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Based on the original Combat Distance modifier mod by zenzh, this mod makes Geralt always use his short range attack by default, and only use his long range attack when the player holds the modifier key. This update removes the requirement to disable softlocking and adds support for controllers.

Permissions and credits
Basic Overview
This mod adds a modifier to attack distance for fast and strong attacks. More specifically, it makes Geralt always use his short range attack animations by default, and only use his long range attack when the player holds the modifier key. This mod should work with or without softlocking, on controllers and keyboard/mouse.

This mod slightly reworks the Combat Distance Modifier mod by zenzh and solves the issue brought on by the original mod author's own re-implementation of a feature built into Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition. Namely, W3EE by default has softlocking (vanilla game behaviour for targeting enemies without having to lock on to them) disabled and the original CDM mod simply preserved this. Since I find softlocking incredibly useful (especially Wasteland Ghost's excellent mod for it) when playing with mods that increase enemy speed , I decided to tweak the mod so that it will work with softlocking enabled. This update also adds support for controller input that was missing from the original mod (by default, the modifier is pressing and holding the left analog stick).

1. Extract the files 
2. Copy the entire parent folder "modCDMRedux" into your game directory mods folder (e.g. C:\GOG\The Witcher 3\Mods)
3. If a Mods folder doesn't exist, simply create it.
4. If you are running other mods that modify the file, you will need to merge with ScriptMerger. If you're unsure, use ScriptMerger to see if there are any conflicts.
5a. It is recommended that you create a backup of your input.settings file (should be located in your documents folder e.g. This PC\Documents\The Witcher 3) in another location or copy it to the same folder and rename it input_backup.settings or something similar. This is helpful if you intend to eventually uninstall this mod. 
5b. Copy the entire contents of the input.settings to the bottom of your original input.settings file
It should automatically rearrange appropriately when you run the game.

1. Remove the entire mod from your mods folder.
2. If you used ScriptMerger to run this mod, open ScriptMerger and click 'Yes' when it prompts you to delete the merge (this should happen automatically). You must then re-merge any other mods that affected
3. If you backed up your input.settings file, use the backup to overwrite your current input.settings file. If you did not backup your input.settings file, you can simply look for any line containing "DistanceModifier" and delete those lines, then save the file.

Common Issues
COMMON ISSUE: Loading screen loops and does not load the game.
ROOT CAUSE: You've reached your mod limit.
FIX: Install mod limit fix or mod limit adjuster.
STATUS: Not a bug

COMMON ISSUE: When loading game, a script compilation error occurs.
ROOT CAUSE: You have an incompatible script (i.e. mod), or ScriptMerger did not merge files correctly.
FIX: Remove this mod or other competing mod(s) (you can view which mods modify in ScriptMerger).
STATUS: Not a bug, may address for compatibility support as deemed reasonable and worthwhile when submitted to the Posts section.