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Now adds the first totally new functional cloth-simulated model into the game.
Please read description !

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Make sure to download, install and endorse this mod : Auto Hide Weapons for Hoods' mod cloaks by eNoodles to get to best experience!

This dlc brings plenty of hoods to your game including :
- The Cat armor hood available in all the 13 colors existing in vanilla game through dying system.
- A "Classic" model coming in 13 colors (different from vanilla) (Thanks Scoutbr0 for letting me use your color values, even though I wasn't able to use them in the end as my model did not react to red texture as I was expecting. Thanks anyway.)
- A "Alternative" model coming in 13 colors (different from vanilla)
- A "Pointy" model coming in 13 colors (different from vanilla)
- Capes coming in 13 colors (different from vanilla and other hoods again)
- A tricorn (Model and textures provided by DerinHalil)
- 2 vanilla npc hoods. 13 colors again. Quite similar but different enough to add them both.
- Somewhat of a "Killing Monsters" cloak. Cloth-simulated. 13 colors.
- Crach capes. 13 colors. If you play with hairworks on, you want to make sure you've installed Crach Fur Hairworks.

You can find them all at the Gryffon Merchant store in White Orchard and at Elihal shop in Novigrad. 

The Cat hood model is clipping through every collar as it was not designed for armors with collars. And I can't edit that as it is a redcloth file. But sometimes, it looks ok.

The 3 other models are based on OakenSh's Ciri - Alternative look hood that I have adapted to Geralt and heavily edited.
These 3 other models don't fit every armor as I designed them with the sezon burz mod in mind. So it only fits kind of "small" armors without big unnecessary shoulder plates or arms. So, please, don't comment saying that it doesn't fit your favorite armor, I already know that, and I will not provide a model for each armor in the game. 
Finally these 3 models share the same icons, so look for the names.

NPCs' hoods share the same icons too, so look for the names.

The "Killing Monsters" cloak is the first functional custom redcloth implemented into the game. It would not have been possible without the findings of Jatodude1 about what to do on blender and the nvidia clothing tool, and the great help I got from ding. Man, you are a hero haha :) 
Gotta '+1' what I said about ding, after I learned to do it on Maya thanks to him, and thus fixed the square bug.  

Changelog :

- 1.0 : Initial release.
- 1.1 : Added capes.

- 1.2 : - Added a tricorn.
          - Added dangle physics to my "Pointy" hood.
          - Fixed Drogobar's cape.

- 1.3 : - Reworked diffuse texture for my hoods in order to make them look more worn.
          - Reworked cape icons.
          - Added 2 new hoods from novigrad NPCs.

- 1.4 : - Added a "Killing Monsters" cloak.

- 1.4.1 : - Find a way to make all of my items disappear when needed (sex scenes, etc)
     - Added localization strings so you can now make the translation in your own language. French is already done. 

- 1.5 : - Everything is dlc now. No more conflict with Shields. Make sure to uninstall the mod part. 
  - No more level restriction. (100+)
  - Added compatibility with DLC2Improved.
  - Added all the items at Elihal shop. 
  - Added Polish translation, by Yordheel.
  - Added Crach cape.
  - Reworked KM Cloak. Fixed square bug. Remodeled. Heavier. Thicker. Retextured. Reworked the ragdoll and maximum distance and latch to nearest paints.