The Witcher 3

About this mod

100+ Characters Revamped and Reworked providing more variety and higher detail to the inhabitants of the World of the Witcher. Including Main NPC's from the Main Game, HOS and B&W

Permissions and credits
What is Characters Reworked Project ?

With the next gen Upgrade release, I was a bit disappointed of the almost non existed changes to the character models of the supporting cast.
1-2k textures for important characters? it can be jarring seeing a high qualify geralt next to low resolution textures. so I deiced to take on the task
and upgrade characters faces and outfits myself. THIS IS NOT a simple upscaler, I found when simply upscaling textures the diffuse maps were still
terrible so I gave them new textures. now some characters are even on par with geralt. Which provides an even more immersive experience. Over 100
Characters have been reworked

What Characters does this mod covers?

Character Rework Project is spilt into 3 parts:
Part 1: Covers all Male Main and Secondary
Part 2 Covers all Main and Secondary Female Characters 
Part 3: Covers all Male background NPCs, Dwarfs, Elves and Halflings

What is actually Improved?

  •  High res 2k-4k Textures
  • Reworked Textures
  • Added Details 
  • Improved Maps
  • Better complexions 
  • Improved Armor textures

You can simply install it with any mod manager or do it manually:
1.Download All 3 Parts
2. Unzip downloaded file
3. Put "mod" in your Mods folder

Recommend Mods: 
Realistic Eyes (For eye Textures)
Humans of the Continent (Bodies, children)

SHOUT out to Speartooth  for creating Lore accurate Ciri scar and making it available for use

Special thanks to Elementary Lewis  for creating Compatibility patches for BiA and NFTP