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No item level requirements, but with a balanced and sensible approach. You may equip any item in the game, but if you are lower than the required level, the primary stats will be reduced. The amount which the stats are reduced are based on the level difference between you and the item.

Permissions and credits
Immersive Level Requirements
by KiroKobra

Immersive Level Requirements focuses on "down-scaling" high level weapons and armors in the game. 
If Geralt is a lower level than the item, the item will receive a 4% primary stat penalty, multiplied by the level-gap. 
What makes this mod different than other item-scaling mods is that it does not up-scale lower level items, therefore still giving the player an incentive to seek upgrades. Additionally, the level UI elements have been adjusted to be easily understandable. The player can see the difference between the item's "current" stats and its "full-potential" stats. If you find an item that is a high level, the current stats may not be that great, but you may want to hang onto it anyways because its full-potential stats are good. 

Implementation & Facts
  • This mod does not apply any .XML abilities on to items for down-scaling. All the mod is doing is adjusting the math calculations to the item's primary stats. What this means is this mod is completely safe to install and uninstall at any time - there's no way it can ruin a save file. Additionally, this also means that the item's "actual" stats do not get changed, so this mod does not effect vendor item value and will work better with economy/pricing mods.
  • The way armor/damage is reduced is based on a slightly modified version of the vanilla "item durability" scripts. Because most scripts are utilizing durability calculations, the scripts from this mod are vey lightweight and straightforward.
  • Yes,  this mod works with custom weapons & armors from other mods! 
  • The way this mod implements scaling eliminates the possibility to exploit the mechanic or inadvertently do so.


This mod is part of a modular overhaul series 
You can use each module separately, 
but using them together is my personal preference. 
Each module can be merged without conflicts using Script merger. 

Module 1................................... Master Training
Module 2...................... Ultimate Enemy Scaling
Module 3.................................................... Vigor
Module 4.............................. Alchemy Enhanced
Module 5....... Dynamic Enemy Stats and Speed
Module 6......... Immersive Level Requirements


The Details

Armor and Weapons can be equipped regardless of your level
  • Unlike other "no levels required" mods, this one does NOT hide the level requirement text on items. There's a reason for that!
  • If you are below the required level for an item, the tooltip will include some extra text : "Diminished primary stats" next to the level requirement.
  • There will be red text next to the item's primary armor/damage indicating the "current" stat value. 
  • Item stats are reduced by 4% per level-difference between Geralt and the item, up-to a maximum of 66%.
  • The primary benefit of this mod is you can equip any higher-level item you find without destroying combat balance. 
  • Even if a high level item has lower stats due to not meeting the level requirement, it may still be worth using it based on its secondary stats and rune slots. 

This Mod Uses Custom Strings (ENGLISH):
  • This mod uses 2 custom strings (in English). If you play the game in any other language, the strings will appear blank and might result in some confusing tooltip information. 
  • Anyone can upload string translation files. You don't need to ask my permission - go for it!

  • Delete any older version of this mod(if any exist)
  • Delete your "merged mods" folder
  • Place folder "modD006_ImmersiveLevelRequirements" into your "/mods" directory or use a Witcher 3 mod manager
  • Run script merger
  • Done!

  • Delete folder "modD006_ImmersiveLevelRequirements" from your "/mods" directory
  • Delete your "merged mods" folder
  • Run script merger
  • Done!

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Great news! This mod is eligible for donations! 
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  • Q) Does this mod have any in-game options? A) No. This mod is a "set it and forget it" mod, zero options.
  • Q) Can this mod be installed onto a pre-existing save? A) Yes! 
  • Q) Has this mod been tested with NG+? A) No, however I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work. 
  • Q) I think I found a bug, but I'm also using mods X Y and Z. Should I submit a bug report?  A) See "bug report" disclaimer at the bottom of the mod page


  • NOT compatible with sweeping gameplay overhauls (W3EE, or any other "complete overhaul") Generally speaking, those types of mods specifically state that they're not compatible with much.
  • NOT compatible with other "no levels required" mods for obvious reasons
  • NOT compatible with my other mod "Static World" 
  • Might be compatible with Ghost Mode but I have not tested it. 
  • Should be compatible with just about any mod which doesn't edit the same scripts files. Just use Script Merger, and if everything auto-merges, you should be fine. Your mileage may vary

"I think I found a bug, should I submit a bug report?"

With the huge success of the Netflix show "The Witcher", a lot of new and/or returning players are deciding to mod this game. This means there are a lot of people who are first-time modders or they assume Witcher 3 mods work like Skyrim mods (they don't).
This also means that mod authors are getting a lot of false-positive bug reports!

When it comes to Witcher 3 modding, you have to understand what each mod does; if 2 mods edit the same line of code or same XML file, you really should pick one or the other. This game is NOT Skyrim, you can't just throw a bunch of mods together and have it work. 

Before submitting a bug report: 
1. Read the mod description page of THIS MOD in it's entirety. Pay close attention to the install instructions, and compatibility notes.
2. Double-check the mod description page of your installed mods, and see if you've installed any mods which are known to be incompatible. 
3. Once you have eliminated incompatible mods, you need to delete your "Merged Scripts" mod folder and re-run Script Merger
4. If the issue persists after these steps, you then need isolate the issue by uninstalling all other mods (AKA, move your other mods to another folder temporarily)
If you have done all 4 steps, please submit a bug report!

If you encounter a script compilation error, please do not submit a bug report. Script compilation errors can occur if you didn't merge the scripts correctly, or if you've installed an incompatible mod. Please delete your Merged Scripts folder entirely and try again. If the issue persists, then you for-sure have an incompatible mod installed. 
All bug reports related to script compilation errors will be deleted. 
Additionally, comments that report script compilation errors will also be deleted to prevent unnecessary clutter within the comments section.
(nothing personal, its just not an actual bug)