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The following are scenes I've created for my own mods or other modders :D

Alistair's Dream/Nightmare

Fenris- A new Machinima Adaptation of "A Short Story" By David Gaider

Alistair's Royal Wedding
A romantic royal wedding scene between Alistair and Cousland triggered at the end of the game before the Epilogue slides

Alistair's First Night
A scene depicting Alistair's first intimate experience with a woman.

Alistair's Kiss
A mod for players to experience a fully visible Kiss with Alistair.

Alistair's Last Kiss
A scene replacement for the last kiss before Alistair Kills the ArchDemon, sacrificing himself in the process.

Hugging Alistair
Created for cmessaz Improved romance scenes mod

Cullen - A Stolen Kiss between a Mage and a Templar
A private "Stolen Kiss" scene between Amell/Surana and the Templar Cullen for the Cullen Romance Option mod by cmessaz

I hope to post more as I create them

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