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About this mod

Enjoy docking your Cyclops to any base with the first modded base piece for Subnautica! Allows fast base/Cyclops transitions and also recharges Cyclops powercells.

Permissions and credits
Cyclops Docking Mod for Subnautica

1) Install QMods:
2) Install SML Helper:

Installation instructions:

1) Download the archive.
2) Extract folder CyclopsDockingMod from the archive.
3) Move folder CyclopsDockingMod inside folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Subnautica\QMods".

Update instructions:
Same as the installation instructions (at step 3 it will ask if you want to replace files, say Yes).

Simply get your Cyclops close enough to the Cyclops Docking base piece (default range is 13 meters) and the auto pilot mode will take control of the Cyclops for you to dock it. When the Cyclops is docked, its powercells will charge up if the base has some energy.
To undock your Cyclops, simply start the engine and press exit key (E by default).
If your Cyclops gets stuck for more than 30 seconds during docking or undocking animations you can press exit key 3 times to abort.
This mod represent two new proof of concepts, as it implements:
=> the first modded base piece for Subnautica, proving that custom base pieces are possible.
=> the first auto pilot mode for the Cyclops, proving that this submarine movements can be scripted.

Most settings can be changed directly from in game options menu. Here's the list of what you can configure:
- Auto docking trigger range (13 meters by default).
- Manual or automatic docking (automatic by default).
- Start docking key (letter "o" by default, only works when manual docking is enabled).
- Powercells charge speed (about 1% every 30 seconds by default).
- Ladder tint (no tint by default). If you modify the ladder tint while in game, you need to trigger visual refresh of your base to see the new tint (for example deconstruct/reconstruct a window).
- Default signs configuration (yellow with background by default). You can also modify each sign manually (and it will keep its configuration upon game save/restart).

In the Config text file (located inside folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Subnautica\QMods\CyclopsDockingMod") you will find the following additional settings:
- Recipe (allows to modify required ingredients to build the Cyclops Docking base piece).
- Language strings (allows to change the language of this mod).

News & updates:
September 12, 2020: Updated to version 1.1.0 (see changelogs above for more details).
September 9, 2020: Updated to version 1.0.2.
September 5, 2020: Initial release on NexusMods.

Roadmap (coming next):
=> Extending auto pilot modes from docking/undocking procedures to custom waypoints and base to base (code is already working but I will have to add an UI overlay inside piloting area in order to be able to select the route).
=> Make the Cyclops Docking base piece available only when the player can build the Cyclops.

Special thanks to:
Unknown Worlds Entertainment

"Welcome on board, Captain."
- Cyclops AI

Sources and mirror links will be available soon on my Github page: