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This mod makes it possible to adjust the overall difficulty of the game, by adjusting the monster's base health and damage.

These settings can be adjusted on an overall level (for all monsters) or on an individual level (specific monsters).
Also works with custom monsters added to the game!

* Works on both local and dedic

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New mod released: Mining AoE!

I have just released a new mod, Mining AoE, which lets you do AoE damage while mining based on Pickaxe skill.


When using mods like "Experience & Leveling System" and "Epic Loot" for Valheim, which changes the power of the character you play, the game can become too easy when fighting monsters.

The built-in difficulty scaling of Valheim only adjusts the difficulty a bit, based on the number of players on the server.

This mod lets you adjust the base health and damage for all monsters (or individual ones), and there is no limit to the maximum at which it can be scaled. If you want to lower the difficulty, this is also an option :)

The default scaling when installing this mod, is the same as vanilla Valheim. You would therefore need to adjust the settings to your needs in the config file.

Find a full list of all monster's base health and damage on Fandom:


Newest versions

  • Important! - If you also use the Experience & Leveling System mod, then you must update that mod as well, otherwise you will encounter issues with the amount of XP gained.
  • New feature: Added the option to adjust the scaling based on how many stars the monsters have. This setting will overwrite the vanilla scaling.
  • Change: Changed the mathematic equation for how the difficulty scaling is calculated. The scaling values now ADDS together instead of MULTIPLIES.
    • Example before: (overall health +200% * night +50% * Mistlands +100% = 3 * 1,5 * 2 = 9x health)Example new: (overall health +200% * night +50% * Mistlands +100% = 2 + 0,5 + 1 = 3.5x health)
  • Config: Due to the changes in the equation, some of the default values in the config file has changed. Also the values has been streamlined to be more clear on how the scaling functions.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed null reference error when monsters get hit by a “non-attacker” object, such as bonfire etc.
  • Core API: Added changes to the Core API to implement the scaling for stars.


  • Download and install "BepInEx"
  • Download and install the newest version of "Jotunn"
  • Download the newest version of 'Difficulty Scaler'
  • Extract "DifficultyScaler.dll" from the downloaded .zip file into your plugins folder of BepInEx

All three mods MUST be installed on both the server and the client, and they must be of the same version.

  • Adjust the health of all monsters
  • Adjust the damage of all monster
  • Adjust the base health of individual monsters
  • Adjust the base damage of individual monsters
  • Supports custom added monsters from other mods
  • Works on both local and dedicated servers
  • Synchronizes the difficulty settings from the server, with all clients joining the server

To get more information about this mod, please visit the Cozyheim website.

Here you will be able to find information about:
  • Full feature list with descriptions
  • Configuration options
  • Console commands
  • My other mods

Go to Cozyheim website

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