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Modify items and recipes with json files

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Due to some private changes, I'll have to discontinue this mod. 
So I've updated the licence on Github to MIT. 

I hope that someone will pickup this mod.


OpenDatabase is a mod for Valheim it requires BepInEx for Valheim.
With this mod you are able to controll all recipes and items via JSON files.


Download and extract the latest version of OpenDatabase into the BepInEx plugin folder (usually Valheim/BepInEx/plugins )
Now run Valheim and join a world. After that go to Valheim/BepInEx/plugins/. There should be a folder called OpenDatabase, inside of that folder are currently two folders /Items/ and /Recipes/. Inside those folders are JSON files that you can now modify.

Configuration file BepInEx/config/Botan.OpenDatabase.cfg

Enable or disable the mod.
If ShowZerosInJSON is set true, Zeros inside of a json file are not removed on generation.

Console Commands

While in game press F5 to open the game console then type help for more informations

opendatabase.reload - will reload all json files. You can modify json files without closing the game.opendatabase.generate all/items/recipes - will clear associated folders and regenerate the json files.
(Note!: If you want json files to have default values, close the game and delete the Opendatabase folder).
opendatabase.config.reload - Reloads the config file

Planned features
- [x] Able to modify item data.
- [x] Able to modify recipes.
- [ ] Able to modify effects
- [ ] Custom items
- [ ] Custom recipes