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3 different reshade presets I made, two are made for use with Immersive Lighting mod and the other one can be used with anything.

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This video is of the Old File v1.0, but the Goonz Witcher 3 Reshade Reboot v1.1 will have the same color palette, but it uses a few different enhancer shaders

Preset Descriptions

These presets were made for classic game version 1.32 and Immersive Lighting 2.2 OldGen, if you use them with the Next Gen update and the next gen Immersive Lighting they may not look as intended, but you can try them out and see if you like them, The Enhancer can be used with anything.

The Enhancer is a clean, lightweight reshade preset I made that stays faithful to the original look of Immersive Lighting or anything that it is used with and will work and do the same with any lighting mod or the vanilla game, a straight enhancer for the purist.

Goonz Witcher 3 Reshade Reboot v1.1 is an Update to my original v1.0 preset, it is a desaturated preset that makes the game feel look like the war torn grim place that it is. I touched nothing with the original color palette and only swapped out and added a few enhancer shaders. It was made for use with Immersive Lighting 2.2 OldGen.

Goonz Witcher 3 Reshade v3.0 is what I consider the main file, it is a Semi realistic preset made for use with Immersive Lighting 2.2 OldGen and BlitzFX v1.0.0, it can still be used without Blitz FX but it will not look as intended. I don't have many screenshots yet, but will add more as I play.

Install Instructions

Immersive Lighting
Main File - Immersive Lighting 2.2 OldGen

Main File - BlitzFX v1.0.0
Optional File - Blitz Igni v0.1.1

Home (
Download the latest version of Reshade, run the ReShade_Setup_5.8.0.exe or whatever the latest version exe is and click Browse and a new file explorer window will pop up then direct it to the game's executable inside
The Witcher 3\bin\x64 folder, select the witcher3.exe, click it one time so its highlighted and select Open, back on Reshade select Next, select Direct3D 10/11/12 and next, next page select next, On the Effects page, it doesn't matter just tick standard effects to get it installed, you will be deleting those and replacing them with the shaders provided from this mod page.

Inside The Witcher 3\bin\x64 folder, delete the reshade-shaders folder and the reshade.ini

Download and extract my file and inside the The Witcher 3 folder I provided copy/paste all the contents to the inside of your Witcher 3 game folder. Boot the game and select the Home key to bring up the reshade overlay, my preset should already be active because I provided my Reshade.ini which activates the preset and I set the end key as the preset toggle on and off key, so use the end key to turn my preset on and off and see how it changes the game. I set F12 as the screenshot key and I have the fps counter turned on.

To get the best picture

Turn Vignetting and Sharpening Off from the in-game Options\ Video \ Postprocessing

Use Screen FX Removal and Tweaks, with Tweaks I use the Supreme preset, if your PC can handle Ultimate then use it instead and then raise Grass Density to 6000

These are my Gamma settings, but you need to set this up right for your monitor, follow the games gamma instructions and adjust it until you can barely see the picture and you should all so be able to distinguish each block at the bottom.