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Some friends and family paintings for Corvo Bianco. The point is to make it as immersive as possible, only including art that I can logically explain how and why that painting was made in-universe.

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There is a number of great family paintings mods already, but I've always found it a bit immersion breaking to have accurate portraits of many game characters, especially with the exact same outfits as they wear while Geralt meets them in his adventures.

So I decided to prepare this quick little mod, including only four paintings (so far) that all have an in-universe reason for existing:

The Lady Yennefer of Vengerberg

This painting of the aedirnian sorceress was commissioned by King Demawend of Aedirn to show gratitude after lady Yennefer saved the life of young Prince Stennis. During the second Nilfgaardian invasion it was stolen from the Royal Castle of Vengerbrg only to resurface in Novigrad a few years later.

Aretuza Adept studying in the courtyard
The painting, one of the early works of Lydia van Bredevoort, shows her fellow Aretuza student, Triss Merigold, studying for her final exams. Lady Merigold claims that she has spending hours with the textbook posing for the picture to thank for her receiving the top mark in Hydromancy exam.

The landscape with a Lonely Witcher
It is said that the old master A. Nitt was attacked by sirens while working on a landscape art in Skellige. He was saved by an unnamed witcher of the school of the wolf, whom he later added to the picture as "his stark demeanour perfectly complemented the austere and inclement character of the Isles".

The Destined Reunion
The last painting from
The White Wolf and the Lion Cub - the series of exquisite paintings by the renown artist A. Drazz based on the "Ballad of the Lion Cub of Cintra" written by Master Dandelion. It is uncertain whether the artist ever met the witcher or the young princess who are the heroes of the ballad.

If I ever find time and motivation to look at text strings modding I will probably implement those descriptions in game, but not right now.
The painting of Yen is made from a screenhot by zzjay, and the Something More picture is an art by Drazz

You can buy the modded paintings from a merchant just next to grandmaster armorer in Beauclaire. Their miniatures will have vanilla icons and descriptions, but when you buy them and place them on the walls in Corvo Bianco they will be moded.
Yen - still life; Triss - ruined bastion; Vesemir - cottage; Ciri and Geralt - blue abstraction

As it is often the case with my mods, you can install it anytime, but I would recommend doing that after the party at Oriana's Estate, as one of the paintings will show up there.

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