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this mod designed for people who use "Auto-loot" mod, but have some difficulty to manage the loot items,
you only need press 1 button and the problem will fix instantly

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I am using the "Auto-loot" mod, from the new base game until finished blood and wine in new game plus mode,
I am too lazy to sell any junks, low-level gears, crafting ingredient, alchemy ingredient,  because of they so many,
the result is quite a nightmare, every time I open items related menu, the game lagging quite noticeable,
sometimes it requires more than 10 seconds to open the menus,
then I try to sell the items to the vendors, when I sell the items, because of too many items,
it requires 1 to 3 seconds to selling each cell (99 herbs or 1 sword count as 1 cell),
if my calculation is right, this process requires more than 2 hours(or more)

and another inconvenience is: sometimes when you get new equipment or gain a new level,
you like to equip the best equipment on Geralt (and roach), highest damage, highest armor, highest roach capacity, stamina, the fear level, etc
after you did equip, now you must find a blacksmith or merchant  to sell or the dismantle the rest of the equipment,
if you have under 5 kinds of equipment, this not too hard, but if you have dozen, it nightmare,

with this mod, you only need press 1 button and that problem will fix instantly

  • Q: what this mod do?
  • A: This mod adds some features when you open the Bestiary Menu

  • Q: what the "some features" are you talking about?
  • A1: Geralt and the horse will equip the best equipment in the inventory,
  • A2: the equipment that has a lower stat than equipped gear will be dismantled if it can (exclude witcher schools and relic gear), but if it can't the items will be sell,
  • A3: the items in the other tab (junk) will be dismantled if it can, but if it can't the items will be sell,
  • A4: the alchemy ingredients that have 2 cells (100 herb count as 1 cell) or more will be sold until only one cell left
  • A5: the readable items that have been "readed" and not part of the quests, will be sold,
  • A6: the crafting ingredients that have 2 cells (100 herb count as 1 cell) or more will be sold until only one cell left

  • Q: what base the "best equipment" stats this mod compare"
  • A1: for the swords weapons (steel and silver), highest attack rating will be equipped,
  • A2: for the armors ( glove, boots, etc ) is armor rating within will be equipped
  • A3: for the crossbow, the highest bonus damage will be equipped,
  • A4: roach items, the highest stat(carry capacity, stamina, fear level) will be equipped,
  • A5: the non-swords weapon like pickaxes, axes, etc, will be dismantled before selecting "best equipment" is started

  • Q: I don't care about relic gears (Aerondight sword, or vampiric gears sets)!!, I like to rid them too!!
  • A: you can use console command, the command in below area
  • Q: can I rid the witcher school too?
  • A: sorry, people usually put this armor in the rack at Corvo Bianco, you can sell/dismantle it manually

  • Q: what the price the items will be sold?
  • A: The items will be sold at 20%(1/5) of the selling price, if you have 5 herbs with a selling price of 1, they will be sell for 1 crown,
  • Q: why you do that?
  • A: first, the dismantle is free, so it has countermeasure so Geralt is not getting too rich, if you like to change the 20%, you can open notepad, then find and replace the 0.2 to your desire number
  • (just my opinion even with 20% price, the auto selling is to much profit if you install auto-loot),

  • Q: After I open the Bestiary Menu, it does nothing?
  • A: when the Bestiary Menu opened the code will start, this mod does not refresh the inventory, you need to manually close all menu and reopen the inventory menu to see the result

  • Q: what console command you talked before?
  • A1: equipbestignorelevel or ebil, this command will do same with "some features" when you open the Bestiary Menu but it will equip the best item while ignoring level requirement(cheat, require a mod that capable to equip gear above Geralt level)
  • A2: equipbestdestroyrelic or ebdr, this command will do same with "some features" when you open the Bestiary Menu but it will destroy relic gears

Version History :
  • version 1.0 to version 4.0: fix that annoying bug, after deleted the feature, the bug is deleted too
  • version 3.0 added cheat feature to apologize for the bug that comes from version 1.0 to version 4.0: the enchanting feature

to enable the enchanting feature, you must enable it manually using a text editor like notepad :
  1. open the file, search "//e_g();" then remove the // to enable it
  2. then go to above, you can choose the enchanting effect that you prefer,  you can edit from "// edit start" to "// edit end",
  3. just edit inside ' (apostrof), the list of the enchanting can be seen the above of "// edit start",
  4. save the file then run script merger each time you edit it

  1. extract the file,
  2. copy the mod to the mods folder, so it becomes like this "C:\Games\The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt\mods\modAutoManageItems\content",
  3. run the script merger if it necessary,
  4. then run the game, if there any error, or anything else, you free to ask in the posts page

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