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This mod makes the game uber ... ie : consider this A CHEAT (You have been warned) ;)

Now with 5 Different Versions to choose from! Works with Both Enemy Unknown and Within

Changes TONS of things (money, soldier stats, time to build or research, aim, satelites, etc...)

Permissions and credits
There is now a Long War Edition of the UBER Mod Availlable here :
Xcom Uber Mod : LONG WAR Edition

This mod makes the game "uber"... ie : consider this A CHEAT MOD!!!
(You have been warned) ;)

I still suggest you try and finish the game once before using this cause
it will KILL any difficulty you might have had with the game...

This mod now works for all version (easy/normal/hard/classic)
and for both Enemy Within and Unknown.


Special note that there is now 5 Different version to choose from!

-One version that only improve the HP of soldiers and Mech
-One Version that only multiply Money and Meld
-One Version (test) that only improve Frag Grenades RIDICULOUSLY!!... Beware of FRAG GRENADES!
-ULTIMATE_UBER_Version THE COMPLETE PACKAGE! with hundreds of tweaks...
-ULTIMATE_UBER_Version With ALL UFO (same as above, but show ALL UFO before they do missions, so LOTS more UFO to shoot down!)


What this does :

--More Money (A LOT more)
--Uber Soldiers (start off with tons of Aiming, Will, Movement - Less XP per lvl, more psy, etc...)
--Better Grapling distance
--More electricity and Sattelite uplink
--Faster building, research, healing, repairing, etc... FASTER EVERYTHING!!!!
--More UFO items parts recovered from scavenging
--Some Panic adjustements...


Instructions :

1) After downloading the UberMod Package, uncompress it! :)

2) If you have a clean install (no recent mods yet), open the folder XcomModHelper and double click on either
depending on which game you are using/playing... that will enable the game to read the modded files! :)

3) Open the UberMod Folder and decide which mod version you would like to install, then double click that folder...

4) Copy and Paste the file(s) from that folder into your game folder :
This is the "hardest" part for thoses who do not know how to navigate computers...
......Steam\SteamApps\common\XCom-Enemy-Unknown\XEW\XComGame\Config (for Enemy Within)
......Steam\SteamApps\common\XCom-Enemy-Unknown\XComGame\Config (for Enemy Unknown)
thoses are the normal path where the file needs to go, be sure to double check! :)

5) Play and Enjoy (Hopefully!)

HOWEVER, you can manually tell the installer where your xcom directory is located..
IF for any reason the auto installer did not detect your installation folder!as long as you know how to type in dos window...

1) open cmd in the folder where you have the xcom mod helper downloaded
(in windows you can do : shift + right click in the folder window, then select open command window here)
2) type in : xcommodhelper.exe -x X:\games\XCom-Enemy-Unknown -c EWconfig.xml
On my computer the full line i had to write was :
xcommodhelper.exe -x D:\Steam\SteamApps\common\XCom-Enemy-Unknown\ -c EWconfig.xml
You just have to point to the root folder of the game (regardless of expantions or not)

PS: Some people have noted that you NEED to block the game from calling home... otherwise it will reset your changes and the mods wont work.. Please Refer to this link for help on that issue... PERSONALLY, I have NOT done any changes to my hosts for Steam or Xcom and THIS mod has been working for the least 4 days...

With this mod, if you are good and know what you are doing, you CAN finish the game in less than 1 month game time...


I would like to give Special thanks to
Hug A Gamer for gifting me with the new Xcom Enemy Within! Without them, you would not have gotten this new mod version!! Give them a shout on their facebook page or on their http://www.hugagamer.com/ to tell them how awesome they are!!! :)


Also Thanks to
UberJumper for providing the comunity with the awesome XcomModHelper which made all of this SOOO easy and possible! :) Thanks a lot!!


I Hope you Enjoy this mod!!

and Have a Nice Day!!!