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Introducing BetterSabers X, the most downloaded mod for Star Wars Battlefront 2. This mod completely revamps all the Lightsabers in Battlefront II.

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BetterSabers X

The Lightsabers in Battlefront II are quite dull, bland, and emit almost no light. Their motion trails are way too long and the blades are way too thick. 
This mod aims to change all that!

Introducing BetterSabers X,
This mod completely revamps all the Lightsabers in Battlefront II!
- The Colors are now Deeper, Stronger, and Vividly Bright
- The Motion Trails have been Shortened and the Blades are made Thinner to make them more accurate to the Star Wars Films
- Kylo's Unstable Saber has more Sparks
- Kylo's Unstable Saber is reshapened

Gameplay Version - Optimized for a Powerful Gameplay Experience
- Super bright lights
- Movie accurate motion trails

Cinematic Version - Optimized for a Cinematic Experience
- Realistic lights
- No motion trail when time is frozen

BetterSabers X.14:
- Fixes for Kashyyyk Capital Supremacy Update
- New Mod Logo

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Mod Status: Working