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This mod override the game food's (also pans, cutting table, plates and etc) textures with one upscaled and hand cleaned.

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Please note that this is a work in progress and will take a while to finish.

I really want to upscale the new pack ASAP but I'm going to be off some days + s4s still need to update...
It's like, 10% done already since part of it is on base game anyway.

I understand that they have to follow the "small objects have low resolutions" thing, but I really wanted more 'zoomable' food so... Here it is. It's the original game texture, but instead of a pixel mess, it's cleaner and may make you hungry.
As said before, it's a work in progress, the game have a stupid amount of food, some are quite difficult and others have multiple ones, so it will take time.
And since I'm a human, I can do mistakes, feel free to warn me about it.

The texture is going to be upscaled to 4x by an A.I. and cleaned by me, creating a smooth look. (Going more than this don't do any noticeable change, since the usual size is 128x128, and the mod have 512x512, the A.I. also make it looks sharper than a simple Photoshop scaling)
And yes, it include everything about food: Food itself, pans, fork, plate, cup, ingredients, drinks...

The baby bottle and fork replacer are in a separate file in case you already use one or don't want it.

Performance note: This mod shouldn't be that heavy, although it make the foods textures change from 12kb to 400kb (sometimes 100kb to 1.2mb), they should be a max of +/- 20 foods(the game sim limit) that isn't that much damage in your performance than it seems. Using alpha CC for example is easily a lot more heavy.

- Last update progress:
Base game: Done. (Probably)
Journey to Batuu: Done.
Get Together: Done.
Get to Work: Done.
Cats and Dogs: Done.
Get Famous: Done.
Spa Day: Done.
Seasons: Done.
Snowy Escapade: Done.
Fitness: Done.
My First Pet: Done.
Vintage: Done.
Paranormal: Done.

City Living: Done.
Outdoor Retreat: Done.
Dine Out: Done.
Vampires: Done.
Cottage Living: Done
Luxury Party: Done
Jungle Adventures: Done
Spooky Stuff: Done
Cool kitchen: Done
Island Living: Done
Backyard Stuff: Done

Other DLCS: Not Started.
(If you see something marked as "done" but you still see low resolutions stuff, feel free to comment about it)
See the article for development progress.

Note: - Even tough the texture are upscaled and fixed, some (like the Batuu's popcorn mix) are still are weird and may looks the same.
  Some textures parts didn't upscaled well and I had to recreate it.

Before and After images are made on sims4studio  (because it's a lot easier to show) and have a buggy look with transparencies and also doesn't show any effects.

No DLC is needed to work, even if the DLC is in the mod.

[Tutorial] How to "brute force" compatibility:

Version 24:

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