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Some people have noted that you NEED to block the game from calling home... otherwise it will reset your changes and the mods wont work..
Refer to here from help on that issue... PERSONALLY, I have NOT done any changes to my hosts for Steam or Xcom and the mods work (for now)

1) After downloading the UberMod Package, uncompress it! :)

2) If you have a clean install (no recent mods yet), open the folder XcomModHelper and double click on
depending on which game you are using/playing... that will enable the game to read the modded files! :)

3) Open the UberMod Folder and decide which mod version you would like to get, open that folder

4) Copy and Paste the file(s) in that folder to your game folder :
This is the "hardest" part for thoses who do not know how to navigate computers...
......\Steam\SteamApps\common\XCom-Enemy-Unknown\XEW\XComGame\Config (for Enemy Within)
......\Steam\SteamApps\common\XCom-Enemy-Unknown\XComGame\Config (for Enemy Unknown)
thoses are the normal path where the file needs to go, be sure to double check! :)

5) Play and Enjoy (Hopefully!)

SHOULD you ever want to remove the mod for any reason, you do not need to re-install! Simply copy paste the files in the folder "1-Default_Un-Modified" to the \XcomGame\Config folder of the game and you'll be back to vanilla game! :)

Here are the Current version of mods availlable for choosing :

-Default_Un-Modified : Thoses are a backup of the default files with NO value changed. As backup if you want to restore without having to re-install.

-Only_BetterHP : Someone asked for MORE HP and nothing else, this will give +2HP for every armor type, and x2 HP gained for every soldier levels (I gave even more HP for Assaults and Heavy and a bit less for Snipers, still much more than regular game!)

-Only_Money(n)Meld : Only multiply Money Earned (and Meld for Enemy Within) You should have plenty to go around! You ARE Earth Savior after all! :)

-Beware_of_FRAG_Grenades : This is just a funny version i made to test things out... Beware of FRAG GRENADES!

-ULTIMATE_UBER_Version : Everything has been tweaked, it gives a LOT more movement, a TON more money (also more meld in E.W. *50 per container instead of 10*), more hp, more income and rewards (scientists, engeneers, elerium, w.frags, aloy), much faster building speed with more scientist and more engineers, much faster satelites, more base power, improved accuracy, SUPER soldiers, better odds for the Xcom team overall, less probability for nasty effect (your satelites getting destroyed, etc) and better frag grenades... All of that with all 4 difficulty settings...

-ULTIMATE_Uber_Version (WITH ALL UFOs Visibles) : Same as the other one, but this one will show ALL flying UFO that gets detected (including thoses that are on their way to do Terror mission and capture) This is for thoses who LOVE to shoot down tons of UFO and wish to get Interceptors on all continents... I also made it that IF you decide to Ignore them, there is NO Panic Penalty since it could get overwhelming with too many UFO to attack at once.