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Next-Gen update for the mod "Better Movement": This mod attempts to fix the unresponsive movement from the game.

Permissions and credits

This is a Next Gen Update of BetterMovement, all credit goes to ArmadilloMan, who seems to be gone since quite some time. So, in accordance with their released permissions, I patched their great mod up for next gen.

Original mod description:
This mod attempts to fix the unresponsive movement from the game. Although the alternative movement helped, it still wasn't terribly responsive. There are 4 presets for each category of change: vanilla, fast, faster, and fastest. You can also modify each aspect individually or turn on real-time mode, which effectively makes Geralt move like he's from DOOM.


  1. Install using TW3MM (recommended) or manually by copying the folder modBetterMovement into your [The Witcher 3]\mods directory.
  2. Enable the ingame menu by copying the following line into both dx11filelist.txt and dx12filelist.txt in your [The Witcher 3]\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc\ folder.
  3. modBetterMovement.xml;

If you installed using TW3MM, you can also use Menu Filelist Updater to automate step 2.

Recommended Mods

This mod pairs very well with Smooth Movement.

It is also recommended when using Gervant First Person, if you also play in third person occasionally. This mod functions as an alternative to GFP_Strafe, one of the optional modules of Gervant First Person. If you play in first person exclusively, GFP_Strafe is the better option, 'though.