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"For the Witcher, brave and bold, paid in coin of gold. He'll chop and slice you, gut and dice you, eat you up whole." -- Orianna's Lullaby of Woe.

A compilation of mods to match Geralt's appearance in the epic "A Night to Remember" Launch Trailer.

Permissions and credits
A Night to Remember Appearance (Next-Gen)


KUDOS to KamehamehaNudel and BubsyWubbus who made the very first texture from the render image.
This mod wouldn't have been possible without their inspired work.

HUGE thanks to Growl123 for the initial texture work, diffuse fixes, and for being a supportive snob all the time!

Credit to akash1997 for the face textures.

Updated for 4.03

- Replaces the starting set gear.
- Replaces top notch silver sword.
- Add the starting swords as a DLC file.
- Modified starting set stats.
- ANTR roach color.
- ANTR geralt face.
- ANTR swords and scabbards, Crossbow.
- ANTR armor textures.
- ANTR runes patterns.
- High polygons for the steel sword crossguard.
- Runes, Oils, and Magic works with swords.
- 4K textures.
- Starting set scales upon player level.

Download the archive of your choice and extract the content into your The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\mods folder.

Delete the mod from The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\mods folder.

This mod, either the All in One or the Optional version, will obviously conflict with other mods that modify the same files.
However, these conflicts can be easily solved if you use Mod Merger and Script Merger appropriately.
Check them out and make sure you know how to use them.

Additional Note(s)
1. Don't forget to click the ENDORSE button if you find the mod satisfying.
2. Check out my other mods here.

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