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this mod edit "A Miraculous Guide to Gwent" Book content, so the player will know for sure where to get the missing Gwent Card(s) is

Permissions and credits
Goodbye to "that paper", spreadsheet, and/or app to track the Missing Gwent Cards.
Welcome to True Automatic Missing Gwent Cards Tracker.
Now you have the right to call this book: "A Miraculous Guide to Gwent"

I am not a native English speaker!!!

FAQ : 
  • Q: what this mod do? or not do?
  • A1: This mod will check: if your inventory has the specific card based on the wanted list? if not then the book will show you where you can get them (As you can see it in the Screenshot).
  • A2: this mod doesn't track the event of the missable card(s). if you failed to get the missable card at certain even, the logical way is only to load the previously saved file (or using another mod or "console command", note: I don't know, don't ask me about this)

  • Q: How this mod works?
  • A1: This mod will Track if in your inventory have the 168 Unique Gwent Cards (4 of them are used 3 times),
  • A2: This mod will Track "61 random traders" that have the ability to give you "51 random cards" if you defeated them,
  • A3: This mod will show you how to get the 168 Cards in 206 Ways to obtain them,
  • A4: This Mod will condense the 206 Ways into 94 (base game cards) + 7 (HoS DLC cards) list line so it will be easy to read,
  • A5: show the result in the book called: "A Miraculous Guide to Gwent" and  the content will be refresh every time you open the book,

  • Q: how to use this mod?
  • A: After the installation is done (can be read below), open the game, then open the Inventory menu, then open the Quest items category tab, and then open the book called "A Miraculous Guide to Gwent".

  • Q: Do I need to defeat all of your "61 random traders" to complete the quest?
  • A: NO, you only need to get all of the "51 random cards", the rest 10 are reserve, just in case if some trader was unavailable or missing. after you get all of the "51 random cards", the list to defeating the rest will be removed, as defeating them are not required any more for getting the random cards

  • Q: Is this mod compatible with xxx or zzz mod?
  • A: Honestly? I don't know, you can try to ask the author of your mod:  ask If the author change (edit, add, remove) card names from the vanilla game? if the answer yes that means my mod is not compatible that mod, but if your mod only changes appearance, attack power, etc without changing the name, this mod is compatible. the worst case if this mod not compatible; the book content will always showing you the list: "how to get the card(s)", even you completed "Collect 'em All" Quest

  • Q: I already complete a quest on the list, but why the list still showing the quest?
  • A: that means you failed to get the card in that list, google the quest name and learn where you will get the card(s),

  • Q: Hey, some of the lists are missing, like "Win a unique card from the baron." or "Win a unique card from Dijkstra"!!!?
  • A: No, they are not missing, they are part of a certain quest like: "Gwent: Velen Players", or "Gwent: Big City Players",

  • Q: Do this mod support another language besides English?
  • A:: yes it do, the version of 4.4 has added the auto-translation feature, the grammars of translation results are quite vague but understandable, (i receive a positive response from a Chinese user, the person said "It's perfect ", you can see the result in the images tab)

  • Q: hey the book said I completed the card list, but the "Collect 'em All" Quest is still active!
  • A: you probably obtain the cards using non-vanilla way, like using the console command, or a mod to add cards to certain merchant NPC, or something like that. this is not my mod's fault, my suggestion is: do not use the console command to add the card(s), and deactivate that mod to prevent this case in the future

  • extract the file,
  • copy the mod to the mods folder, so it becomes like this "C:\Games\The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt\mods\modMissingCardTracker\content",
  • run the script merger if it necessary,
  • then run the game, if there any error, or anything else, you free to ask in the posts page

Version History :
  • version 1.0:
-Works but disorganized,
  • version 2.0:
-Added feature: Tracking Which trader that you have not defeated,
  • version 3.0:
-Added feature: Remove duplicated and sorted the list,
  • version 4.0:
-Rewrite the code from scratch, more simple, faster, and tidier,
-add "Zoltan Chivay Gwent card" to the list,
-edit card requirement from 1 to 3 cards for the same card that used 3 times(cards like decoy),
-sort by area to explorer by the order of the main quest area.,
  • version 4.1:
-fix: from "Novigrad,  Hanged Man Tree",  to "Velen, Hanged Man Tree,
  • version 4.2:
-fix: win from black bough blacksmith, thanks to Snow532 to notice it,
  • version 4.3: fix:
-Skellige, Svorlag, Innkeeper: Buy, thanks to SalamatiQus to notice it,
-Skellige, Arinbjorn, Innkeeper: Buy, same mistake as above,
-Skellige, Svorlag, Blacksmith: Buy, into Skellige, Svorlag, Innkeeper: Buy,
  • version 4.4:
-Added auto-translation (if you using English, you will not notice it)
-Split: circus merchant only buy to: buy and win,
-Split: Gwent: Old Pals to Gwent: Old Pals and Gwent: Playing Thaler,
-Remove requirement for Hearts of Stone DLC,
  • version 4.5:
-fix the "blacksmith in black bough" issue,
  • version 4.6:
-add detail about the duplicated cards, that has multiple locations to obtain with the colored asterisk (*),
  • version 5.0:
-the colored asterisk (*) in the list will be removed if all the card acquired,
-rewrite the code, split the code into the function(s), so it increases conflict change,

Thanks to Aquileon for embellished the overall English text, and Spanish Translation

All of My mods(include this mod):