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Battlefront II reduced texture detail and resolution on Boba Fett.

This mod aims to restore the original higher resolution assets by porting over parts of the 2015 texture files and modifying and adjusting them to work with Battlefront II.

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=Update Log==v1.3=
+ When porting over the 2015 assets, Boba was missing the small white detail in his chest armor that is present in his screen-used costume and the 2017 texture. This has been corrected.

+ Added an optional "Shiny Metal" version. This version incorporates the pieces of 2017's normal map that tells the engine to shade certain damaged parts of Boba's armor to look like reflective metal.

With the release of Battlefront II came some sacrifice to the graphics and textures present in the first game in DICE's series.

DICE used a technique called "Photogrammetry" to digitally scan the original screen-used props and costumes into the game, to create ultra photo-realistic representations of our favorite Star Wars characters.

Upon porting their original assets to Battlefront II however, they have halved texture resolutions and have completely erased prop detailing into blank colors and have then run a filter over all of the textures to give them a "fabric" effect.

This mod aims to restore the original scanned assets by porting over parts of the 2015 texture files over the new.

This was not a simple drag-and-drop operation however.

Texture normals had to have red and green channels flipped, then the entire normal had to be inverted and several 2015 assets have been merged into lower resolution equivalents in 2017, so the ported assets had to be stiched back together into the new files but at their original resolutions.

What DICE Did
Combined Boba Fett's backpack gear and helmet textures into one single file, thus lowering both textures from a vertical resolution of 2048px in 2015 to 1024px in Battlefront II.

- Dropped the resolution of Boba Fett's gloves to 512px. Originally they were 2048px in 2015.

- Removed all photogrammetry detailing from several areas of Boba Fett's costume, including his shirt, belts, red arm plate and replaced them with solid flat colors.

- Added a harsh fabric normal map overlay to Boba Fett's costume to compensate for missing detail.

What I Did
Took the higher resolution (and prop detailed) helmet and backpack gear textures from 2015, stitched them together at their original vertical resolution and put them into 2017 (I also had to do the same to their normal maps).

+ Restored Boba's original glove textures at their original resolution.

+ Restored Boba's body texture with all of it's Photogrammetry detailing.

+ Attempted to find and reduce the impact of their fabric overlay. This seemingly hasn't changed, so I need to somehow track down which texture he uses.

Surprisingly however, while all of Boba Fett's textures were downgraded, the one texture that was upgraded was his cape. His cape is identical to the original 2015 texture but at a higher resolution. So I left this alone.