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Adds all 12 dye colours to several merchants across White Orchard, Velen/Novigrad, Skellige and Toussaint. Also lowers the price and increases merchant carry quantity of dyes.

Permissions and credits
Tested working with patch 1.30. Should also work on patches 1.24 and 1.31. Requires Blood and Wine DLC installed or GOTY edition. I can't confirm what would happen if you install this mod without the DLC.

Install the standalone version or the merged version, but not both.

No longer does the dye merchant in Toussaint have a monopoly on the dye industry :)

On a normal playthrough dyes are not accessable until you travel to Toussaint (Blood and Wine DLC) which requires at least level 35 and a main chunk of the game complete. With this mod dyes are accessable from the beginning, allowing you to dye all levels of Witcher gear throughout your journey.  Wanna wear hot pink when you fight Eredin? I got you fam. Wanna go all white to blend into the snow in Skellige? No problem.

What it does

1. Reduces price of dyes by factor of 18ish.
2. Adds red, black, white and purple dyes to the Toussaint dye merchant (previously unavailable).
3. Increases merchant carry quantity of dyes to 15-20 ea.
4. Adds all 12 dye colours to the following 'popular' merchants across the land (refer to screenshot for location details):
  • White Orchard: Bram
  • Velen/Novigrad: 'Top notch swords' guy (Hierarch Square)
  • Velen/Novigrad: Master armourer (Crow's Perch)
  • Skellige: Armourer (Kaer Trolde)
  • Toussaint: Grandmaster blacksmith/armourer (Beauclair)
  • Toussaint: Dye merchant (Default)

Pre-existing issues

When in the shop menu after purchasing a dye(s) the inventory category will change to Roach items. Simply go back to weapons/armour inventory tab and press 'quick sort' (Q) for dyes to be refreshed. I noticed this with and without the mod installed.


Copy the extracted folder into your Witcher 3 'mods' directory. If you don't have a 'mods' directory, simply create one. Steam example: 'D:\Steam games\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3\Mods'

Use Script Merger if you use other mods that modify the files listed below. Delete any existing merges involving the files below and re-merge.


Delete the mod folder from your Witcher 3 'mods' directory. Delete any existing merges involving the files below and re-merge using Script Merger.

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Version of game files used

V1.30 Steam version (with all DLC's installed except alternative Ciri outfit).


V1.30 (2nd September 2016)

- Initial release.

V1.30.1 (5th September 2016)

- Re-arranged where edits were made in def_loot_shops.xml to hopefully be more compatible with other mods.
- Reduced prices further. Dyes & dye remover is now approx 60 crowns each, dye solution is now approx 15 crowns each.
- Added version that is merged with my other mod,
Dyeable starting armour.


You're free to unpack/uncook and integrate this mod into your own mod(s), just please inform me and credit.

Made using CD Projekt RED's MODkit and vervurax's ModKitchen.