, the perk is not worth to pick instead of Steadfast or Suppression, others say that is OP. So test it and judge for yourself. All feedback is welcome.

My opinion is that is an investment at long term, where you sacrifice damage power in your squad in exchange of less injury time.

The goal is that the recommendation with the new change goes like:

The perk has no effect whatsoever in an actual battle, and its effect on the strategic layer of the game is somewhat useful early on and improves as the campaign progress.

Hope you enjoy it and please let your feedback if you find it useful.


This mod is only tested with Long War 1.0; it has not been tested with LW 1.1, LWR, or the base Enemy Unknown or Enemy Within.


Install using PatcherGUI (included in UPKUtils) or Long War Mod Manager.


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#szmind, SwfDelicious -
for helping me to modding with UDK
#wghost81 - her PatchUPK tool is amazing.