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Makes it possible to start a New Game + using a New Game + save.
It is also possible to start a New Game + using a New Game ++ save, i.e. stacking New Game +. Thanks to Enpror for the confirmation :)
Can additionally raise the player level cap, scale enemies/crafting schematics/quests (suggested levels)/new equipment, etc.

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"You can play NG+ once. If you want to play it again, you need to start a fresh NG+ playthrough." - Marcin Momot, CD Projekt Red
...unless you use New Game Plus Plus :)

Video guide
SPOILER ALERT: contains a partial ending (skipped through)!

What does it do?
Makes it possible to start a New Game + using a New Game + save.
It is also possible to start a New Game + using a New Game ++ save, i.e. stacking New Game +. Thanks to Enpror for the confirmation :)
(The console command NGPPStandardInit might not work for this purpose but NGPPCustomInit and NGPPCustomInitResetDiagrams should.)

Additionally it can:
- raise the player level cap
- scale enemies/crafting schematics/quests (suggested levels)/new equipment
- disable the equipment level requirement
- level equipment with the player
- add a damage taken limiter
- add a damage dealt limiter
- increase merchant funds.

How to install?
1. Unpack the downloaded .zip file to the [Witcher 3 main folder].
2. Only if the in-game language isn't English: rename [Witcher 3 main folder]\mods\modNewGamePlusPlus\content\en.w3strings to the in-game language.

How to uninstall?
1. Delete modnewgameplusplus.xml from [Witcher 3 main folder]\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc.
2. Delete modNewGamePlusPlus from [Witcher 3 main folder]\mods.

How to use?
IMPORTANT: If you want to level above 100, you must also install Level 100 plus - No quest item and treasure fix for looting to work properly (thanks to Alexthegr81 for the heads-up). Some quests - including main quests - will break without it.
Alternatively, you can just leave the level cap unchanged in the menu, at 100.

If you get script compilation errors when launching the game, simply try another Main file of the mod.
If they persist, even after trying all Main files, you'll need to merge all your mods with Script Merger, which is recommended anyway.

Step by step guide:
1. Load existing NG+ save.
2. Open the console and type or copy-paste one of the commands NGPPCustomInit, NGPPCustomInitResetDiagrams or NGPPStandardInit. The game will appear to freeze, this is normal.
3. Save in an empty slot - don't overwrite existing saves!
4. Quit to the main menu.
5. Start a New Game + and select the new save.

If you don't have a console mod installed, add DBGConsoleOn=true to the [General] section of general.ini in [Witcher 3 main folder]\bin\config\base.

Console commands:
Runs custom initialization that only removes inventory items that would automatically start quests if kept.
Use NGPPCustomInitResetDiagrams instead if you want to complete the treasure/diagram hunt quests.

Same as NGPPCustomInit except it resets the crafting schematics, enabling you to complete the treasure/diagram hunt quests.

Runs the standard New Game + initialization which removes certain inventory items, resets crafting schematics, etc.
It may downgrade your equipment. Use a custom init command instead if it does.
Workaround for downgrade by 9SMTM6: place your armors/swords on mannequins/weapon stands in your Corvo Bianco vineyard home before executing the command and equip them afterwards. Simply dropping them, executing the command, then picking them up might also work (not tested).

For Equipment leveling: Vanilla only.
Locks inventory items. If using Vanilla Equipment leveling a piece of equipment becomes (very) high level when placed in your inventory, try these steps: 
1. Set Equipment leveling to Off in the menu
2. Place the item in your inventory
3. Execute NGPPLockVanillaEquipmentLeveling in the console
4. Reset Equipment leveling to Vanilla.
Simply executing it will lock all inventory items at their current levels while newly found items will be scaled based on the New game plus plus level.

For Equipment leveling: Vanilla only.
Unlocks inventory items. The opposite of NGPPLockVanillaEquipmentLeveling.
Equipment can easily be overleveled with it. Use with caution.

For Equipment leveling: Match player level and Equipment leveling: Restore original level only.
Setting Equipment leveling to Match player level saves the current level of an equipment item before leveling it up. The saved level is then used when switching to Restore original level.
This command will clear the saved level so it can be set again. Use with caution.

Versions 1.00 and 1.10 *ONLY*

For the mod to work it must be used close to the end of the base game, but BEFORE the messages Geralt's story has come to a close and New Game + unlocked are displayed. Testing was done at the last stage of the quest Something ends, something begins.
To use the mod, pick one of the two flavors available (NGPPStandardInit or NGPPCustomInit) and execute it in the console.
In either case a message box should pop up. Follow the instructions in it carefully: close it and wait for the New Game + unlocked message box to be shown. Once closed, you can either create a NEW SAVE (don't overwrite any existing ones!) immediately or after actually finishing the base game. This new save should then be accepted by the game when starting a New Game +.

Step by step guide:
0. You are on a New Game + save, close to the end of the base game but not quite there.
1. Open the console and execute NGPPStandardInit or NGPPCustomInit. The game will appear to freeze, this is normal.
2. A message box should be shown, read it and close it.
3. Wait for the New Game + unlocked message box to follow, read it and close it.
4. Create a NEW SAVE now or after actually finishing the base game; in the latter case the New Game + unlocked message won't be displayed again.
5. Start a New Game + using the new save.


In Options > Mods > New Game Plus Plus you can use:
- Maximum player level to raise the player level cap (currently up to 999).
- New game plus plus level to scale enemies (if Enemy upscaling is disabled), crafting schematics, quests (suggested levels) and new equipment. Adjusting it will have an effect on enemies at spawn time, so if you're in the middle of a fight, you need to move away far enough so that they are respawned; or simply adjust the slider, save, and load. It is in fact the normal New Game + starting level but can be customized at will, at any point during the playthrough (unlike in normal New Game +). Current cap: 999.
- No equipment level requirement to enable equipping high level gear.
Equipment leveling to control equipment level as follows:
  1. Off - no mod or vanilla leveling
  2. Restore original level - mod leveling: immediately restores original equipment level for equipment leveled up with Match player level
  3. Match player level - mod leveling: immediately levels up equipment with a level below that of the player, leaving higher level equipment as is
  4. Vanilla - vanilla leveling: scales new equipment when added to the inventory, based on the New game plus plus level. If set to a high value, the equipment will also have a high Required level.
Match player level for all equipment, including high level to have Equipment leveling: Match player level scale all equipment to player level, not just items that are below it (meaning high level equipment will be scaled down).
Maximum damage taken (% of full player health) to set the maximum amount of damage taken as a percentage of full player health.
Maximum damage dealt (% of full enemy health) to set the maximum amount of damage dealt as a percentage of full enemy health.
- Rich merchants to have merchant funds proportional to the player level. Merchants will receive funds proportional to your level when they are initially spawned. If the option is enabled after that, they will obtain the scaled funds once a certain number of in-game days have passed (when their funds are replenished).
Some options are only available in-game (not in the main menu).


If the damage of your swords changes after using the mod, you can try the following:
1. If you use a witcher set (like the Grandmaster Legendary Feline Set), unequip and reequip it while still in NG+, before using the mod. With my test save at least this increases sword damage (and so might indicate a game bug).
2. Use the same difficulty level for NG++ as for NG+.
These steps ensure that "DPS - Silver Sword" and "DPS - Steel Sword", as shown in Inventory/Player Stats, are preserved in NG++.

Version history:
4.90: shrank/reorganized code, might make merging easier
4.80: synchronized required level shown in inventory and crafting for witcher and relic gear
4.70: improved damage processing, streamlined equipment leveling
4.60: fixed more cases of lasting freezing caused by Match player level
4.50: consolidated variants to Normal and GOG GOTY, removed a script, Equipment leveling is set to Vanilla when starting a new game (no more low-level new equipment at the start of the game)
4.40: New game plus plus level is set to player level when starting a new game
4.35: New game plus plus level should not reset to player level on load
4.30: New game plus plus level is set automatically (no more low-level enemies at the start of the game)
4.20: added option Match player level for all equipment, including high level
4.10: Maximum player level is set to player level if dragged below it (prevents confusing and freezing the game)
4.05: more changes to to make it easier to merge
4.00: fixed very elusive freezing triggered by Equipment leveling option Match player level
3.90: init commands now clear buff immunities, preventing a bug during the Missing Son contract (and maybe other quests as well), as long as Geralt doesn't become immune to hypnosis again, beforehand
3.80: added command NGPPClearOriginalEquipmentLevel
3.70: Restore original level greatly improved, further improvement to Match player level
3.60: Equipment leveling option Match player level more accurate
3.50: improved Equipment leveling option Match player level for relics at high player level
3.45: made easier to merge
3.40: added commands NGPPLockVanillaEquipmentLeveling and NGPPUnlockVanillaEquipmentLeveling
3.30: added option Rich merchants
3.20: added Equipment leveling option Vanilla
3.10: lower minimums for Maximum damage taken and Maximum damage dealt (10%), a bit faster equipment leveling code
3.00: increased Maximum player level and New game plus plus level caps to 999
2.90: faster equipment leveling code, three options for equipment leveling: off/restore original level/match player level, added NGPPStandardInit back
2.80: improved equipment leveling, removed NGPPStandardInit
2.70: both damage limiters now kick in when damage > % of full health set in the menu (previously: only when damage >= full health)
2.66: option Maximum damage dealt (% of full enemy health) now also works for beasts (steel swords)
2.65: option Maximum damage dealt (% of full enemy health) now also works for monsters (silver swords)
2.60: added option Maximum damage dealt (% of full enemy health) for limiting the amount of damage dealt
2.50: increased Maximum player level and New game plus plus level caps to 500
2.40: fixed the effect of Acquired Tolerance on Toxicity (by delaying the game's own fix); should the delay not be enough, simply reequip Acquired Tolerance
2.30: the level of deadly enemies is now shown (instead of "??"); useful to track the effect of the New game plus plus level option
2.20: added option Maximum damage taken (% of full player health) for limiting the amount of damage taken
2.10: disabling Equipment levels with player now restores the original level (for equipment leveled up with 2.10 and higher); leveling code much more efficient
2.00: added option Equipment levels with player for equipment that levels up with the player
1.90: added option No equipment level requirement for equipping high level gear
1.80: added new console command NGPPCustomInitResetDiagrams for treasure hunt quests
1.70: removed NGPPLevel, its functionality is now in the mod's menu; removed
1.60: NGPPLevel(level) improvement: game param and fact are now kept in sync even if level < 30
1.51: fixed compilation error masked by another mod changing the same script (
1.50: player level cap raise now optional, can be configured in Options > Mods > New Game Plus Plus
1.40: added new console command NGPPLevel for scaling
1.30: NGPPCustomInit variant improvement: action locks are cleared now
1.20: important: it is no longer required to use the mod just before the end of the base game
1.10: raised player level cap from 100 to 200
1.00: initial version

Tested with:
Steam, not GOTY edition, patch 1.32, Hearts of Stone & Blood and Wine installed.

Initial input for the mod by TypicalDarkness (CD Projekt Red forums).
Andrzej Sapkowski for creating the Witcher universe and CD Projekt Red for the games.