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Extending the in-game Bestiary to include monsters from previous games, and more monsters released by CDPR!

Permissions and credits
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NextGen Version Coming Soon!
I'm returning to the modding scene to update this mod to next gen, add some new monsters, and make some small changes. I do not not have a timeframe for this yet but stay tuned. If you are using the user-made next gen update, I will be doing my best to ensure this update is plug and play so you won't have to make a new save or change your mod loadout. Stay tuned!

Immersive Update: Books!
Thanks to some guidance by user / modder MerseyRockoff, Extended Bestiary now makes use of books!
Famous bookseller Marcus T.K. Hodgson now sells six new books that can unlock new bestiary entries!
Additionally, certain new entries will unlock when relevant books from the base game are read.

What this mod does:
This mod adds up to 31 brand new entries to the in-game Bestiary to include monsters from previous games.
This is purely GUI / aesthetic, these added monsters do not show up in game, only in the Bestiary.
This mod also adds six new books and restores missing books to the book merchant in Novigrad. Depending on the version you download, these books can unlock the new entries added by this mod.

What exactly gets added
There are 31 entries that can be added with this mod, which can be seen in the spoiler below.
Please take a look at the images tab to get an idea of the quality of these added entries.

Antherion (new category)
- Aguara

- Armored Hound
- Vypper
Cursed One
- Striga
- Werecat
- Chelonodrake
- Dragon
- Phoenix
- Ifrit
Humanoids (new category)
- Dryad
- Mutant
- Vodyanoy
- Manticore
- Aeschna
- Barbegazi
- Frightener
- Idr
- Koschey
- Bloedzuiger
- Bullvore
- Chironex
- Devourer
- Graveir
- Troll
- Kayran
- Treant
- Zeugl
- Draug
- Draugir
- Nekurat
- Plumard

Mod Versions
Depending on your preferences, you can unlock only the entries you would like.
If you would like a custom version that unlocks only specific entries, please let me know.

Lore Version
This version immediately unlocks entries via script, 26 of the new entries and 36 of the base game / dlc entries. These are all the entries of monsters Geralt has encountered before, either in the books, comics, or previous games.
The remaining new entries added with this mod can still be unlocked by reading the appropriate books, available at the book shop in Novigrad. See the "Reader Version" section for more info.

New Only Version
This version unlocks all 31 new entries via script immediately, but leaves the base game / DLC entries untouched.
In this version, the books added by the mod will still be present, but reading them won't unlock anything.

Reader Version
This version does not unlock any entries via script. Instead, visit the bookseller (Marcus T.K. Hodgson) in Novigrad to find books that can unlock the new entries for you!
If you need some help, see the spoiler below for the full list on which books unlock which entries.

A Description of the Vodyanoi, or the Fishpeople (new)
Unlocks Vodyanoi and Chelonodrake

The Kayran, a Monograph (new)
Unlocks Kayran

Disenchanting a Striga (new)
Unlocks Striga

The Double Cross of Alzur (new)
Unlocks Frightener, Koschey, and Idr

The Disease of Civilization (new)
Unlocks Zeugls

Eerie Wives (new)
Unlocks Dryads and Treants

Death from Above (restored)
Unlocks Forktail, Wyvern, Phoenix, and Dragon

In Beast's Clothing
Normally unlocks werewolves and ulfhedinn. Added Werecats

Heraldic Animals
Normally Griffin. Added Manticore.

The Illustrated Atlas of Insectoids
Normally unlocks all Arachas entries. Added Barbagazi and Aeschna.

Of Fire and Stone (BaW)
Normally unlocks Golems and Wild Hunt Hound. Added Ifrit.
This book was restored in BaW. It is now added to Marcus T.K. Hodgson's shop.

Ghouls and Alghouls
Normally unlocks Ghouls and Alghouls. Added Devourers, Bullvores, Graveirs, and Chironices.
I've moved Drowners from this book to "Of Water and Fog."

Of Water and Fog (restored)
Unlocks Grave Hag, Water Hag, Foglet, Drowner, and Bloedzuiger.

The Heart of the Wilds (restored)
Unlocks Leshen, Sylvan, and Aguara

Of Sweat and Blood
Normally unlocks Wraiths, Nightwraiths, and Noonwraiths. Added Bean'shies

Behind the Great Veil
Normally unlocks Hyms. Added Draugs and Draugir

The World Underground
Normally unlocks Nekkers and Trolls. Added the Troll (TW2).

My Evening with a Vampire
Unlocks Ekkimara and Higher Vampires. Added Nekurats and Plumards

My Manifesto, The Life of Jacques de Aldersberg
Quest reward for completing the quest you receive immediately from Marcus T.K. Hodgson. Now unlocks entries for Armored Hound and Mutant.

UI Compatibility Version
This version is the same as the Reader version above, except it does not unlock the entries which are not currently compatible with UI overhaul mods. Namely, the Zeugl and the Idr. The books that unlock them will still be available, but the offending entries won't unlock.

Installation & Compatibility
WARNING: Unfortunately, you cannot update an existing save using a previous version of Extended Bestiary, the game will crash and / or display the incorrect information. You must start a new save with version 4.0 if you have a previous version installed.
This also means translations will be incompatible with version 4.0. It is up to individual translation authors to update their files.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

1. Download the required master file and put the dlcExtendedBestiary  folder in your The Witcher 3/DLC folder
2. Download the version you want and place the modExtendedBestiary folder in your The Witcher 3/mods folder
3. Load the game and enjoy!

Delete the installed folders (dlcExtendedBestiary + modExtendedBestiary)
WARNING: Do NOT uninstall this mod mid-game. The unlocked entries will be referenced in your save, and removing them will confuse the game and cause it to crash.

This edits two scripts: game/ and game/components/
If you use mods which edit either of those two scripts, you must use script merger. If you see a conflict, just make sure my line of code is before or after the conflicting section and it should work, if it doesn't let me know and I'll look into a patch.
- Only works on New Game, not NG+ (will be updated in the future).
- Compatible with other mods that unlock other / all bestiary entries.
- Should be compatible with other mods that restore books if properly merged.
- Technically compatible with Live Bestiary, but all new entries will be 2D, rather than 3D models. I do not plan to make a Live Bestiary version, as that would require new 3D models, which is outside my abilities.
- Do not merge the current version of this mod with the Mod Merger.

Future Plans
Check the status of my progress in the pinned comment in the posts tab.

Translation Authors
I am willing to help however I can with translations. Previous issues of being unable to decode my .w3strings files should be resolved.
If you have any issues, let me know.

Art Credits
Aeschna - Gwent: TWCG
Aguara - Gwent: TWCG
Armored Hound - Gwent: TWCG
Barbegazi - Gwent: TWCG
Bloedzuiger - Witcher: Monster Slayer
Bullvore - Witcher 2
Chelonodrake / Dracoturtle - Gwent: TWCG
Chironex - Gwent: TWCG
Devourer - Witcher: Monster Slayer
Dragon - SFM model, Tokami-Fuko 
Draug - Witcher 2 
Draugir - Witcher 2
Dryad - Gwent: TWCG
Frightener - Witcher: Monster Slayer
Graveir - Witcher 1
Idr - Gwent: TWCG
Ifrit - Witcher 1, redesigned by me in the style of TW3 Djinn
Kayran - Witcher 2
Koschey - Witcher 1
Manticore - Gwent: TWCG
Mutant - Witcher 1
Nekurat - Gwent: TWCG
Phoenix - Gwent: TWCG, Deep Blue
Plumard - Gwent: TWCG
Striga - Witcher: Monster Slayer
Treant - Witcher: Monster Slayer
Troll - Witcher 2
Vodyanoy - Witcher 1
Vypper - Gwent: TWCG
Werecat - Gwent: TWCG
Zeugl - Witcher 1

Special Thanks
Danidv, who made the mod Witcher Knowledge, without which I wouldn't have gotten the script to work.
Erxv, who made an invaluable tutorial about editing the bestiary
MerseyRockoff, who helped me figure out how to unlock beastiary entries with books.

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