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About this mod

A full experience and leveling system for Valheim.

Allows you to gain experience for killing monsters and bosses.
Every level gained awards skill points, which can be used across a variety of skills for your character.

Works on both local and dedicated servers :)

Permissions and credits
New mod released: Mining AoE!

I have just released a new mod, Mining AoE, which lets you do AoE damage while mining based on Pickaxe skill.


Newest versions

v0.5.0 - April 29th, 2023

    • New Feature: Supports XP scaling based on monster star difficulty scaling from Difficulty Scaler
    • Changes: Adjusted the integration with Difficulty Scaler, to support correct XP scaling based on the new equation implemented in Difficulty Scaler.
    • New Skills: Added 8 new skills
      • Resistance Slash
      • Resistance Pierce
      • Resistance Blunt
      • Resistance Fire
      • Resistance Frost
      • Resistance Lightning
      • Resistance Poison
      • Resistance Spirit
    • Bug Fix: Fixed null reference error when using “Rune of Blasting” from the Rune Magic mod
    • Bug Fix: Fixed issues with Stamina Regen skill not working. It now increases your regen as expected.


  • Download and install "BepInEx"
  • Download and install the newest version of "Jotunn"
  • Download the newest version of 'Experience and Leveling System'
  • Extract "LevelingSystem.dll" from the downloaded .zip file into your plugins folder of BepInEx

All three mods MUST be installed on both the server and the client, and they must be of the same version.

  • Adds a new layer of skills in conjunction with the vanilla skill system. Does not replace the vanilla skills.
  • A maximum of level 90 (by default)
  • New build piece: Leveling Dummy
  • Use the Leveling Dummy to assign your skill points
  • Gain experience when killing monsters and bosses
  • Earn skill points when gaining levels
  • Use skill points on skills to improve your character
  • Splits experience between all players attacking a monster, based on how much damage each player dealt
  • Saves your experience, level and skills per character (not the world you are in)
  • Inspired by the UI from "Project Auga" and made sure visuals of this mod fits to the same style
  • Attach a trophy to the leveling dummy, just for the fun of it ☺️
  • Synchronizes the "Experience Tables" and "Experience Multipliers" from the server to all clients, when joining someone else's world.

To get more information about this mod, please visit the Cozyheim website.

Here you will be able to find information about:
  • Full feature list with descriptions
  • Configuration options
  • Console commands
  • And more...

Go to Cozyheim website

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