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This is my personal ReShade preset to be used with Immersive Lighting NUDEL version by MrR0x

Remember to also use the optional toussaint fix from the immersive lighting page.

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Install options: (READ)

1. Install the latest version of ReShade from Witcher 3 is Direct 3D 10/11/12 - When ReShade asks you to select effect packages
make sure you have the very top option STANDARD EFFECTS and the very bottom option LEGACY STANDARD EFFECTS- When installing the legacy effects it will pop up with the effects and some will be not ticked- hit uncheck twice so that they are all selected and ok to install.

2. Download my pre-set and unpack it 

3. Copy and paste the preset into the Witcher 3 > Bin > x64 folder 

4.Download and install  Immersive Lighting NUDEL by MrR0x

5. Launch game- You can open ReShade with the HOME button 

6. Select The Ends Beginning pre-set in the ReShade menu

My pre-set does not have a DOF effect anymore- I'm using the Nvidia overlay as seen in my new screenshots

In game settings:

Blur: OFF
Anti-aliasing: ON
Bloom: OFF
Sharpening: OFF 
Depth of Field: Your preference as you may not want to use Nvidia overlay for DOF
Chromatic Aberration: OFF
vignetting: Your preference 

Gamma: My Gamma is the last 5th of the slider near the end. You may need to play around with this depending on your monitors calibration. If the image is very dark then start to move slider to the right.

Performance: 10-15 FPS  

Big Thanks to MrRox for Immersive Lightning 

Recommended visual  Mods: HD Rework Project By HalkHogan. Thank you for your endless hard work 

Meadows by Maidenfan724.

New fires By Hyadum27

Kind regards