Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

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CineSabers X! Replicating the Original/Prequel/Sequel/TV show lightsabers to a fine degree of screen accuracy! Includes scene-specific alternate colors!

Permissions and credits

This mod aims to recreate the lightsaber appearances to a fine degree of screen-accuracy, sourcing from the original (non-Special Edition) releases of the Original Trilogy, the Prequel Trilogy and the Sequel Trilogy respectively.

Color samples were taken from multiple frames against black backgrounds, were then averaged out and finally blended together to create final swatches.

Each swatch was then converted to a float value and then adjusted in-game for clarity*.

All in all, the following elements were adjusted:
 - Saber Color
 - Saber Thickness
 - Saber Ambient Light
 - Glow Intensity
 - Motion Trail Intensity.

*(Keep in mind various maps use different color grading/correction, so the best representation of the actual color is the main menu).

=v10.1 Changelog=
• CineSabers is now completely modular!
(this means any character can use any color along with any tip style!).
• Added support for overhauls like Battlefront+.
• Added additional presets to control saber tips.
• Added "Prequel Purple"!
• Added "Ahsoka White"!
• Added "Ahsoka (Clone Wars) Lime"!
• Added "Mandalorian Darksaber"!
• Added "Magenta"!

=v3.6 Changelog=
- Added a new "The Last Jedi" Alternate Saber for Rey.

=v3.0 Changelog=
- Mod has been rebuilt from the ground up.
- "Redux" Suffix Added.
- New Screenshots.
- New Alternate Saber Choices (load them after this mod in your mod list).
- Screen accurate to the unaltered Original Trilogy (GOUT/Harmy), Prequel and Sequel Trilogy.

CineSabers X is now built on the BetterSabers saber management system!

If this mod doesn't float your boat, I totally recommend*:
BetterSabers X, Jesperado's Improved Lightsabers or Bryce's OT Thinner Sabers

*You can't go wrong with either of these alternatives over the stock sabers, and having used "BetterSabers" as my main saber mod in the past you wont be disappointed!

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