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This Utility Tweaks the existing Cloth Colliders of the player, and adds more so that the Head, Arms, Lower Legs, and Feet can now interact with capes and cloaks. With much needed tweaks there are now two sets of colliders, 1 set for capes/cloaks, and 1 set for armor/wearables. So if a mod adds cloth to armor pieces they will look great.

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Is this needed on a Server?
-No, this is client-side only, everything this does is only visual.

Can this be removed safely?
-Yes if this is causing any performance hits on your machine, you can remove this at any time, and add it back at any time as well.


-Modifies the sizes for the existing play cloth colliders to be less obstrusive.

-Adds two sets of extra cloth colliders for the upper and lower arms, and the lower legs and feet. 1 Set is for Armor and is a bit more tighter on the body, and the other set is for capes which bulk out a bit more to prevent capes behaving incorrectly with the limbs.

-A set for female characters, as the hips are wider, and for the bust.