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Enhances combat by exaggerating enemy strengths and weaknesses. Enemies also have random size and speed modifiers. Many enemies have been given specific speed-boosts to their attacks and/or movement.

Permissions and credits
Dynamic Enemy Stats and Speed
by KiroKobra

This mod is part of a modular overhaul series 
You can use each module separately, 
but using them together is my personal preference. 
Each module can be merged without conflicts using Script merger. 

Module 1................................... Master Training
Module 2...................... Ultimate Enemy Scaling
Module 3.................................................... Vigor
Module 4.............................. Alchemy Enhanced
Module 5....... Dynamic Enemy Stats and Speed
Module 6......... Immersive Level Requirements


Eh, what do?

NPC Movement:
  • Almost all NPCs have been given DYNAMIC animation speed adjustments.
  • Whilst performing an "attack animation", ALL NPC speed is increased by a minimum of +5%
  • Each NPC type has an additional speed-boost applied on-top of the base +5% boost while attacking. For example, Drowners are given a boost of 20% + the 5% base boost while attacking.
  • When an enemy's attack animation is finished, the NPC will retain 50% of their speed boost for another 3 seconds. The idea behind this is that attacks "carry momentum" and therefore enemies will move faster for 3 seconds after an attack.

NPC Size:
  • When an NPC is spawned, it is given a random level modifier ranging from -3 to +3. 
  • NPC size is changed by +/-5%  based on the amount of levels given or taken away. 
  • Humanoid NPCs DO NOT receive size modifiers, only speed modifiers.
  • NPCs which are classified as "large" or "solo" types are modified 50% less. Meaning, instead of a min of -15% and max of +15%, their min/max is -8%/+8%
  • Only NPCs which are leveled via the default "AddLevelBonuses" are effected by this mod. This means that bosses, friendly NPCs and basically everything else that you wouldn't want scaled isn't touched. 

NPC Strengths and Weaknesses:
  • All enemies weaknesses are now more effective. Example: Fire damage to a Drowner does +20% more damage.
  • All forms of Ghosts are immune to bleeding and poison.
  • All forms of Ghouls are immune to Poison.
  • Enemies which are weak to Yrden, Quen, and Axii behave a bit differently that the generic "deals more damage" thing.
  • Quen: All enemies which are weak against Quen deal 50% more damage when Quen is not active. Be careful! If Quen is active, it absorbs 100% more damage from enemies weak to it. Additionally, enemies which are weak to Quen also take more damage from Shock-based damage.
  • Yrden: All enemies which are weak to Yrden take less damage from ALL sources and also deal more damage, unless they are within the Yrden circle or are struck by Alternate Yrden. Resistance outside of Yrden damage is less if using fire damage, such as Igni or Bombs.
  • Axii: All enemies which are weak to Axii will take 25% more damage from all sources if attacked while under the effects of Axii.

NOTE #: Damage from Alchemy Oils are unchanged. They already do their job well enough.


  1. Delete any older version of this mod(if any exist)
  2. Delete your "merged mods" folder
  3. Place folder "modD005_DynamicEnemies" into your "/mods" directory or use a Witcher 3 mod manager
  4. Run script merger
  5. Done!

  1. Delete folder "modD005_DynamicEnemies" from your "/mods" directory
  2. Delete your "merged mods" folder
  3. Run script merger
  4. Done!

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Great news! This mod is eligible for donations! 
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  • Q) Does this mod have any in-game options? A) No. This mod is a "set it and forget it" mod, zero options.
  • Q) Can this mod be installed onto a pre-existing save? A) Yes!
  • Q) Has this mod been tested with NG+? A) It has not been officially tested in NG+, however a regular game and NG+ thoeretically should work the same, as this mod doesn't touch anything that is NG+ dependent. 
  • NOT compatible with sweeping gameplay overhauls (Ghost Mode, W3EE, or any
  • other "complete overhaul") Generally speaking, those types of mods
    specifically state that they're not compatible with much.
  • Compatible with all of my other modules, listed above. Give 'em a try!
  • Compatible with texture/mesh and audio mods
  • Compatible with Friendly HUD!
  • Compatible with Immersive Cam!
  • Should be compatible with just about any mod which doesn't edit the same scripts. Just use Script Merger, and if everything auto-merges, you should be fine.
  • Other mods which edit the "" script may not be compatible depending on what they specifically change - mileage may vary.

"I think I found a bug, should I submit a bug report?"

With the huge success of the Netflix show "The Witcher", a lot of new and/or returning players are deciding to mod this game. This means there are a lot of people who are first-time modders or they assume Witcher 3 mods work like Skyrim mods (they don't).
This also means that mod authors are getting a lot of false-positive bug reports!

When it comes to Witcher 3 modding, you have to understand what each mod does; if 2 mods edit the same line of code or same XML file, you really should pick one or the other. This game is NOT Skyrim, you can't just throw a bunch of mods together and have it work. 

Before submitting a bug report: 
1. Read the mod description page of THIS MOD in it's entirety. Pay close attention to the install instructions, and compatibility notes.
2. Double-check the mod description page of your installed mods, and see if you've installed any mods which are known to be incompatible. 
3. Once you have eliminated incompatible mods, you need to delete your "Merged Scripts" mod folder and re-run Script Merger
4. If the issue persists after these steps, you then need isolate the issue by uninstalling all other mods (AKA, move your other mods to another folder temporarily)
If you have done all 4 steps, please submit a bug report!

If you encounter a script compilation error, please do not submit a bug report. Script compilation errors can occur if you didn't merge the scripts correctly, or if you've installed an incompatible mod. Please delete your Merged Scripts folder entirely and try again. If the issue persists, then you for-sure have an incompatible mod installed. 
All bug reports related to script compilation errors will be deleted. 
Additionally, comments that report script compilation errors will also be deleted to prevent unnecessary clutter within the comments section.
(nothing personal, its just not an actual bug)