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A Night to Remember is a new standalone quest which continues Orianna's story after the events of Blood & Wine.
Created using Radish Modding Tools.

Permissions and credits
  • Polish
  • French


A Night to Remember is a completely new adventure featuring characters new and old! You can enjoy new writing, cutscenes, voice acting, assets, a special reward, and some difficult decisions...

This quest continues the events of Blood & Wine, so it's required that you've completed main story of this DLC.
Also it's recommended to complete/watch "Blood Simple" Orianna's quest (Unseen Elder path) to avoid spoilers and misunderstandings.

Suggested level for comfort walkthrough: 50
New Game+ technically is supported and tested (but there is one issue which sometimes appear for players with NG+, mentioned in "issues" below).
Depth of Field feature was adjusted for all scenes (but in some moments it still may be a bit blurry, so I'd recommend to play without DOF).

NEXT-GEN update version is available!


Q: I have started/finished your quest on old (1.31/1.32) version and now want to update on NextGen. What should I do?
A: Update the game, then download new version of the quest and install it over previous version. You quest progress will be saved.

Q: "NTR also means... I thought you know the meaning LOL."
A: No, I don't have to know some specific meaning of this abbreviation. On this page NTR stands for only and only "A Night to Remember". Any new comment which tries to hint at the connection of my mod with anime WILL BE DELETED IMMEDIATELY.

Q: How did you create A Night To Remember?
A: NTR has been in development for more than a year using Radish Modding Tools created by rmemr. You may want to join this discord channel to check how it was created.

Q: Are you planning to create another quest mods?
A: Yes, though it takes a lot of time and effort it appeared to be very interesting challenge. Now I have experience and knowledge which will help me with new project(s).

Q: I don't like your mod. Scenes are not as in vanilla, plot is stupid,  and I just hate it..
A: Surely I am not CDPR quest designer or scene maker. I even didn't have their amazing tools. But I did my best to make this story as smooth and natural as possible. Any of your suggestions and nitpicks are welcome, but don't forget about forum rules.. 

Q: Can I make my own quest too?
A: Radish Modding Tools are freely available, but may be challenging to use even for advanced modders. NTR also contains many community contributions such as voice acting and assets. Custom quests may take many months and the help of many!

Known Issues

1. Playing on NG+ you can notice empty bossbar for some entity and he seems to be immortal.
? May be fixed in v1.1
Solution (until I will find a way to fix it): Reload the last checkpoint. Seems to not work in v1.1. If you face such bug please write me in PM, I need some info from you to fix it.


Installation is easy, but DO NOT OVERWRITE YOUR EXISTING SAVES! (in case you are going to uninstall mod after walkthrough)

1. Download ZIP file from this page.

2. Extract contents of ZIP file.

3. Place dlcNightToRemember into your DLC directory, with the other official DLC's. (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3\DLC) for Steam. Be sure not to leave empty folders leftover from extraction here, as your DLC's will no longer load correctly.

4. Place modNightToRemember into the Mods directory with any other mods. If you haven't installed any other mods, simply create a folder called Mods inside the main The Witcher 3 folder.

*5. Optionally download save game from mod page, if you don't have one which fits requirements (completed Blood & Wine main story). Put it into your save games folder (usually it is "Documents\The Witcher 3\gamesaves").

6. To begin A Night to Remember quest, simply start playing The Witcher 3. You will be prompted to start a new quest immediately.

NOTE: Set English speech language in settings before starting quest. Otherwise you will have silent scenes without lipsync animation and even with jerked scene animations somewhere!


NOTE: Quest is fully standalone, so it doesn't change or replace any vanilla file! So there is no good reason to uninstall it.
Conflict-less also means this mod should work with any of another mod, until it breaks some global game aspect in an unexpected way.

1. For uninstallation, ANY SAVE CREATED WITH NTR QUEST INSTALLED WILL NOT WORK WITHOUT NTR INSTALLED. Additionally, the save data is version specific. Updated versions of NTR will not be compatible with earlier saved progress; the quest must be restarted.
With these things in mind, simply delete or remove each folder from your Witcher 3 DLC & Mods directory to completely uninstall.


Original speech & text language
: EN (english)

Another (currently) supported text languages: 
[Included in the quest by default in v1.3]:
• PL (Polish - by Spolszczeni Team [ Project Leader - Piolodiusz, Geralt - Adam Żejmo, Baron Edward - Wojciech Czajkowski, Orianna - Katarzyna "Shiguroya" Pietras, Fat Bandit - Sylwester "S-LineCreepy" Chęciński, Camp Bandit - Daniel Gajewski, Fisherman - Piotr "Cearme" Czaplicki, Medic - Pawlik, Citizen 1 - Mieszko Keck, Citizen 2 - Kamil Prabucki] )
• FR (French - by team [ Project Leader, Le docteur, Tyberius -Platondog , Le pêcheur - Silvio Desmond, Le Gros Bandit - Alexandre Gay, Baron Edouard - Tom Dervin, Orianna - Solaine Kleinhentz] )

Another (currently) supported text languages: 
[Included in the quest by default in v1.3]:
• RU (Russian - by nikich340)
• FR (French - by iksar29)
• JP (Japanese - by gotaimin)
• TR (Turkish - by kutadgublig)
• CN/ZH (Chinese - by Arrows0201)
• IT (Italian - by scaccu)
• BR (Portuguese/Brazil - by theuny)
• PL (Polish - by Spolszczeni TeamPiolodiusz - project manager, grochu88zc - main translator, RyZu - translator, peace-lily-7 - translator] )
• HU (Hungarian - by Alexander Wolf)

[Available in optional files]:
• CZ (Czech - by McHavran, available in optional files)
• DE (German - by Chinx7
Obilarius, available in optional files)
• AR (Arabic - by alian2plus, available in optional files)
• ES (Spanish - by DWOLF666, available in optional files)

For translators: Please inform me before starting translation, in case someone is already on it - you may cooperate then instead of duplicating work.
I strongly recommend to write me in PM and I will upload your translation file on this page (you will be credited for sure) to avoid the appearance of many new pages with only one translation.
Also if you can make translation into you language well, but don't know how - write me in PM, I will give you file with all quest strings and instruct you what should you do. It's not difficult.


Created by nikich340
Main work on all aspects of the quest (logic, plot, scenes, custom assets, scripts, trailer)

Writing, Editing, Screenplay, Voice Actor (Baron Edward), 3d Artist

Writing, Editing, Screenplay, Cinematic Design consultant, Voice Actor (Orianna)

Swiss Walker   Baron's Bandit
Tyler                   Tyberious
Vanwood           Fisherman
Khobis               Medic and city man
CyberVoice       Generating voice lines for Geralt

Creation of Radish Modding Tools and support

Erx & Wiggo
Consulting and feedback

Traderain, rfuzzo, elcorazonmc, and many more

Ard Carraigh, eNoodles, Jato, Jepetix, KayJay, Medastya, PaulusMaximus, ScoutBr0, wiggo

Amasiuncula - Bruxa behavior improvements
The_Crasher - Use of Azar Javed 3d model (from w1 prologue mod)
Holgar96 - Use of Iorweth 3d model
stefan3372 - Use of bottle 3d model (from Complete Animations Mod)