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Adds 28 new weapons and 4 armor pieces to Valheim. With practical values to match Valheim.
-Configurable Stats, Recipes, and Languages
-Config syncing for Servers and Hosts
-Unique positions for Item Stands (Requires the mod Shapekeys and More)
-Weapon Styles (Requires the mod Shapekeys and More)

Permissions and credits

Move the "ValheimHTDArmory.dll" into your Plugins folder.
Also Download "MorePlayerClothColliders.dll" and move that into your Plugins
folder as well. (This is mainly for the armor set it's not required for
the mod to function)
Also Download "Shapekeys and More" and move that into your Plugins folder as well. (This will handle all visual
upgrades that I have for my gear and items, Like the Itemstands and
female variants for armor)

Item IDs:
ArmorChestBoarHTD, ArmorHelmetBoarHTD, ArmorLegsBoarHTD, ArmorShoulderBoarHTD, BlackMetalBattleaxeHTD, BlackMetalFistsHTD, BlackMetalGreatSwordHTD, BoneGreatMaceHTD, BoneGreatSwordHTD, BronzeBattleaxeHTD, BronzeCrowbillHTD, BronzeFistsHTD, BronzeGreatSwordHTD, BronzeHammerHTD, DeerFistsHTD, DragonSlayerSwordHTD, FlametalAxeHTD, FlametalGreatAxeHTD, FlametalGreatMaceHTD, FlametalGreatSwordHTD, FlametalMaceHTD, IronFistsHTD, IronGreatSwordHTD, IronHeavyGreatSwordHTD, ObsidianGreatSwordHTD, SilverBattleaxeHTD, SilverFistsHTD, SilverGreatMaceHTD, SilverGreatSwordHTD, WoodPolearmHTD, WoodSwordHTD, LeatherFistsHTD

Re-Added in the background these IDs:

Adds 28 new weapons to Valheim (Several weapons make use of "Styles" so you can pick different looks). With practical damage numbers to match Valheim.
Adds 1 new set of armor (4 pieces, only 3 are needed for a set effect)
These weapons also have their own visual look while on Item Stands.

Public Localization File (will Update Embedded files with changes here each update): Google Sheet
You can also download the file as a .tsv and drop it in the "Valheim\BepInEx\config" path to update it yourself if you do not wish to wait for a the mod to update and then delete your old "htd.armory_localization.tsv" file to regenerate from the embedded data.

A config file is generated that will allow you to enable/disable the recipes for each one, tweak their damage stats, the Name, and Description (temporary means of localization), and where it is crafted, the min level of the station, and the max level the weapon can be upgraded to.
Also the base Config has options to disable the light effects for the Silver Battleaxe, and disable the particles for the Flametal Greatsword.

Code: <pending repo re-creation>