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Patch by Mesthione but real work by Winghelm and the X4SWI team

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A simple drop-in patch that makes the X4 Star Wars: Interworlds mod compatible with the X4 Legacy Music Extended pack.

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I enjoy the wonderful work of Alexei Zakharov using the X4 Legacy Music mod, and also play with SW: Interworlds mod. If you are one of the <5 people who also enjoy both of these mods, I have made a simple mod to patch the two.

I have set the weight of the music selection so that Star Wars music plays about half of the time in order to keep the mood of the Interworlds mod while still allowing for variety.


1. Download the X4 Legacy Music mod Extended Pack and install it to your extensions directory.

2. Make sure you have SW: Interworlds installed.

3. Unzip and drop the bundle of files from my patch into the X4 Legacy Music mod folder, and overwrite if asked.

Let me know if you have any problems. Any sound updates to the SW: Interworlds will require me to update this mod or risk the wrong sounds being played for engines/weapons/etc, possibly resulting in a crash. Updating should not be difficult to do if I am given a heads up.

This mod is mostly sharing something that I made for personal use, but I am happy if others benefit from it as well.

11/28/2020: Updated for SWI version 0463
12/03/2020: Updated for SWI version 0464
12/30/2020: Updated for SWI version 0471
01/13/2021: Updated for SWI version 0472