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VladUI team -- Lim3zer0 homesick Paulscottt KamehamehaNudel Hyadum Rfuzzo Erxv eNoodles Tinnaib ---addon by WhiteWolf424242

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Modifies the world map border design of Vladimir UI to show more of map itself.

Permissions and credits
This mod changes the map border design of the Vladimir UI mod, to allow more of the actual map to be shown:

As shown above, the addon changes the map border textures, and changes the color of the popup-text from grey to white for better readability (now that the background is not so homogeneous in color. A semi-transparent darker shade is retained below it to improve the background of the text.). See the image gallery for examples.

- Vladimir UI: hard requirement, must be installed.
- Script Merger: required to merge the script conflicts.

Recommended way: with The Witcher 3 Mod Manager
Manually: extract the contents to Witcher3folder\Mods  (if it doesn't exist, create the Mods folder)

The mod has separate editions for the classic (1.32) and next-gen (4.x) version of the game, and you should install the one that corresponds to your game's
On game version 1.32: If the game doesn't start after installation or other crazy things happen, you've hit the mod limit and need the mod limit fix.

Should be safe to install/uninstall at any point.

After installation, you must give priority to the addon over Vladimir UI, and you must use Script Merger to merge the script edits.

Simple version / Full version?
The simple version of the mod is easy to install, because it will auto-merge in script merger.

In the simple version however, the whitening of the popup text color is only applied to non-quest texts. As shown on the last two images in the gallery, the quests color code their difficulty of the quest - the rest of the text is only changed to white in the Full version of the mod. To achieve this however, a local script must be edited, which will not auto-merge.
When installing the Full version, you will need to merge scripts\local\ manually. At every conflict with modVladimirUI (there are 4), choose the lines from this addon.

I encourage everyone to use the Full version, because otherwise the grey text in quest-title popups is not very well readable. However, if you are new to modding or don't yet fully understand what you are doing in script merger, maybe stick to the simple version.

Unfortunately the popup texts on the region map (when you zoom out to change regions) remain grey. I did not find where to change the color of that string. If you know how to, please let me know.
This is likely not a real issue though (unless it's your very first playthrough and you don't yet know the region names of Novigrad, Velen etc.).

The mod currently doesn't do anything for 21 by 9 aspect ratio maps. Firstly, I thought that enough of the map is shown there by default, and secondly, even if I did make changes, I couldn't test it lacking an ultrawide monitor. If there is request for a similar change and someone is willing to help with testing, then it could be done.


Wouldn't be possible without the work of the VladimirUI team: Retroboy51, Lim3zer0, homesick, Paulscottt, KamehamehaNudel, Hyadum, Rfuzzo, Erxv, eNoodles, Tinnaib.
Further credits in the Permissions and Credits tab.