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Margarita, Filippa, Keira and Fringilla now have different outfits for different occasions.

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Sorceresses no longer wear sleeveless dresses for battle in cold weather. I added a couple of other outfits for each of them, that I think best suit the scenes.

Classic edition only. Dynamic outfits for Next Gen: Dynamic outfits for everyone

The main file contains FAKEFACTORY's changed cutscenes. It makes the sorceresses wear proper, modified outfits in cutscenes (also affects Yen, Ciri and Triss if they wear dlc).

The new dress for Keira modifies Triss dlc dress. I would recommend to use her vanilla appearance, as the modified version not only doesn't have the long tail, only the short white dress, it also has a hole around her waist.

If you use any other mod affecting Triss's or Keira's dresses it will conflict, but any other texture mods should work just fine. (I tested it with mod for Margaritta's clear skin, so if you want, you can use that. It won't cause problems, and Margarita will still have wounds on her arms and chest, as they are part of that torso.)

UPDATE: fixed issues with disappearing bodies, and all elements of Filippa's travel outfit are of the same shade now. If you have the older version installed, delete it and install the new file.

Also, I now included separate files for each sorceress. They do not contain the cutscenes, but you can use Teiji's Immersive Cutscenes mod with my mods. However, if you're using Margarita and Filippa single-sorceress files, you will also need the Scenes compatibility file. Make sure it has higher priority than Teiji's mod. (You don't need it for the main file, it works with Teiji's mod without any additional files)

You might want to skip this part if you don't want spoilers
  • Margarita: rags for prison, green dress at Dandelion's and a shorter, more covering dress for travel (with hat for Novigrad harbour)
  • Filippa: pants for travel, W2-ish dress for Dijkstra's baths, and Birna's dress for Dandelion. Also, I hate the vanilla braids, so she has loose hair for dresses and a loose bun for travel outfit (also with a hat for walking around Novigrad)
  • Fringilla: I made her a simpler dress for when she was a prisoner, and added fur to her vanilla dress, so that it's more appropriate for Skellige weather.
  • Keira: she wears green now. I recoloured all her vanilla dresses (not sure if it's visible in the pictures - all her dresses are more or less triss dlc green now) and added a new outfit for Kaer Morhen. (I'm not entirely happy with how the bloody dress turned out, so maybe sent her to KM, ok? she has the coolest dress there anyway)
If you want to see them in game, use console command appearance(name_of_outfit)
margaritta_prison, margaritta_lodge, margaritta_travel, margaritta_travel_hat,
filippa_dijkstras, filippa_lodge, filippa_travel, filippa_travel_hat,
fringilla_prisoner, fringilla
keira_kaer_morhen, keira_metz, keira_metz_sorceress, __q310__keira_metz (that's the bloody one)
(there is a bunch of other appearances, like filippa_cut_hand, but they use the same outfits as those listed)

If you install the mod and load a save game from before it was installed, characters might have wrong outfits/become invisible. Just play on, and everything should be back to normal in the next scene.

Oh, and you need Blood and Wine and Triss DLC for the outfits to work, obviously.

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