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Trials of the radishes (3 comments)

  1. rmemr
    • supporter
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    Welcome to `the trial of the radishes`!

    The radish modding tools enable to create new complex quests and provide a variety of tools to create or modify different kind of game content. Although one of the goals was to provide tools that reduce some modding pitfalls every tool does require some deeper knowledge to be usable: on its own and in the grand scheme of combining content into a quest mod.

    The `trial of the radishes` is meant as a guided, self-learning tutorial *without* step-by-step instructions. Instead it focuses on exploratory learning by actively using the tools to solve increasingly challenging tasks. For every task there will be some background information and some tips provided. It's up to you to connect the dots and learn something while doing this.

    So far the following trials are available/planned:

    • trial 1 installation
    • trial 2 quest basics
    • trial 3 community basics
    • trial 4 scene basics
    • trial 5 custom entities
    • trial 6 advanced scenes
    • trial 7 advanced communities
    • trial 8 more complex quests

    In every trial there is a task with a couple of objectives of varying complexity to achieve. For example trial 2 requires you to create a minimal tiny quest to get familiar with the basics while the following trials delve into specific topics that are required or important for creating more complex quests, or even new hub areas.

    The trials are organized in the forum as separate threads: one thread per trial to group and focus the discussion. Once you accomplish the posed tasks of a trial you should try the next trials challenges.

    While skipping trials may seem appealing at first the next trials all assume you successfully finished the previous ones and chances are you'll be stuck if you didn't.

    You are encouraged to help others and ask for help in the trial threads as there will always be some unclear areas. Respect that people have different level of knowledge!

    At the end of the trials you'll have touched many areas of quest creation with the radish modding tools and have the technical knowledge to create new quests on your own. But think of the trails as getting accustomed with the technical side of the tools and do not expect exact guidance on how to create new things.

    There is really much that can be done now but in the future it will still be required for you to experiment and research things that you want to achieve. It may also be necessary to find workarounds either with scripts or (worst case) manual editing of files if nothing else seems to work.

    Have fun!
  2. rmemr
    • supporter
    • 604 posts
    • 103 kudos
    Some results and experiments created by trial participants

    Just to show some examples and what they come up with :)

    trial 2 - quest basics

    trial 3 - community basics

    trial 4 - scene basics

    trial 6 - advanced scenes
    1. rmemr
      • supporter
      • 604 posts
      • 103 kudos
      A first very simple quest using those tools by @lisembart97: