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This mod aims to bring the Star Wars Galaxy into the X4 universe, ships, locations, at the highest quality possible, giving you a chance to live the Star Wars universe where you explore, trade, fight, build and much more...
If anyone wishes to donate, no amount is too little.www.patreon.com/mikska
Discord: https://discord.gg/dmbmJyr

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“X4 SW Interworlds” V 0.4.6
Main point of contact, latest news, helpdesk and community is on Discord

Copy and paste contents of the zipped "X4 Foundations/extensions"folder into your "X4 Foundations/extensions" folder.

In case it fails do download from Nexus - here is the link to google drive 

It is recommended to set "Desaturated" colors in your graphics option for more SW-like picture.

This mod changes the game in many ways, so other mods may not work great with it,
especially those that add ships, weapons or change their stats. Some minor QoL
mods may work fine though.

NOTE: vanilla plots will most probably not work, except for initial research station, that one should be fine.

0.46 features:
Major additions:
·        Full replacement of vanilla ships, full rewrite of “jobs” for all factions.
·        All factions are renamed to SW lore.
·        A lot of new ships, check the list below.
·        Rework of wares system, now some equipment and weapons are widely available as civilian-grade, military
grades are faction specific
·        Numerous new weapons fully replacing vanilla ones, including faction specific weapons, quad and dual
turbolasers, heavy ion cannons etc. ( approx. 90 new entries)
·        Full replacements of vanilla shields, engines etc.  civilian-grade and faction specific
·        Full combat, hull/shield and speeds rebalance to make combat and fleet battles feel much more SW-like
·        New dynamic start for people who want straight action that plays like sandbox-light with higher challange (initial version). Details are in README inside download.
·        Xenons and their weapons changed to better suit new balance.
·        Full (almost) music replacement.
·        Map was updated to better suit SW and new travel mode – highways removed, sectors are doubled in size (new
game only)
·        Economy slightly rebalanced,gap in material cost and credit cost between ships and weapons increased.
·        Numerous bug fixes and smaller improvements
-New custom game starts
Other additions:
·        X4 Fire and Smoke mod integrated, no need to install separately
·        X4 Expended Sectors integrated(+ no more highways)
·        Encounters were disabled
·        Long Range Sensor range increased to compensate larger sectors
·        Faction shipyards and wharfs plans updated to have more storage
·        L storage station module boosted to store more materials for ships
This is the early  release of 0.46 version, to make it possible some things were left to be
completed with later iterative patches. So you can expect for some lore texts,
icons to remain vanilla and to be patched later.

KNOWN ISSUES that team is working on:
-         Some ships miss wreck models
-         Most turrets impossible to destroy
-         Equipment, ships and weapons icons missing
-         Equipment, ships and weapons may have placeholder description texts

0.46 is save compatible with 0.41 mod saves (though new game is strongly advised), BUT consider this:
·        Before upgrading:
o  Fly far from any assets into the void
o  Undock all ships from ISDs andMC80
o  Sell ISDs and MC80s, they willnot have upgraded engines and dock mechanics, so will be crippled.
o  Save and install the mod(removing old mod folder completely)
o  Delete VRO patch if used before (but not VRO itself or save would not load, it will not do anything anyway)
·        After upgrading keep in mind:
o  Sector sizes will not be changed comparing to new start
o  ALL vanilla military ships will vanish.
o  Vanilla economy ships will keep running but new ones will be built from SW roster
o  ISDs from empire will de-spawn and new will be built.
o  ALL of your ships will require refit at shipyards, as vanilla engines, shields etc will not be in line with SW
o Stations will not have SW weapons

0.46 is save compatible with vanilla saves (new game is recommended though), BUT consider this:
- Vanilla Military ships will de-spawn with time, factions will need to rebuild their military
- Stations will not have SW weapons
- Sector size will not change
 - If you were using VRO mod before and want to continue the save – delete compatibility
patch. If you start the new game with SW mod its recommended to remove VRO
altogether, they have slight non-critical conflicts.

Full list of ships (new ships are highlighted):
S Size
·         TIE Fighter
·         TIE Interceptor
·         TIE Bomber
·         TIE Advanced
·         TIE Defender
·         Imperial Probe
·         TIE Shuttle
·         X-wing
·         B-Wing
·         A-wing
·         E-wing
·         Z-95
·         Y-wing
·         Y-wing Longprobe
·         G9 Rigger
·         Sheathipede shuttle
·         Quadjumper
·         Quadjumper Miner
·         B22 Belbullab
·         B22s  Belbullab Scout
·         Vulture Droid
·         Hyena Droid
·         M4 Dunelizard
·         M12 Kimogila
·         Scurrg H-9
 M Size                                                                                         
·         Action IV Freighter
·         Action IV Miner
·         Action IV Gas Collector
·         GR75
·         CR90 A Corvette
·         CR90 B Corvette
·         YT-1300M (Military variant)
·         Gozanti Armed Transporter
·         Gozanti Cruiser
·         Defender Corvette
·         Lambda Shuttle
·         Customs Corvette
·         CR70
·         CR70 Consular
·         Settie-class Transporter
·         Crusader Corvette
·         Stathas trader, miner

L Size
·         AA9 Miner
·         AA9 Gas Collector
·         Acclamator I Transport Ship
·         Acclamator II Assault Ship
·         Nebulon-B Escort refit
·         Nebulon-B Patrol refit
·         Pelta-I Transport
·         Pelta-II Frigate
·         Quasar Fire II (imperial)
·         Victory SD
·         Bulk Freighter IV
·         Praetorian Frigate
·         Neutron-star trader
·         Neutron-star Cruiser
·         C9979
·         Hardcell Frigate
·         Hardcell Trader
·         Hardcell Miner
·         Hardcell Gas Collector

  XL Size
·         ISD I
·         ISD II
·         MC80 Liberty
·         MC80 Cynosure
·         Venator
·         Munificent Frigate
·         Providance
·         Neutron-star Builder

Mikhail Skatchkov - Author, models, textures, effects, balancing,Q&A.
Shuulo – Author, Balancing, sectors, Ai scripting (New Races,outfitting…), assets organization, planning, assets implementation.
Swizzlewizzle – Author, Dynamic mission programming.
Brummbear - asset models export guidance and error checking.
CaptainShack, DArmada03, Fhiach, Urik Valkyer – Streaming and youtube spotlight.
EvilleJedi and Elratie for some cool sound effects.