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About this mod

Extending the in-game Bestiary to include monsters from previous games, and more monsters released by CDPR!

Permissions and credits
What this mod does:
This mod adds up to 26 brand new entries to the in-game Bestiary to include monsters from previous games.
This is purely GUI / aesthetic, these added monsters do not show up in game, only in the Bestiary.

Why extend the bestiary?
I just think it's odd that Geralt suddenly forgets the monsters he's fought between games.
These monsters don't show up in the game, but Geralt doesn't know that!

What exactly gets added
There are currently 5 versions of the mod that add / unlock entries.
If you are looking for a specific version or combination of entries, please let me know in the posts.

Extended Bestiary Version
This version adds 18 new entries to the Bestiary from monsters Geralt encountered in previous games.
(see images tab for full previews)


- Armored Hound
Cursed One
- Striga
- Dragon
- Ifrit
Humanoids (new category)
- Dryad
- Mutant
- Vodyanoy
- Bloedzuiger
- Frightener
- Koschey
- Bullvore
- Devourer
- Graveir
- Troll
- Kayran
- Zeugl
- Draug
- Draugir

Experienced Bestiary Version
Requires Blood and Wine DLC
This version of the mod adds 22 new entries to the Bestiary from monsters Geralt encountered in previous games or books. It also unlocks 36 base game / dlc entries of monsters Geralt has encountered before.

In addition to the 18 entries from Extended version, this version adds

Antherions (new category)
- Aguara
Cursed One
- Werecat
- Aeschna
- Manticore

List of base game/dlc entries unlocked below.

Complete Bestiary Version
Requires Blood and Wine and Hearts of Stone DLC
This version adds all 26 new entries to the Bestiary, and unlocks all base game / dlc entries that are not unique or tied to quests. It includes monsters Geralt has never encountered before.

In addition to the 22 entries of the Experienced version, this version adds:


How to unlock the new entries
As of now, the entries are activated by a script straight away.
In future versions they will be unlocked via added books.

Installation & Compatibility
1. Download the main file and put the dlcbestiary  folder in your The Witcher 3/DLC folder
2. Download the version you want and place the modbestiary folder in your The Witcher 3/mods folder
3. Profit

Delete the installed folders (dlcbestiary + modbestiary)
IMPORTANT NOTE: Any base game or dlc entries that were unlocked with this mod will remain unlocked. The new entries will disappear, but the only way to "re-lock" the base / dlc entries would be with a script, which I don't know how to write just yet.

This mod adds a line to game/, everything else is in its own script.
- Use Script Merger if you have another mod that edits If you see a conflict, just make sure my line of code is before or after the conflicting section and it should work, if it doesn't let me know and I'll look into a patch.
- Compatible with other mods that unlock other / all bestiary entries.
- Limited compatiblity with mods that edit the UI design of the bestiary menu, such as E3 UI or Vladmir UI - Specifically, the entries for Zeugl and Kayran look a little strange. Working on a hotfix.
- I do not plan to make a Live Bestiary version.

Future Plans
I will be continuing to work on this mod, it's far from done.
Check the status of my progress in the pinned comment in the posts tab.

Art Credits
Aeschna - Gwent Standalone
Aguara - Gwent Standalone
Armored Hound - Gwent Standalone
Barbegazi - Gwent Standalone
Bloedzuiger - Witcher Monster Slayer
Bullvore - Witcher 2
Chironex - Gwent Standalone
Devourer - Witcher Monster Slayer
Dragon - SFM model, Tokami-Fuko 
Draug - Witcher 2 
Draugir - Witcher 2
Dryad - Gwent Standalone
Frightener - Witcher 1
Graveir - Witcher 1
Ifrit - Witcher 1, redesigned by me in the style of TW3 Djinn
Kayran - Witcher 2
Koschey - Witcher 1
Manticore - Gwent Standalone
Mutant - Witcher 1
Phoenix - Gwent, Deep Blue
Striga - Witcher 1
Troll - Witcher 2
Vodyanoy - Witcher 1
Vypper - Gwent Standalone
Werecat - Gwent Standalone
Zeugl - Witcher 1

Special Thanks
Danidv who made the mod Witcher Knowledge, without which I wouldn't have gotten the script to work.
Erxv, who made an invaluable tutorial about editing the bestiary

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