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New updates for abandoned mod. Improve compatibility and include fixes released earlier on Nexus.

Permissions and credits
Geralt Doppler REBORN  (Only 1.31 - 1.32 , GOTY)
Works with Multi Companion Mod Enchanced. Just use Script Merger.
Works with Appearances Menu Mod.

If something does not work, then you have installed other mods that cause errors.
First remove other mods.
If it doesn't help completely remove the DOPPLER mod through the installer and then completely uninstall the installer.
Remove all game settings except saved games. When you run the game, it will create files with default values.
And only then copy the new version into the folder with the game and install it.
Use script merger if you have problems with scripts.
If problems still persist, try this solution.
if it doesn't help too reinstall the game and install this mod on a clean version of the game without other mods, or make another clean copy of the game and install on it.
If problems still persist, again try this solution.
If this also does not help, write to the BUGS, indicating the version of the game and everything else (mod section, mod params, game version, steam/gog, etc), including a link to a video on YouTube describing this error in detail. If you do not do this, your error message will be ignored. I make an exception only for errors that cannot be recorded on video. (Game crashes and etc).
I speak only in Russian and English, comments in other languages will be deleted.

I use mods from other authors:
Original Geralt Doppler Mod
Original Gwent Fix
Original Neck Clipping Bug Fix

List of included Models:

Glasses for Geralt-jochan449
TW2 Triss-Scoutbr0
Gradually, the list of models will be updated.

Instructions for installation fixes
Appearances Menu Mod merge fix

You may also want to install:
Script Merger
Mute Geralt
The Appearances Menu Mod
Multi Companion Mod Enchanced
Ciri's Dodge

There will be no updates or fixes in the near future. First I will finish my graphic modification, then I will do this mod.
Please be patient!

My screenshots are made using my graphic mod.



This mod change playable Geralt to another humanoid character appearance and make it easy to customize him.
You can save sets of favourite characters and switch between them on the fly.
The mod save your character automatically after exiting to the MAIN MENU (NOT TO DESKTOP).

There are 3 sections of the mod:
Woman section, for switching to woman character. 
Man section, for switching to man character.
ManHead section, for switching to only man's head (You can use ALL Geralt's bodies and armors). 

How To install

1) If you update your game or mod to another version, delete the mod and installer.
2) Place GeraltDoppler_Installer to The Witcher 3 directory (for example C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3) and open it.
3) Run BAT file, follow instructions of the installer. Choose your section of the mod.

4) Add strings to file input.settings below category [exploration] (file located in Documents\The Witcher 3)
If you reinstalled the mod and did not delete the lines from input.settings, skip this step.

How To Use

1) Press right arrow on your keyboard while you ingame.
2) Follow ingame menu instructions.

How To Uninstall

1) Open GeraltDoppler_Installer directory. Run BAT file. Choose uninstall options and then delete the installer folder.
2) If you are uninstalling the mod, and are not going to install it again, then delete input.settings file or delete strings that you added during installation. (file located in Documents\The Witcher 3).
If you delete file, when you start the game, the file will be automatically created again. But all the changes that you made for mods will have to be added anew.

3) If you have disappeared head after uninstalling mod, just type in console setcustomhead('head_1'), save your game. 
You need console enabler for this action.
4) If you want to change hair or beard type, go to the nearest barber.

Thanks ParKan for this great mod, darkdragonss3104 for Gwent fix, EelKat for Neck fix, LunaStream for AMM fix guide.

If you ENDORSE this modification, then ENDORSE the original mod pages, parts of which were used.