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Allows satellites to pull prices from all stations in a sector, detect pirates, and alot more.
Adds 4 more satellites, one with passive radar unless hostiles are closeby, an interdiction satellite, (Piracy!) and Survey Units that allow the player to discover hidden treasures or resources.

Permissions and credits
This mod won't work if installed in documents. U'll receive an error as the game can't find it's assets. Please install it in the game root's extensions folder, that's where mods are supposed to be. (\X4 Foundations\extensions)

Supports the optional Extended Conversation Menu, which allows all mods using it to join their starting conversations in a browsable section, so technically infinite mods can be added by only taking up 1 conversation slot for any npc. Not required. (Feel free to add support for your own mods)

News: OMG Marc created a neat video showcasing this mod. Enjoy! Also, more content to be had, Offline Ventures are here!

Last updated or tested for game versions: 6.0

v1.0.1.1 beta added to optional files for testing, which supports ToA Erlking vaults. Or rather should. Don't have the dlc, so couldn't test, feedback welcome. :)

v1.0.1: A couple minor fixes and translation updates. Thanks to merlu and Erazil for their translations! Check out all changes in the changelog above. Have fun!

v1.0.0: Wormholes ... ups! I kinda forgot about those, that's why ur survey units never managed to find any! Sorry about that. ^^ From now on ur survey probes will find wormholes and place a nav beacon close to their location. Due to the growing threat of the khaak and players defaulting to fill up their sectors with satellites to find them early on, i've added modsettings (disabled at default) for sats / adv sats / HDS, to detect hostile stations aswell with their automatic sector rescan every 10 minutes. The update also adds more comfort features for HDS, like setting the relation when notifications should be shown or stopping notifications for individual HDS by deactivating them over the UI. There are a bunch more changes, to read up on everything check the changelog above and the description below. Have fun guys!

v0.9.8 adds an easy way to clear resource survey probes (and other objects) that are no longer needed by talking to one of your ship captains within the sector, adds a bunch of configuration options for hostile detection satellites to specialize their use more to your needs, and adds the french translation for the resource survey unit content (translated by Erazil, thanks!). Check out all changes in the changelog above aaand have fun. :)

This mod improves both types of satellites and adds 4 more:

Normal satellites: 
- add instant price updates for all discovered and non hostile stations in a sector

Advanced satellites:
- uncover all non hostile stations in a sector by using "Advanced Satellite Detection Probes" which reveal the fog of war around stations and are being removed afterwards. They are briefly visible on the map until removed.
- add 5-7 additional mission offers to random stations in the sector upon the player entering their sector
- add instant price updates for all non hostile stations in a sector
- rescan sectors periodically to add and uncover newly build stations
- pirate cover detection can be enabled that reveals the true pirate faction (more info below in the Pirate cover detection section)
- detection of hostile stations within the sector can be enabled in the config file

Hostile Detection Satellite:
- no active radar unless hostile ships are discovered and in range. If enemy l and xl sized ships come in range of the satellite, it goes active radar and notifies the player via sound, notification and logbook entry about the position of hostile forces. Once they leave the vacinity, the satellite goes passive again. (This will also help players that have issues with too many ships being shown on the map, as the satellite won't have radar if in passive state)
- same remaining features of the advanced satellite
- active radar and notifications can be configured in the config file
- detection of hostile stations within the sector can be enabled in the config file

Interdiction Probe:
- this probe disrupts and damages engines of l and xl ships if they pass through the 8km wide range of the Interdiction Probe. (may take a minute for the effect to start after deploying the probe)
- probes only disrupt ships if the player is in the same sector (this may change in the future if requested)
- shorter range of 8km (may need more balancing)
- affected ships will turn hostile towards you, but won't open fire unless attacked (probably not enough yet)
- no other features including price updates, this is soley a piracy tool (and not too cheap, so better don't leave them behind :p )

Survey Unit:
- will split up into 'Survey Probes' which will then scout the sector for hidden treasures and inform the player via logbook entry before disappearing again.
- one time use item (yes, it will be gone upon using, so better stock up well!)
- if hidden objects were detected a logbook message will be created 80 seconds after the appearance of survey probes at their location. If ships or data vaults were detected the arrow contained in the logbook message can be used to display the location on the map. (the data vault icon will only be visiable while the survey probes are alive)
- all categories are configurable, so the player can decide what he wants survey units to detect with their probes
- categories:
---> Ownerless ships: detection enabled at default, player can use arrow in logbook entry to view the location
---> Data vaults: only visible while survey probes are active, detection enabled at default, player can use arrow in logbook to view the location 
---> Gates: detection enabled at default
---> Highway enrances: detection enabled at default
---> Stations: includes hostile stations which are not detected by adv. or hds, detection enabled at default
---> Wormholes (new!): detects wormholes and places a nav beacon at their location, enabled at default
---> Lockboxes: disabled at default, exact location can only be tracked down by flying to the survey probe while still active. The player may have to use multiple survey units to track them all down when enabled
-> Lifetime: The time in seconds that survey probes will stay active before 'losing energy' and disappearing (default: 160 seconds)

Resource Survey Unit: (new!)
- scout the sector for resource yields and deploy resource survey probes at the highest yield locations for each resource. If locations overlap less then half of the scan range, deployment of additional probes is skipped and if resources are too insignificant in general the unit won't deploy probes
- one time use item, so stock up well
- if resources are found a log book entry is generated with the details
- to clear probes quickly that you may have no use for, simply talk to your ship captain/relief captain in the sector
- supports multiple configurations adjustable in the config file (sectorsatellites\md\sectorsatellitesconfig.xml)
- config options (explained more in detail in the config file):
---> set which yield classifications should be found by the resource unit randing from 'verylow' to 'high', default: 'verylow'
---> set if reports should still include yields that may be ignored by changes made to the above setting, default: true
---> set if deploying a resource survey unit should clear previously deployed resource survey probes (only concerns probes added by this unit), default: true
---> set if deploying a resource survey unit should clear vanilla resource probes, default: false
---> set if a grid of probes (7) should be spawned around the target location, default: true
---> set if a full grid of probes (27) should be spawned around the target location, default: false
---> set the resources the probe can detect; can be used to disable certain resources or add new resources of another mod

Pirate Cover Detection: (new!)
When enabled in the config file, this setting allows your advanced satellites and your hostile detection satellites to uncover ships with neutral or worse relations in systems you have a station in. The 'systems with player station' restriction exists to avoid issues that may arise with cover in plot quests.
There aren't any known cases yet, it's just a preemptive measure.
Additional feature settings:
---> temporarily set pirates hostile, so your stations are able to engage them depending on their settings
---> set whether pirates should only be uncovered in satellite range or within the sector

Configuration: (optional)
The mod can be configured in many ways, tho completely optional if you're fine with the the above listed settings. 
Location: sectorsatellites/md/sectorsatellitesconfig.xml
- configure which satellites are able to spawn detection probes in order to discover stations
- configure if and which satellites should be able to additionally find gates with their detection probes
- configure the active radar and notification behavior for hostile detection sats
- configure what survey units are able to find
- configure the behavior of resource survey units
- adjust the list of deployables your ship captains can self-destruct
- enable and configure the pirate cover detection feature
- disable the new comms features for mod-compatibility reasons

You can now reach out to a pilot of one of your ships via comms and ask them to self-destruct deployables within their system, or deactivated deployables galaxy-wide.

All types except interdiction probes and survey units will check for new discovered/build stations in their sector every 10 minutes and hook them up for price updates aswell.
All features are working the same when satellites are dropped remotely by player owned ships.

The old approach to this mod was to just increase the range of satellites, but that didn't always work correctly. There's no harm in using both, that's why i left the "Advanced Satellite Range" mod available in the optional files section. All it does is tripple the vanilla range for both satellite types.

Please let me know if you encounter any issues, so i can go and fix them. :)

Russian translation - alexalsp
French translation - Phlt & Erazil
Korean translation - merlu
German translation update for resource survey unit content - Schmollolo
Thank you guys! :)

Download the file, extract the sectorsatellites folder and move it to your extensions folder (in your game root directory, NOT DOCUMENTS).
In case you don't have one yet, simply create it at the base directory of X4, so for a steam user it would be: Steam\steamapps\common\X4 Foundations\extensions

Simply remove the folder, no current savegame issues.