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Mod that adds a witcher belt to Kaer Morhen armour for more immersion.

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After some time, it is finally here !
I present to you a mod that will change and improve your gaming experience and immersion.

This mod was inspired by the mod author Raydess.

It adds a new belt with different items to the starting armour
as known as Kaer Morhen or Hunter Jacket.

Took some time because I was working on more versions of this mod at first, but I thought that it wouldn't be compatible and looked some solutions around.

So the mod will be divided in two, one that contains the first version ever, the one I teased some days ago and a second one more "advanced".

To install, chose one of the mods:

If you use any other mod that changes the mesh and/or textures, then go with:


If you installed the new mod Tailor-Made Viper Armor for Kaer Morhen set, then install one of these:


Viper version added to the files, drag and drop one of these files:


If you installed the new mod Tailor-Made Viper Armor for the Viper set, then install one of these:


Viper version and Kaer Morhen mods are compatible ! Meaning that if you want to have a kind of belt on the Kaer Morhen and another kind of belt on the Viper armor you can do it, just install the mod you prefer.

The names above are the names of the folders you find into the downloaded folder.

Drag and drop the mod file into your mods directory, if you don't have one, create it.

So after hearing from a few people that there are some problems with the mod, I decided to write this that may or may not help with the problems.
My mod adds to the game a new item, so in theory it shouldn't conflict if someone changes only the mesh of the armour and/or textures.
But there are few cases when this mod may not work, and that's when the entity file of the armour is changed or replaced, without knowing what a mod exactly changes try to fix this try using one of these solutions:

- Mesh not appearing: Script Merger, try merging the two conflicting mods or give one or the other higher priority.

If you have texture issues for the water flask or with the bags, try this:

- Texture problems: Check if you have all vanilla game dlcs like the Hearts of Stone, Blood and Wine and the little dlcs that add the Temerian Outfit and others to the game.

Only if these two methods don't help fix your problem, then you can write a comment trying to explain in the best way possible your issue (if possible providing images).

This mod as I said before is compatible with all kind of Kaer Morhen armour Re-Texture and Re-work.

Meaning that if you have a mod that changes the Kaer Morhen armour's mesh like the Killing Monsters Arm Pads mod, it will still work as intended.

Tested by a few users.

In the latest update were added two new versions of the same mod, they are refitted based on the new mod, Tailor-Made Viper Armor, made by thef1210.

So what does this "Belt Mod" adds to the game that sounds so cool ?

- The belt's and bags textures are up to 4K
- Adds a knife on Geralt's back:
to be precise, the one used while taking the trophy from the gryphon.
- For version one, it adds two bags on the right side and three potions bottles to the left.
- For version two it adds one bag on each side to distribute the weight, three potions bottles to the left and a water flask to the right.
- For version three it adds only the knife and potions, minimalistic, as asked by some users.
- It looks cool with the Ard Bombs mod and Wearable Pocket Items, preferably using the ANTR bombs position (featured in screenshots).
- It looks cool with the Complete Animations Redux mod (immersive for potions drinking).
-Chain Mail Texture Improved to 2K from 256 x 256. This only applies if paired with the HD chain mail mod or a mod that changes the belly mesh with the shoulders one.

I wanted to thank personally everyone who helped and supported me during the project:

- Zost for your support, suggestions and help with maps.
- Zowbaid for screenshots, testing and support.
- CroNoctem for early support, testing, screenshots, review and video !
- KayJay for the amazing screenshots and testing.
- thef1210 for testing, support and future collaboration ? ))

You guys helped me out to faster finish it.

List of featured mods:
- Ard Bombs by Ard aka X20T3rMiN4t0R
- Complete Animations Redux by B1ackBeat
- Wearable Pocket Items by eNoodles
- Celtic Style Kaer Morhen Re-Texture by Volation117
- Killing Monsters arm Pads by Zost1337
- Tailor-Made Viper Armor by thef1210
- A Night to Remember Appearance by nayefk93

Just delete the modPWBelt from your mods folder.

If you enjoyed or are still enjoying the mod, be sure to endorse,
costs nothing and makes me happy !

By the way, YO who TF wrote conclusion on Geralt's and Ciri's faces !?! WTF

If you would like to donate for my works:

PayPal                                                            Ko-fi

Anyway, have fun, and thanks for getting here, tried my best to get you interested !