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Upscaled gardening plants, like the plants itself, harvestables and even the cowplant,

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This mod upscale the gardening plants and harvestables textures up to 4 times it's original resolution, further changes don't make any difference.

The brush, trees and variants that the plants use is only upscaled to 2x, since 4x barely changed something there.

All harvestables has been upscaled, but all base game flowers share the same texture, as well the base game fruits and vegetables share one, making it difficult to have good resolution, it has been upscaled to a 4k texture (previously 1k) but only have this resolution with the 4k mod. (All screenshots has been made with the original game limit and what you will usually see, 2K)

The cowplant has been upscaled, since it's part of the garden (right?) and it's now a 4k texture too.

It's not a W.I.P. like the foods, it's done!

A note about it, different from the foods that rarely appear, the gardening stuff is always there every time you look.

A texture 4x bigger(2x for foliage)means that it becomes 16x heavier(8x for foliage), this is may be heavy in some points, for example, the cowplant texture is separated in two parts with 1mb each, the upscaled one is 3mb each(10mb with 4k mod), but some plants with fruits and stuff that grow around your house have just 50kb and upscaled have something like 400kb.

For myself, I use a pc that barely runs the game on max and I didn't noticed any lag or issue.

It works with anything that change models, unless it keep the original UV maps(with exception of the wolfsbane that have a custom model to fix some stuff)
Not compatible with anything that change the textures (obviously)
Compatible with any others changes to the objects, like script and values, it don't even show the object as modded.

Update 2:
- Added Cottage Living.
- Added Compatibility to the cottage living patch.
- Fixed things that I don't remember now.
- Fixed weird shine in the mushrooms.
Update 1.1:
- Fixed a floating line in some plants, this seems to occur only during the Fall (because some leaves disappear).
- Fixed inverted depth in the same plants.
Both seems to be issues from the game but I've fixed anyway.

No know bugs for now
Please report me if you see something like black borders or flying dots around something

(In the screenshots, the borders of some leaves, spikes and the alien "lamp" thingy have some aliasing, but it's a anti-aliasing bug in my end and not actually like that.)