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A graphical overhaul that integrates modern state of the art rendering techniques into The Witcher 3.

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BlitzFX modifies the rendering system of The Witcher 3 to bring its visual quality to the next level.
The new features and improvements added by the mod include:

  • Enhanced water surface shading and animation
  • Underwater caustics and ray marched fog
  • Temporal anti-aliasing (TAA)
  • Dynamic auroras
  • HDR bloom and motion blur
  • Contact hardening soft shadows
  • Screen space contact and distant shadows
  • Normal mapping shadows
  • Refractive raindrops
  • Bokeh gameplay depth of field
  • Improved sun rendering
  • Improved tone mapping
  • Reduced color banding
  • Customizable gameplay character lighting
  • Cinematic borders customizable seperately for cutscenes and gameplay
  • Adjustable vignette
All aspects of the mod can be customized in the settings.


  • Install Community Patch - Shared Imports
  • Download the main file and extract the content of the archive into your Witcher 3 installation directory
  • Give BlitzFX the highest priority of all your mods
  • Disable motion blur in the post processing settings
  • The in-game anti-aliasing option needs to be enabled for TAA to work as intended.
  • If you plan to use the HDR Bloom effect of this mod, it is recommended to turn bloom and light shafts off in the post processing settings
  • If sparks and igni are too red for your taste, try out the optional file "Blitz Igni"


  • Press F8 to open the BlitzFX settings
  • For more informations on the settings see the "BlitzFX Documentation" in bin\x64\blitz_resources.


  • Compatible with lighting mods
  • Compatible with ReShade; Before installing this mod make sure that the .dll file by ReShade is called dxgi.dll and not d3d11.dll.
  • Some effects are not rendered correctly in the Ansel super resolution mode
  • No Artificial Player Light might interfere with the cutscene detection for cinematic borders


  • Depending on your setup and resolution, your FPS will drop by about 5 to 15 frames with all effects enabled.


  • Delete d3d11.dll and blitz_resources from <Witcher 3 Installation Directory>/bin/x64
  • Delete modBlitzFx from <Witcher 3 Installation Directory>/Mods

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